Sample speed workouts

What are some sample speed workouts focusing on max velocity that can be performed on a 200m indoor track.

You can perform almost any MaxVelocity training on a 200m track. Just make sure that all the top speed component would be on the straight line.

Try flying 40-60m, starting on the curve

How long’s a good build up run before the flat out portion of the fly sprint?

What do you mean flat out portion?

30m build up run
30-40m at full speed

there shouldnt be any changes in speed.

tamfb, he’s talking about the acceleration phase of the fly…how much acceleration, over what distance, before he actually enters what would be considered the max speed 40m.

To answer him, I would say that it depends on how long it takes the individual to reach >90% of Max V. Probably at least 30m, and maybe 40m or more for faster athletes. The acceleration doesn’t have to be full tilt, and can even be done off the slope of the indoor track to conserve energy prior to entering the Max V phase on the flat and straight portion of the track.

flat out portion of the fly sprint??

Gradually accelerate over the acc zone and ride it out and maintain relax form for the fly portion. You should not try to take off during the fly portion.

I thought form changed a little bit during the ‘fast’ part of an easy-fast-easy drill, or fly drill, i.e. the arms work more, more hip lift etc. I thought that is what Charlie said on the GPP dvd.

Yes you are correct, my point is you shouldnt be going from 3th gear to 5th gear when you hit the cone.

Isn’t the goal of fly sprints to run at or near Max V? If so, you have to hit high gear at some point. The run-in is a gradual build up, the fly segment relaxed, but it is at or near Max V isn’t it?

if you’re doing a 30m fly with a 30m acceleration… you are basically running it like a 60m but only the last 30m will be timed. you must be at your max acceleration when you hit the cone… I think thats what he’s trying to explain to you…

This is the reason why I dont like during flying sprints etc with young athletes. Whatever speed they have by the first cone I instruct them to “ride it out” and stay relax through the finish. If they are trying to increase speed once they hit the fly portion it will usually lead to increase tension in the shoulders and arms etc.

Doesn’t changing gears though give a “effect” where you hit a higher top speed?

lol! I think you need to do Ins and Outs.

LOL, I would say just run 5-6x60m sprints.

To maximize Max V you must maximize your acceleration. so let’s say we can both run at 25mph. don’t you want to as close to 25mph as possible when you hit the cone? lets say you hit the cone at 19mph and I hit it at 23mph… who’s going to run the faster 30m segment? you might feel the surge or “effect” (as you call it) because you have more un used speed in your reserve but i’m gone :stuck_out_tongue: hope that helps! i’ve never been the best at explaining.

Ins and Outs are a good workout for changing gears… e.g. accelerate 20m… maintain 20m… fast 20m… maintain 20m…

If he is during cf program then there is tons of efe/fef work built into the program, no need to add more nor change a program that is proven.

Ok! I personally don’t know much about mr Francis program… what efe and fef mean?

20m easy-20m fast-20m easy
20m fast-20m easy-20m fast

Samething as ins and outs. These are done towards the end of gpp and the first 4-5 weeks of spp. You would normally discontinue the speed changes during the season because they are very stressful on the cns.