Sally McLellan 800m

Gold Coast competition, Queensland, Australia:

800m Heats 1: 1 Hess Rhiannon Aspley 2:17.25. 2 Tisdall Tamara
GCV 2:18.86. 3 Hill Rebecca GCV 2:20.34. 4 Price Kaitlyn Qeii
Track C 2:27.90. 5 McLellan Sally GCV 2:32.71. 6 Paviell
Marybeth GCV 3:17.19. – Keast Ash NSW DNF.

Olympic 100m hurdles silver medallist Sally McLellan runs 800m as part of her move into heptathlon. I don’t think it’s a serious move, just a bit of variety for her domestic season…:o

what? For somebody on the cup of doing something great in the 100m H. Why on earth would she contemplate such a move?

I have always had my doubts about Her coach - this move doesnt help. Appears Sally is indeed Good Despite her methods of getting there. Lets hope it doesnt affect her season

What’s to doubt? Sharon has improved Sally exponentially each and every year, to a Silver medal at the Olympics. Sharon is a very hard task master, and we do not know the context of this run to accurately comment. I’m guessing it was at the end of a session, and Sharon probably would have said to Sally to have a run around, more like an active warmdown, if anything (going by the time), and used it as bit of a ‘harden the f*#k up’ element to the session. Not that Sally needs it, if anyone has been privvy to her training. Plenty of guts there…
The domestic season is still plenty of time away (in Australia) and I’m sure that Sally and Sharon’s focus is a little beyond our domestic season…

I dont doubt Sally at all. Insane talent. Looks to be thriving.
However, look at the rest of the team mates.
Check out the Club records - hard with females due to sally running so very fast from a 15yr old.
Males on the other hand, Nothing great there, at all. Not even close.
Consider the club is far from small. They even post club numbers. From 100 in 2000 to around 260 or so the last few yrs. Massive numbers.
I had the opportunity to come across her back in 2001/02. I honestly got the impression Everybody else is wrong but her, “she was very arrogant” and she trained them all very hard. Hence, out of Hundreds of people, she produces ONE really good one.

I guess i learned the Hard way many yrs ago. If you cannot produce decent times out of 80% of your group, within One year, you have failed.
You cant keep throwing mud at a wall and Expecting something to stick.

For those who want to see the Club records HERE

Now i feel bad for turning this into a bash.

I tend to agree she is simply changing the training around for a bit of variety. Can also remember the comments a few years back that sally was finished when she was doing the beach spints then her coach found some new training ideas, training in a pool plus some fancy new drills, don’t know where they came from but the source seems to have dried up.

I still love the pr… Did you see me, F*** I’m good.

haha, yes, classic Aussie!

I think?? maybe, the pool ideas etc came from Matt shirvo camp? Its a few yrs ago i heard that too, but it was 2nd hand info.

No it didn’t, it came out of a program someone submitted when they set the old level 2 course. I was there when Sharon give the presentation at a congress a few years back and it was exactly the same.

Now i feel bad for turning this into a bash.

I know when i was at the AIS in canberra back in 1999, they used Pool work for the Injured. One guy, a 5klm runner, was injured for more than 3x months, unable to run at all (stress fracture). After 1 x month of actually running, he was back to running sub 14min 5k.
Our group got to try it out a few times, You have to really concentrate and work hard to get results. Do it wrong, and it can cause other injuries, do it too easy and it wont do anything for you.
Personally, i would prefer one of them X-trainer machines you get in gyms.
Depends what you got access to hey?

Any idea what the “fancy drills” were?

8 second sprinting on the spot in deep water, sets & reps the same as used on a group of kids which included one who competed against Jana P, she was 12 or 13. The temp was in the high 30’s so they used a pool. A pool is cool and water creates resistance.

They were simply high CNS drills, Charlie will have some that will do the same job and he will know how to use them so not to cause CNS overload.

I can rememer Sharon talking about pool work back in early 2000’s (Tony Rice was in charge of ATFCA)

Yep and Tony shifted to the Oceana assn and peter thompson was his replacement followed closely by Glennys.

November 1994 according to the diary

I reckon it was 2001 or 02. Sharon had just started running coaching course (I think) in SE QLD.

How fast are your male athletes and what level did they come to you at?

Who says she is even coaching those athletes?

As a former member of the GCV club I can agree and disagree with bits of all the posts. My wife and Sally are very close and I used to train with her 6 days a week and I asked why she was doing this to?

All it is about is a change. No training structures no cross over training etc. She is a bit stale in the mind and wants to try something else. In my opinion if this keeps her interested and motivated then why not? Better to have some fun now and freshen the mind.

In regards to my training with Sharon. Her structure did not work for me. But she does have an impressive crop of juniors and Sally.

The records are not representative of Sharon’s squad but the entire Gold Coast club itself.

Quite a few of those athletes in the GCV records were not coached by Sharon. Eg: The 400m lads - Michael Rehardt and Dylan Grant were coached by Glynnis Nunn.

I’ve been impressed with Sharon’s work with Sally McLellan to date so I’m not so dismissive of her coaching abilities.

It would be good to see others emerge to prove that Sharon’s success with Sally is not a ‘one hit wonder’. But maybe the athletes aren’t there just yet.

Regardless of other successes - it (Sharon & Sally partnership) has proven to be very successful and the 800m race on the weekend is hardly going to have an impact in the immediate future.

Back injury again, wont be competing in hep this weekend.
WIll miss beginning of domestic season. Does anyone know if it was hampered by specific hep training?

Sally’s back issues have been around for a while. And before you ask why bother trying a hep when you know you have or could have some back issues? I believe as I commented before that she was feeling a bit stale etc wanted a new challange.

For whatever reason? She now seems to have an issue again that is going to require some extensive rehab.

In regards to how it happened? I will try and find out.

Sally ran 300m in 38.3 (I think) in a gold coast event. Good on her for staying tough… that’s probably her first outting since the most recent recurrence of her back injury which may have been seven weeks ago.