S to L progression-Maintenance intensity

In the Vancouver Short to Long program,i really was liking the first 7 weeks (i can use a very similar progression on a 313 max strength,in wich in the 4th week the speed volume remains the same,so if you look for an unloading you must paly on weigths volume/intensity.

But what about the weeks from 8 to 12 ?
Ok,looking at Charlie’s chart (forum rewiev 2002) we have such kind of volumes in the maintenance,but won’t a week like the 11th , when you do 4x60 at maximum effort for quite 3 times a week be to hard??

Just trying to understand better.
Should maybe this 60 metres be runned on f.e. an 98% effort or should them be runned maximally ?

I’m not entirely sure i follow your question but the volume of speed work drops after week 5 (2160m) and as you transition towards speed work in week week 8 you get a significant reduction in volume.

Week 8 - 1600
Week 9 - 1420
Week 10 - 1320
Week 11 - 1260
Week 12 - 1200

So week 11 isn’t that hard compared to what you have become accustomed to. The main speed workouts are actually Mon & Fri: 3x60 - Wed: 4x60.

Weights are maintainance from week 10.

Plyometrics do change to provide a peak in week 11 which you then reduce over the next week to give a bit of a rest going into your taper schedule. I assume this is to prevent muscular fatigue but provide a strong CNS stimulus to maintain the improvements you have made as volume is cut.

Perhaps the thing you are fogetting is:

a) this programme is for a very well conditioned athlete (i use about 60-85% of the volume for my athletes)

b) throughout weeks 1-10 your work capacity is increasing dramatically (thought you are slowly fatiguing) so come week 8 you can handle a lot more work that you used to but now the volumes are dropping dramatically you can up the intensity and still not burn out.

Anyone else like to comment?

Where are you getting Week 8-12 (the GPP video goes to week 7)? Are you citing the start of the Vancouver charts?

True for the the reduction in volume,that reminds the graph of forum review 2002 when we are approching maintenance.

Is that explaneid in the Vancouver dvd? I am still waiting for him…
So we can say that weeks from 1 to 9 are on preparation-phase (spp and maybe a little part of gpp) and from weeks 10 to 12 we are moving in competitive phase?
So maybe a possible progression for the first 9 weeks could follow mycrocicle pattern 3Loading-1Unloading-2L-1U-2L (playing with weigths volume).

Yes,with this consideration all is clear.I was thinking about 4 x60 x 3/weeks in a relative way …for me is very very much work. But comparing with the previous volumes a big reduction is evident.
Everything perfect now. :slight_smile:

Yes.Vancouver charts.

Indirectly this information is explained in the Van’02 and '04 DVDs. Also by looking at the Forum Review 02 graphs (Maximising Explosive Power & Vertical Integration) you can work it out.

Everything perfect now. :slight_smile:
Excellent! I wasn’t sure I was on the right track.

AH ah…that’s reverse engineering :slight_smile:
I have to be sincere…can’t with this 2 graphs(02) and the chart(04) arrive to a conclusion…ok the sprint volume is dropping,but how can you really say that week 10 is the first of maintenance phase?

Again,i am monitoring my training using the approach of the above chart,where the volume of the training means :

1-explosive jumps,hops &skips resistance
2-Speed work
3-tempo worl
4-core training

Now,Charlie in the Gpp says you should consider the high intensity medball exercises(where you have a ssc) like plyometric work,so in the first group.
But may also the speed drills be considered in this group?
I think yes,but that would be strange,since 200-300 foot/contact would be a so little number including speed drills…

Keep power speed numbers separate from the explosive power numbers. There are a huge number of PS contacts but they’re not that taxing on the CNS once you’re used to them

Sorry Charlie,
But could you define what power speed PS work would include? (mb accelerations? / bounding?)

I’d include bounding over short distances but I might consider MB accels in the higher CNS demand range. (May depend on the individual)

Thanks Charlie.In fact i added another voice in wich i consider skips(power speed).In fact yes,a foot contact of a speed drill can’t be of the same of one more powerfull like plyo.

Another point to consider is keeping the power speed alactic.

Since we’re on the topic… :smiley:

I know power speed is best kept under 10sec, 10 reps and/or 10m. But what would be considered a safe total volume (ie., say distance)? And I’m curious why one would use power speed drills outside of just a means of warm up? I have my reasons curious to others…

Also is the addition of weight (ie, holding a MB) make Power Speed Mixed?


I wasn’t counting power speed contacts in a differente way than strength endurance (skip over 30m)…
but from an ergonesis point of view, how is a skip of 30m? Ok,you need maybe 15-20 seconds to cover 30m skipping,but i don’t think the effort of each movement would be so taxing,so maybe strength endurance wouldn’t be so lactic oriented…


When doing power speed, how would you accomplish keeping this drill alactic? Assuming alactic is < 7 seconds? I believed that you did power speed drills 30m in distance??? If you could clarify that would be appreciated.

Also, could onc do power speed 4 x 4 x 30m with 2’ rest reps and 3-5 minutes between sets on a tempo day? Have you ever seen this type of workout and implemented BEFORE tempo? Do you think it would be beneficial???

Thank you for you time and efforts?

The lactic threshold is determined by the intensity of the activity (and the familiarity with and tolerance to it) Certainly the threshold rate is not approached in the same time-frame as an all-out sprint.
We did Power Speed every day at the beginning, before either speed or tempo.
We did a significant volume, which goes a long way towards explaining why we didn’t need any other calf work.

Charlie…are there particular days that ben johnson is out at york uni cos i would really like to meet him…torontonian

If I recall correctly, you previously had mentioned that Flo Jo had done power speed drills with a slight resistance. How do think that this would have impacted her or anyone else for that matter?

He’s there from time to time. you’d have to take your chances and see if he turns up.