Run Fast Are Die Trying

Your recoveries between maximal runs are way too short - particularly during a competitive phase. Who’s doing your workout planning? Obviously they have never sprinted before. 3 min between max block starts is okay for high school kids.

Recovery is a much more important consideration than “Turkish Sit-Ups” or “Crescent Roll Twists” (I suddenly have a craving for a Turkey Croissant sandwhich). Better to buy a Mercedes than to Pimp-Out a Volkswagen.

Dr. Mike Young…

Of course, a doctor!

I got 1x150 and 2x125 tomm…

Too much consideration is given to all the shit bundled around the sprint workout and not enough is given to ensuring the quality of runs in the MAIN OBJECTIVE (in this case - SPRINTING). It is a very simple process. Do what you need to do to run faster. Ensure that the key elements are supported to ensure you do run faster in training (i.e. good progressive warm-up, technical considerations, adequate recovery between runs, therapy and rest between workouts). If these issues are not addressed properly, you can do as many other bullshit exercises as much as you want and you will not improve.

Most athletes will improve significantly through the competitive period because they are forced to do a few simply things:

  1. Run fast in competitions (where you are forced to sit down and rest between heats - not taking 6 minutes between 60m races!). It also helps that you are competing against someone next to you (thereby bringing up the intensity and creating an adaptation effect).

  2. Dropping elements from their program to free up energy. Many less helpful weight-room exercises are dropped in the competitive period or the volume is reduced to almost nothing.

  3. They get instant feedback - in the form of a time - to base their effort on. If you are not getting timed in training, you do not really know if you are improving week to week.

Thus, a less than optimal training program can be salvaged through a proper sequencing and volume of competitions. Go through the archives and re-read Charlie’s discussion of Asafa Powell and his lack of races leading into major competitions. His postings were a TEACHABLE MOMENT that many people did not pay attention to.

Those of you that are paying others to prepare your training programs need to ask questions. “Why am I doing what I’m doing?” If you follow people blindly (similar to trusting your investment banker, accountant, Bernard Madoff, etc.), you could get burned in the end. There should be a logic and progression to everything that is prescribed. It is not a process of throwing a pile of crap against the wall and seeing what sticks.

*** LESSON 1 in the CFTS certification program ***

Very good points…

Training for 5-6 weeks and then entering a competition will not likely yield fantastic results (as the competitions themselves are required to get you sharp). Thus, you have to go into your race with an open mind and reasonable expectations.

Make sure someone can record video of the race (probably at the 40-50m mark) so that you can sit down and evaluate that run. Then you can move forward with key improvements in your next phase of training.

Man number two just dropped some great info for u. I always wondered what all that extra misc Shit was u do. I don’t even know what half the Shit is u do. Sprint dev bill x 2. Wtf is that? But to each his own. How much is the doctor charging?

What kind of times are you running these days? The doctor is charging me 50 bucks per 4 weeks. Same shit that helped drob…

BTW, I’m not looking for fantastic results - I told you over the phone I’m using this meet as a time trail going into outdoors.

Do you put any of your meets on youtube?.

Havent ran yet. Calm down fool it was just a question.

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in due time in due time.


  1. Short Warmup A
  2. Dynamic Flex.: Merrill (10x)
  3. Sprint Dev: Bride (2 x 30m) + 10m sprint
  4. SSE: 150m, 2 x 125m w/ 5m run in w/ 6-7’ rest
  5. General Strength: Pillar (12x)
  6. 400m (alt. 50m skip, 50m walk)
  7. Static Flex: B

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