Silencer's slam dunks and speed log

OK, it’s game day, and I was too hype at work so I filmed a new exercise.

How I did it is a trade secret.

18 and up please.

EDIT - Victory, 1 dunk :slight_smile:

You’re craZY =)

I did hills today. I love hillssss.
8x80m w/2’ rests
6x60m w/1.5’ rests
then a slightly downhill transformation of 200m where I nearly killed myself.

Now I am ok.

I’m still “transitioning”. I arrived to Greece yesterday.

Mom’s food is good…

I would like to share a “silent story”, for fun:

(p.s. it’s not your fault if the ending doesn’t make sense to you… =) )

AM Forest walk

General warmup with mobility
Running drills 3x20m each (high knees, kicks, a-b skips, skipping jumps, backpedal)
Medball throws, 3x5 (kneeling, reverse thrust, forward thrust)
6X15M starts, pushup position on stomach.
5X3 Box jumps from a pause

Fullsquat/Jumpsquat waveload -6x(130kg x 2 + 20kg x 3)
Hipthrust 140kg 3x6


Woooo that weird 360 between the legs is the dream !!!
How tall is he ?

[QUOTE=Silencer;246447]AM Forest walk

( What is with the forest walk? Sounds interesting that you do that. )

I gotta tell you the dunking is pretty cool Silencer.
And the spectators are adorable.

Thanks Angela ! Yea, they are cute as hell… Little kids who probably never witnessed a dunk before :slight_smile: There aren’t many athletes around where I live and this country didn’t even get 1 Olympic medal in London :slight_smile:

About that forest walk… I live in the suburbs in a small town surrounded by a really nice and thick forest with a lake in the middle of it. Everyday when I get up I like to walk around there on empty stomach with just some coffee in me.
1 reason is the fat burn. Insulin is low in the morning, cortisol high… Few years ago I read some article by Dr. Lonnie Lowery who cited research showing that if you do ultra low intensity work on empty stomach, then because of the hormonal conditions, you will burn straight fat fast.
Been doing it for years(unless it’s raining too hard), and I can safely say that if one has the time to get up and do it every morning (that’s the hardest part), results are 100% guaranteed.

BUT, what keeps me back in there every morning isn’t the fat burn… It’s kinda nice to have an hour without any phones, paper clips and WWW. the Track provides the same purpose :slight_smile:

That’s the area… Quite niceאגם%20בית%20זית3.jpg

Oh my goodness…

Quote of my day: “Escape. Escape.” (this goes for me)

Nice! (10)

6’5-6’6 210-220. Dude is a freak

Tell you what, my role model has always been this guy :


I can’t blink for an hour every time i watch that video.

He is also my height so it’s always cool to watch.

Training today was forest walk, then


Upper hypertrophy weights:
DB Bench, 40kg each hand, 4x10
Close Grip BB Bench, used 80kg, 4 sets of 8
Pullups to 30 reps various grips
DB Row, 4x8 with 60kg Dumbel
Lateral raises, biceps, neck

Abs 10 minutes

Then refurbished my alloy wheels… sanding+priming :slight_smile: extra biceps work.

Good bulk of work tomorrow… Need to eat good

60 minute walk in the morning

General warmup
Medicine ball throws, 5x6, various
10m dashes x 6, pushup start
6" step jumps, 5x10 secs best of 19 jump per 10 secs
Seated box jump, around hip height , 3 sets of 5 jumps
Altitude landings off hip height, land to absorb and freeze. 5x3

Frontsquats, 5x3 90kg
Clean off blocks at knee height, 100kg 3x3. (clean first not sure why i wrote it second)

Too tired to continue… Don’t even know what force convinced me to lift 1kg today.
Jumps and sprints were excellent though

What’s going on with your futbol team - Galatasaray?

lol ? I’m in Israel :slight_smile: Our football sucks…

Thought you were in Turkey.

hah that reminds me of a chapelle act…


Game day !!!
AM (finished)
Upper weights
Bench press 110kg 5x3
Floor DB press 48kg each hand 3x6
Chst supported row 70kg 3x8
Pullups to 25 repa.

Game at night…

Victory again… Another dunk off a teammates lob… Fun fun fun !

Dunk treat:

OK I got to the stadium today, and before I started a warmup lap I thought about how hungry I was.
So I went to the store and bought one those cooked chicken ready to go…

Ate it in the weightroom.

And then I was too tired to train… :frowning: :frowning:
So now I’m home, will do speed work tomorrow instead.