Marathon Plan

do you rub alcohol on afterwards?

I should post a few of my back and shoulders… :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that to
A - get drunk??
B - Help thin the thick blood? - If so, what about Treameel cream or such?

So - No, i don’t :slight_smile:

Fri - am
50min of running circuits

Fri pm
32min of running circuits - the plan was for a solid 50min, but, geezer, the heat killed me…

Stinking hot prick of a day…
Zero training

Plan was for at least 1hr of training, gunning for 1.5hrs.
Lasted about 45min - with a pit stop after 30min for 10min just to cool down…
This is turning out to be a very hot summer

Total for the week = 4hr 15min.
Goal was for close to 6hrs

Also - Getting tired to constantly chasing sore lower legs.
New weights program for them
Calf raises
Tib Ant toe raises
Toe curls (curling a towel up with the feet)

Yep, its great for livening up a party or smuggling booze into the cricket!

Actually, it’s supposed to open the pores in the skin and let the toxins out…

Yeah, not heard of that, what do you use, alcohol wipes?

Mon till thurs = zero running

25 min of cycling / boxing / leg weights

Foamrolling and 25min of cycling n boxing

20min of upperbody (managed 25 non stop chin ups)

25min boxing / cycling n leg weights

1hr 30min run (in the rain)
Last 45min the shoes were heavy as, lots of long gradual up hill… Was an effort…

Thighs cupping, found some nasty adhesive elements that I worked out,.
Plan on doing a 10km this arvo (in rain again)

Just bought some rubbing alcohol from the chemist. I’m not sure that I’ve really noticed much difference but I try to use it most times…

Thanks hornblower

Sat - 8km in rain
Better pace than fri, easier too.
2nd toe on right foot and both heels dont like these shoes once wet…

30min of running / burpee in middle of 80km/hr winds/heavy rain.
Even Heard a tree break and fall…

Plenty of flooding in the region. Lost power for 36hrs.

Mon day off

Sun came out, and humidy was murderious…
Training, no thanks.

Trees that fell after training in the storm on Sunday gone… We were running only 50m from these fallen trees.

40min, of fairly hard running circuits
Ended up not feeling too well.

Mostly spent vacuum shampoo studios carpet due to flooding
No training

Fri a.m.
1hr of running circuits
Started feeling shattered, but, by the last 15min, came good and felt great.

Fri p.m.
1hr15min of intervals (including warm up)
100m, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 500, 400, 300,200,100m
Goal was race pace for all.

Was spot on for the flat efforts
The 500 & 600 were rolling hills n pace was 2 ish seconds off.
The last 400-100 reps were substantially faster than race pace. Was feeling solid and easy.

Trees fallen.jpg

Man you guys have had a run of it the last few years…:rolleyes:

Yep, weather here is crazy…

Sat = no training

Sun = nearly 2hrs of therapy around the hips regain alignment. Worked a treat. Though i look like i’ve been belted somewhat…

6km easy recovery run, focus on Cadence. Held 90 rpm for just over half, but, had to really focus and concentrate on it. It’s certainly not natural ATM.
The last 2km, the best i could get was 88 Rpm.

Without thinking, it’s typically around 85 average - and lower once i get really tired.
Going to really focus on this issue over the next few weeks.
Ideally, somewhere between 90 - 96rpm is the goal.

Reason = Ground contact times / fatigue related / lower leg soreness related.
They are all related - and fixing the cadence SHOULD resolve the issue

warm up 10min
Then a 800m time trial (up a Mountain…)
Previous best was 8min 32sec
Today - windy was an understatement / lots of fog/water in the air and ran too soon to lunch = belly still had too much food in it…
Ran 8min 19sec.
I always get confused near the top, it always seems much much closer than it is. I thought i was going to go under 8min for sure…
Still, new PB = :slight_smile:

Nearly 7km running intervals
Main set 3 x laps of block
Roughly 620-630m
1 - 1.58
2 - 1:52.9
3 - 1:52.4
Not a very hard session, but was holding pace steady the whole way.

Had a very minor prang with an old Volvo in my Honda. Barely hurt his car, but destroyed my front end… And i barely touched him.
This was 100m from start of training, so was a bit stressed.
20x200m goal, 36sec reps with 36sec recoverys.
Recoveries were all 36
Reps were all 34-35sec
Except, 10,11,12,17,18 which were 31-32sec

Recovery day
3km jog (felt like crap)

Fri a.m.
Today im glad i did the recovery jog yesterday. Very glad.
1hr of running circuits
7.5km total
Easily hitting higher cadence, 96-99 and pace was solid, always over goal race pace.

Fri p.m.
running circuits. Pretty easy really. Just under 5km.

Pool running.

50min running circuits. More circuits than running, thought it was going to be pretty med-hard. Ended up being easy as…

6km jog. Not feeling the best. Glands swollen and sort of chesty?

50min all up
10x200s with 36sec rec.
Was on a very flat grass football field. Even in basic joggers, times were 32-34sec.
They certainly felt a lot slower than that effort wise.
Tried to keep it all aerobic, it was only the 2nd last one where i felt a touch of La+ in the arms by the end.
Glands still up, cheat feels funny still (spell?)
A pretty basic and easy session.

Havn’t had much time to get onto the computer to do this - the phone is really too small…

6 weeks till 1st 10km race.
Intervals have pretty much been mastered and i don’t feel they are going to take me further.

Long runs have been almost non existent. - 7 weeks of wet weather hasn’t helped. (or 3 kids…)

The last week, i’ve started working on time trials. At the moment, it’s either wet or stupidly hot or blowing crazy winds.
So, even though they are time trials, i’m not too concerned with the overall time. I’m more concerned with the Lap times.
So far, I’ve done 2 x runs over 5 or just over 5km.
1st run was 4 laps of course (between 1.2km to 1.3km?? - i need to use my measuring wheel)
2nd 5km was 5 laps of 1km (half on road, half on wet long grass - oh, and in the rain…)

The 4 lap course
4.26 (the wind was noticeably harder in the back straight v’s blocked out by trees in the other laps)

Biggest thing i notice looking at the graph, is the hill at 700m - pace drops going up, and didn’t hit full normal speed until the bottom. Plenty of seconds lost there.

The 5 lap course (accurately measured)
The wet conditions - shoes filling up with water in the grass…
Lap 4 = there was a car on the downhill section that prevented me from running the usual speeds down. Hence the slower time.
Also, the grass was all mostly flat, and, was the same speed as running Up the Hill on the Road, and the Grass has a slightly higher heart rate reading. Consistent on each lap.

The biggest thing i’ve noticed between doing longer slower runs, and intervals - is time trials hurt different. Much different.
Intervals tend to be more chest, lungs and heart - which i can push through. Legs don’t die. If La+ hits, it’s 1st felt in the shoulders, arms.

Long runs tend to hurt the legs.

Time trials, tend to hurt the Guts and Diaphragm. I feel like i want to go faster, but, nothing happens - like a speed limiter on a car?? Feels like the heart Should beat some more, i’m only hitting 168 at Max - typically 164. 168 hurts, but not that bad. I wouldn’t even say all that much La+ is being produced??

Finish packing up my fitness studio into my van.
4km of tempo running, 30min worth.
Helps keep leg speed pace judgment for 5-10km whilst being an active recovery.

Unpack van…grrr
3km tt
Not one flat section, 2 x laps of hills :slight_smile:
Each lap is 1.45km’ish, so had to finish with an extra 100m’ish
1- 5min
2 - 4.58
3 - 8sec

Max Hr 170. Overall pain was reduced a lot.
Stomach and lungs were good.
No great La+ build up.

Another 3.5 - 4wks of tts before 10day taper.

This is the first time ive done this type of lead in to a race, tts for 4-5wks.
No other training other than tempo leg speed/recovery runs, easy 30min jogs and 1hr easy jogs.

What it “should” feel like,
Eg, when 1st doing La+ work, you typucally suck, and struggle to finish.
But, after awhile, you master the sessions.
This is the same. You suck at the start, and after 1x month, you shoukd be mastering it.

This is where i think i stuffed up over the last 2yrs. I would try to race without the tts
In place. The training said i should race fast, but the race Hurt too much n sucked…

Sat off

just under 6km jog
AVG hr 128

Planned on a time trial Sunday arvo - but a massive storm washed that idea out…

Pool running for 5min to help loosen up

Planned on running up a 800m long, just over 8min time, Mt.
When i turned up, the entire track was packed with walkers… there goes that idea.
Ended up missing workout…

time trial
1.29km loops with one small hill at the 3/4 point
Goal was 4 x laps
1 - 4min 17s - AVG hr 143
2 - 4min 17s - AVG hr 161
3 - 4min 26s (after the hill, started feeling off - Hr high, but nothing too bad) - AVG hr 165
4 - 30sec… Not good.

time trial
1.45km loops - very hilly loops
Plan was 4 x laps
1 - 5min 5sec - AVG hr 147
2 - 5min 12sec - AVG hr 162
3 - 5min 48sec (at the end of the up hill, or half way point, energy died right off) - AVG hr had dropped to 158
4 - 58sec - Carbs were depleted. Heart had slowed right down, pace was gone, and i was wobbling everywhere! AVG heart rate was only 153 over this last minute.

What i have learned
Take more Carbs - start eating pasta and rice again. I generally don’t eat them at all.
Now - rice for lunch, and Pasta for dinner.
When doing time trials, La+ is a big factor.

Carbs using o2 to produce energy looks like
C6H12O6 + 6O2 = 6 CO2 + 6 H2O + 36ATP

Carbs using La+ to produce energy looks like
C6H12O6 = 2 ATP + 2 La+ = 2 H+ + 2Lac-

Anaerobic metabolism provides only 1/18th or 5.5% as much energy as aerobic metabolism (2 ATP as compared to 36 ATP)
This means large amounts of glucose are consumed with minimal energy return.
Also - the unflux of H+ ions inhibits the enzymatic breakdown sequence.
Excessive tissue acidity inhibits the activity of many of the enzyme reactions for fuel metabolism.
This is why - i test my PH levels before TT’s. If it is low - i’ll aerobic only. If it’s solid, i’ll TT.
So, the biggest thing now is - Lots and Lots more Carbs.

Also now taking fish oils - 3-4 tabs at a time, 3 x day.

[Time trials 2 days running… yikes!

Pfft, that was nothing… ended up doing like 4 or 5 days in a row…

Extra carb intake has made a huge difference to tt’s.
But, side effect - some carbs eg, Bread, makes my guts a roller coaster of PAIN… bla
So - cutting bread completely out (no biggie)
Hopefully Pasta will be ok?

I can’t find my watch with most of last weeks training in it?? it’s somewhere??

bought a new Polar RC3 GPS - The gps seems spot on so far, pace smoothing seems great (current pace - some watches the current pace is all over the place)

Thurs (day after last post)
3 x laps of wetlands (1.216km as measured with accurate wheel)

Previous best lap was 4.16 - so things are heading in the right direction.

Fri till wed = all on the old polar watch (it’s bound to be somewhere…)

Tempo 200’s 10 at 36-37sec with roughly 45-50sec recovery’s

2km time trail on grass - due to the small size on the grass oval, we made a 333m figure 8 loop course, so, 6 x laps total.
During lap 5 - my Back cramped big time slowing that lap. It seemed like a good idea at the time for the course, but, Bends were far too tight, the grass was far too chewed up
and caused everybody to be looking Down at the ground instead of looking up (so you didn’t trip and fall…)
Ended up with 6min 41sec. I’m sure i can claw that 41sec back on a better course.

5.5km cycling with my 3yr old on the back - recovery ride

6.4km recovery ride - a.m.

goal was a 5km on the Wetlands loops (1.216km loops) - there is also a 200m hilly section that slows things down somewhat
So, 4 loops with 136m extra.
1 - 4.11 (1sec pb)
2 - 4.07 (4sec pb)
3 - 4.26 (started feeling gut tightness)
4 - DNF lasted 1.51 then had to stretch out back cramps for 20sec, then another 1min before i had to stop (Seems the bread was causing issues - off to the toilet asap…)

Damn bread - after 2nd lap - was still feeling ok HR wise - pace was more even (and slower) but the Hill section, things went bad there.

7.7km cycling recovery ride.

3.30am start for work - Come training time, i went to zzzz instead.

Burpee challenge - 12min 30sec (i think it’s the 2nd fastest time i have done - and about 60sec faster than this time last year)

20min jog at Heart rate avg of 117

10km run keeping hr under 160.
A very hilly run too


3 Laps of 1.216km each lap
Flat-ish, with a small hill over 300m up and down.
I noticed on the GPS graph, that each time over the hill, i would lose 1km/hr over the rest of the lap - i noticed this not just on this run, but every-time i ran this loop…

1 - 3min54sec = loop pb by 12sec
2 - 4min15sec
3 - 4min25sec - suffered from Back cramps right behind the lungs - they really slow things down (i had been lifting awkward equipment most of the day, and the back was tight)

4min 15sec is goal pace for the 10km run coming up. I’m glad i can finally do a faster lap to start with and back it up. (i’m sure if the back didn’t cramp, i would have stayed on pace)
Naturally, during a race, i won’t be taking off so fast in the 1st 1km.

Big storm when i went to go for a run

32min jog - avg hr 129

Very hilly 1500m loop
I’m pretty sure previous best is like 4min45sec
Today - 4min 34sec
Heart rate only got to 163, so jogged off straight away.

Day off - planned on a easy 5km, but was far too sleepy by the time i got a chance to run…

3 x 800m on road (hilly course) with 3min recovery

1 - 2min 24sec
3min rec
2 - 2min 24sec
3min rec
3 - 2min 26sec

During the 3min recovery’s - mostly spent doing slow easy jog.
Best speed session i have done to date (speed…hehe)

20min of cycling - recovery

9km total

5km handicapt time trial
Went out far too fast for 1st 1km - then there was a long hill - by the bottom of the hill, i was gone… Too fast, too early
two laps,
1 - 8;32
2 - 9;14 (all the time lost was on that hill - back cramps…)

Wife has been away doing seminars etc but i roped her into doing some specific search stretches for the cause of the back cramps.
Turns out - Left Hammie much tigher than right,
Right thigh/hip flexor just slightly tighter than left

Causes hips to rotate, which causes the spine to bend - which causes back cramps…

Ran a recovery run with Wife (who was running in the Pain zone…)
nearly half hr (she did about 20min)

Day off
Plenty of therapy though

Nearly half hr
included a 2km pacing another guy time trial.
His goal - to break 8min.
I hit the pace spot on - he died in the last 500m (which was mostly up hill) and ended up i think 7sec off
Been doing plenty of massage, and light cupping - but, it’s irritating the muscle as much as it’s evening out the difference.

1 - Tens machine Pads (old ones were destroyed beyond use)
2 - Epson Salts (magnesium sulphate)
3 - Magnesium Gel

My goodness, i’ve missed the Tens machine - i forgot just how great it is. The only downside, the time it takes. I need to get another 4 x pads, as the machine takes 8 x pads, but i only bought 4.
Felt very relaxed after the Epson salt bath (20min and Hot)

Still feeling very relaxed from Wed
Planned on a 15/6 km run - at 1km under goal speed - or, a 10km at same speed and depending on how i felt there, a Fast 2km to finish off with.
At 7km, things started to feel off
At 7.3km - things were getting Dizzy (like a lack of carbs?)
At 7.4km, i thought i better stop…

Heart rate seemed fine - between 159-160 up till 7km - then it slowly droped to 154 where i pulled the plug.

I was wondering, if i was too relaxed after that Epson salt bath (i also get lazy with eating if too relaxed - and hadn’t eating much Rice or Pasta for a few days)

After a few minutes i took off again,
but this time, i ran much slower for 1.2km then picked the pace up to just 1km/hr under previous effort - this was also a solid 5 x beats Heart rate lower too, and i finished off with just under 5km total and the last 0.5km back up to goal speed

30min easy running circuits - 4.35km total with plenty of exercises

25min recovery run

10km all up
3km warm up - then drills
1.21km lap - then without stopping - at 4 lap time trial
Goal for time trial - to run the flat sections as even as possible at race pace - then any hills, just take it easy up and down.
5 x laps at 1.21km each lap
1 - 5:49 (easy 1st lap)
2 - 4;22
3 - 4;26
4 - 4;37 - slowed during the hill, and forgot to pick up the pace after the hill…
5 - 4;35 - pace slowed due to the same reason on lap 4 - i realized after half a lap, not too long before the hill…

Checked hammies afterwards - only about 1/2 x inch max out now (v’s nearly a foot before)

Zero back problems all week

Last week before 10km Road race as part of Tri team.
Crappy circuit though - it’s out and back so heaps of Running traffic as our team starts 1hr after Elite individual men, then every age grouper after that. Plus it’s on a winding footpath, making it hard to cut corners and avoid people…

That 10km race - went really bad.
was pretty warm day - took off for the 1st 3km having to hold myself back speed wise. Goal was to run a steady 18km/hr. Any faster and i tend to pay for it a few km’s later.
I was expecting a solid 3-5min head start over the next guy (on paper it should have been) (teams triathlon = swim, bike, run = one person does swim, another bike, another run) my bike rider guy did a great job, and came in 1st, as expected. So, after 3km, when 2nd place overtook me - i was horrified… i tried to keep up, and pretty much did so till 5km turn around, but then slowly lost him on the way back and came in 2nd.

Things i noticed - my last race 6 months before over 5km, Heart rate had reached 173 max. During this race, 164 max.
What i’ve noticed since - with micro nutrition, ie, calcium, potassium, vit B, magnesium etc. - is when they are deficient - the heart rate suffers.
A few times since, when i’ve been slack with my supplements, heart rate hits only low 160’s - when i’ve been consistent with the supplements, it’s hit high 160’s or low 170’s

As per heat - for me, it’s a huge issue that is still un-resolved.
I’ve seen guys run similar times no matter if it’s cold or hot (within 1min over 1km) v’s myself where it’s closer to 5min or more over 10km. One thing i need to test asap, is Heavy Metals in my system. After yrs in working in the mining industry (no longer now) - i’m positive there is problems there.
My thoughts are, at a certain temp, some of these heavy metals become more active (due to lower viscosity of surrounding tissues plasma) and these metals start their destructive ways. Only one way to find out - test for metals, remove metals, re-test that they are clear - then re-test in a HOT run.

Just ran a 3km hilly run on the weekend - it’s winter here - 2 weeks to go before spring. Cold right? It had hit 31dec Celsius on the day I ran the 3km… You’ve got to be kidding me… Stupidly - i warmed up too much, and was suffering heat issues at the start line. By half way, i was over-cooked and held on for 3rd (out of 2500). Without doubt, i lost the race myself - i was the only idiot doing a warm up, the others just did some swings and kept in the shade… A lot of the time i just turn my brain off and go on auto pilot - something i need to fix when going away for races.

New journal coming - 1500 - 800m and 400m races are planed