Rudisha 800m WR 1.41.09

That track has seen some hot times.


it looks like a prefered start for middle distance runners is a speed skating start with moving the front leg first :rolleyes:

i noticed that too, why are they doing that?

Not all of them do it though.

Geebuz!! That guy is insane. Does he even know what Lactic feels like?

For sure, he held form so well throughout the race.

One of the most impressive T&F performances I’ve seen.

While I only ran a few 800s in meets in high school, it was enough competitive experience to know that it’s one of the most grueling events in athletics.

The power and form that Rudisha demonstrates throughout is mind boggling.

Indeed one of THE most impressive performance…About 48.8 at 400 and 1:14 at 600. Simply remarkable! :cool:

I’m guessing his 45.50 400m PR set earlier this year helped today’s effort.

Good point Stikki. The athlete’s 400m has to be seriously quick to be able to go through the first 400m in sub 49s. The accepted buffer is 4sec so Rudisha is probably in low 45s shape.

In Australia there are many schools of thought who still think insane levels of mileage is the key to 800’s and refuse to acknowledge that getting the 400m time down is of any importance. They expect 50s 400m runners to be running sub 1-50. Given the expected buffer of 4s this has the runners going through the 400m mark at 54s - hardly a recipe for fast 800’s.

Unless the runner can run reduce their 400m time to a serious level (at least sub 47s), they will never be an elite 800m runner.

Wow, what a performance, congrats to him, and they call the 800 a middle distance event? He makes it look like an extended sprint, :wink:

they used to, until Seb Coe changed the event forever.
Wilson Kipketer was insanely smooth. An absolutely remarkable runner. Sadly missed i think it was the 1996 oly’s and a sure fire Gold.
Rudisha you can tell looking at him, has been doing the sprints, weights and plyro’s that is Mandatory to run that fast in a 800m event. And looking at him finish, i bet he could break 30min for 10km also!

Since we have mentioned sprinting seems to be analogous with great 800 times; does anyone believe that the 800, especially in bigger meets, should be run in lanes for the first 300m? I’d like to get your opinion.

I agree to what you’re saying. I would also add that it depends on the kind of athlete you are. Although Rudisha only ran the 800 most of the top 800m runners are great 1500 runners with prs in the the low 3:30s. So it’d go with the athlete’s strength.

Side note, the Euro 800m champ has 100m pr of 10.64. :cool:

Also some bio’s that tell a little more about the events:

A 800m thread would be great…:cool: