Rest periods/intensity during HILL WORK

Hello everyone I hope you could help me with a few doubts on Hill work during GPP

I have problems to manage the intensities at Hill work throughout the different weeks of GPP

What i do now is to try go near to the max on each rep (of hill work ) but I wonder if I should vary intensity depending of the week… :confused:

I´ve found rest periods between reps and sets to be a little long , assuming that I´m a “7.20 sec at 60 m” athlete , Could I reduce a little that rest periods by the fact that I´m not generating same intensities that a top sprinter ? :confused:

During my rest periods I´m just walking back down the hill and performing some soft leg movements (in a stand up position with a slow motion , like technique moves without advancing , just as a way to maintain my muscles warmed)
It is ok to do? or it should be better to do a different thing (i.e. low intensity sit up work or just nothing at all) ? :confused:

Lot of thanks in advance :slight_smile:

what seem to work for me is 90 sec btw reps/ 5min btw sets.

keep the intensity up
1st wk, is just a walk back recovery
every wk after, i walked a loop that took about 2min to complete after each repitition. then waited about a minute or so then went again.
i generally went a 4minute cycle. every 4min = 1 rep.

I would pick the recovery period that seems to be working best for you and time all intervals. Check ALL times afterwards and take it from there… Hope it helps!

yep thats what i kinda did, i was ready after 90 sec. the first week was the hardest after that it has been easy.

Obviously weather etc must be taken into account. When its colder more rest must be traded off against freezing your ass off!

I am going into the 3rd week of the GPP hill program and I have a lot of complaints of Knee and Hamstring problems.
I have kept their Tempo sessions at 70% effort.

I am going to substitute a hill session with another tempo session to help recover a little more - with thanks giving weekend coming up - most of the athletes go home for the weekend.

I suggest the athletes hit ice tub after each session and spend more time stretching and therapy with university therapist - but it does not go past that - A suggestion

Any help?

How much volume are you doing (hills and tempo)? Hills tend to cuase ITB and Hip flexor problems not hamstring and knee. I use hill programme too but only about 60% of the volume of CFs programme and I have no problems at all. Remember the volumes in the GPP Video are for a high level sprinter not someone running 10.6. You can still get good results with much lower volumes. only do as much as necessary not as much as possible.

Hill volume - 700m - 3 times a week

Tempo 1500 - 3000m at 70%

Well maybe that hill volume is a bit much? I use 1000m a week. Tempo volume needs to go up slowly. I build upto 4000m a week over 6 weeks that way you avoid issues of stiffness etc. You need to find what is right for your athletes. Often less is more.

thank you very much

I do about that volume also. Even slightly less. Mainly because my athletes have a hard enough time handling their own life let alone training.

i am in my fourth week of the gpp workouts and havent had any problems with the hill volumes, like i said earlier the first week was a shock to me but after that it has been pretty easy beside the med ball drills - killers. its still early.

only 1000m per week, why only 60% of the volume?

what if u have athletes that are not doing high volumes of tempo but they are still stiff and take longer to get warm, is that a problem?

guys we all have different work volume tolerances.charlies programmes are not set in stone and for many of us are great used as a guide.

thats the point im trying to make, im not a world class guy and i know many others who are not world class guys who have had success with those exact volumes.

100%…but alot of people think i must do THIS routine and the volume etc.once you start to deteriorate STOP! tomorrow is another day

The problem I have is I used the program last year and it was great and the same athletes are the ones having problems this year.
I will have to check with my assistant coaches to see what intensity there tempo is, I have a feeling they are running to quickly and therefore are not recovering
Yours in athletics

coach luc that may very well be the problem.tempo 75%-finish the way you start.explain that this session is for recovery+fitness and they may well understand it better.