RB34 Comeback Program Part 2

I totally agree, that’s my goal! It’s funny because I always think of Charlie in my warm-up’s “don’t do anything special, just repeat what you have been doing in practice and you will win”. For some reason I always start out slow and things seems to pick up by my fourth meet.

Tue: 1000
Warmup A
3-2-3-2 34-55/3-4min
mb side toss 2x25
mb toe touch 2x25
400 walk/jog
Circuits C: 2x10
ab circuit 20sec

Another shitty tempo session but I still manage to make my times. I tired to keep a lid on the runs since I have a speed session tomorrow morning.

Countdown: 11 Days

Wed: 500
Warmup W
2x30 sled (25lb plate+sled) - done in trainers
2x40 blk
2x3x60 30/3/5
A’s 3x30
400 jog
willie x8
pc 3x70 2x2x75
spilt squat 2x5
1a: ip 2x3
1b: vert pull 3x8
1c: planks 30sec

Overall the speed session was average and nothing spectacular. I re-injured my rib cage while performing power cleans, I drop them and performed 3 sets of 5 reps of db jump squats. I will consider dropping the ol’s and perform jump squats and lunge jumps if the problem doesn’t get better. I also had a chance to film a couple runs, the quality isn’t great and cant tell much. The first sled pull I kinda stubble coming out of the 3pt stance and the blocks starts didn’t feel great at all. BTW, I got some new racing spikes and the spikes they sent with the shoes are extremely short.




Countdown: 10 Days

BTW, comments are welcome negative or positive…

Was the Wednesday workout this week just because of the holiday? And I was able to get a few good stills out of those terrible videos haha, and from what I saw, extension and knee drive are lookin good.

Thur: Rest

Warmup Z
bike: 2x10 45on/15off 120rpm
decline situps 4x25x25lbs
Circuit D: 2x10
ab circuit 20sec

Countdown: 8 days

It’s called ghetto fabulous my friend!! :slight_smile:

I did the speed session on Wednesday because of the holidays. Next week:

Mon: Speed
Tue: Tempo
Wed: Rest
Thur: Acc
Fri: Rest
Sat: Race 60m

Week 7: First race (Maint)
Mon: 300
Warmup C
4x30 blk
3x60 35/4
zino x3
400 jog
willie x8
pause jsq (3sec) 2x4x95
bs 2x3x75% of 3rm
1a: bp x3 x2 x2
1b: db row 3x8

The past three Monday’s we have been doing gun starts, today my training mate was beating me out of the blocks but around 15m it was all over. The 60’s were average, felt like I didn’t have any turnover and couldn’t hit fourth or fifth gear. I pray that I am saving it for Saturday!:wink:

What were your 60 times?

What times? The meet is Saturday and it should be a hot meet suppose to have a 6.6 guy and several 6.8’s.

Tue: 1000
Warmup A
10x100 14-15sec
mb situps 2x25
mb toe touches 2x25
400 jog/walk
200 jog

Countdown: 4 Days

What are you expecting to run? My pR is 6.89. i Have only ran 3 60’s at meets

Expecting to run 7.2…

OK that should be feasible. What u got planned for the rest of the week?

4x200 in 22-23sec, then rest, rest rest rest.:rolleyes:

BTW, 7.2 should be feasible…:wink: I just may lay something hot on the track come Sat depends how I feel, trust me it’s there…

Depending how things go this weekend I may go to Iowa State next Saturday, this would require me to change my training.

how far is iowa from you

Couple hrs, don’t care my boy is driving and want me to go.

Yea, this finally makes sense now that I train using CF methods.

All the other coaches I was under had programs that were constructed in a way where going 100% in competition felt out of place because we never ran in the 95%+ range. That is sad being that we were all sprinters.

To add insult to injury, I ran well more out of being scared then actually making an effort to go through all my stages of the race properly (e.g., React to gun, block clearance, drive phase, ect)