Randy Barnes Bench Press Video

Charlie, in person, did Beyer look like a 600lb bench presser.

Guys please don’t misunderstand what I am saying…

I am NOT saying this guy can’t bench 500 plus pounds. I am SURE he can bench 500 plus

What I AM saying is that it doesn’t [i]look[/i] like 500 plus pounds is on the bar in that particular video.

There probably is 500 pounds on it but it looks like three 45s and a quarter per side to me.

Understand what I am saying? :slight_smile:


Buyer did 900 1/4 squat the day before he threw a world record, insane? Was he using that as a primer for his CNS?

Yes, barnes was freaky strong. I dont think 500 in the bench would be too hard for him. I cant see him being too excited to lift 315 pounds. great music by the way!!!

He was a colossus

Charlie, in your experience, and with respect to your PERSONAL opinion, what type of numbers (weightroom) are you impressed by for 1. a high school athlete who throws shot and 2. a college athlete who throws shot, who you know to be UNassisted by various ‘‘illegal’’ pharmaceuticals, for the following lifts/drills.

power Clean
squat clean
Overhead press
10m sprint
30m sprint

If you could provide two sets of answers, 1 for high school and 1 for college, I would appreciate it.

I would be very hesitant to speculate as to what the athletes should lift at the various stages, especially as most of the criteria you’ve listed are very skill-dependant. It is fair to look at the strength and performance levels at the top for some guidance on where you may need to go. SLJ is a good indicator for most. Interestingly, the WR is held by Al Feurbach at 12ft 4 in and prob all top throwers are well over 11ft.

Charlie, understood and I agree with your assertion that numbers are most optimally referenced coming from the elite level. However, I am curious as to what has impressed you over the years based upon what you have personally observed.

Another link, a very long one, which references the strength of many world class throwers:


That’s scary stuff.

Just to add to the fun of guessing what Barnes is pressing. (of course someone could contact him and ask - James?)

I have one of those new flat screen (or whatever the hell it is) monitors and it looks like 3 wide dish plates plus a wee one.

I seem to remember lifting about 30 years ago with wide dish plates that were 50 kg (not bumpers) which would mean he was benching a little over 660. Charlie, do you remember plates like that or am I just getting old?

Football Coach

Football Coach, I agree that it is amuzing how a portion of this thread has morphed into a guessing game.

I was actually thinking about that last night; of all the intellectual/informative discussions that potentially exist, upon the outset of any new thread, a portion of this one has become something not to dissimilar of what some third graders are probably argueing about right now.LOL

For some reason I just wouldn’t feel solid about contacting Barnes and asking how much he was pressing in that clip. It gives me high school flash backs just to think about it. Dude, how much do you bench.LOL

Football Coach, since we are on the topic of guessing games, how about shooting me an email and clueing me in to your true identity.

That was what I was thinking, cause it looked like 3 plates- either 50kg or, more likely, 100lbs.


I’m afraid I am not a secret big-time coach. I must tell you that you will have never heard of me. I needed to be born American to pursue the NFL or Division I. However, I was born in Canada 52 years ago and coached college ball for 15 years at a time when opportunities to advance in coaching were few and none (unless you could be a professor as well as a coach and me being a professor would be quite funny). So, while coaching college football, I started private coaching over 20 years ago and earn far too much doing this to consider coaching football full-time.

I have no complaints though. The teams I was involved with won multiple conference championships and a national championship. Now, I help at the pro level, college and high school when time permits.

My speed programs 25 years ago were based on what I could learn from track coaches and decipher from The Yessis Soviet Review of Sports. As Charlie began to publish I applied his principles to my programs.

My strength programs have evolved from the NSCA of the early 80’s to the Westside approach today.

Through it all I apply my years of experience with football always keeping in mind that the players are not training to train, they are training to be better football players. (I started the NFL Injuries thread with this in mind.)

Football Coach

P.S. Always read your posts and look for your posts with 62 over at Elite.

Football Coach,

Its too bad your not coaching down here. You could probably do a world of good at some of these schools.

Anyways I like reading your posts. You always have some great insights into training. (so do you james). Keep up the great work guys.


Thanks frit, like reading your posts as well.

See I told you it was 3 plates per side and you all thought I was nuts!!! They look like either the thick 45’s you can get or the 50kilo plates. (They are probably the heavier ones but there are only 3 per side) :slight_smile:

Football Coach, thanks for the background. For a while there I thought you might have been Coach H from the EFS q and a.

I will be attending the Verkhoshansky/Yessis seminar in February and I already emailed 62 and X with regards to my desire to meet with them and talk shop while there.

If you will be attending I would very much like the opportunity to speak with you as well.

I am so enthusiastic about conversing with the overlords of the Darkside that I feel like a crack addict jonesing for a fix. And the thought of taking notes from Verkhoshanksy and Yessis, in person, leaves me laughing like a little girl.LOL

Much respect to you Football Coach,


You could also make the trip north to Vancouver for the seminar I’m doing with Derek in a few weeks.

Charlie, could you email me with the information, as I have some questions for you that I would prefer to exchange over a private interface.