Randy Barnes Bench Press Video

Some of you may or may not have seen this.


If anyone else knows of any links which provide video of throwers lifting weights, besides this one and www.discusthrow.com, please post them.

I know what you are thinking james!!!

Just remember Barnes had world class pulling strength, and I am not talking about the deadlift!!!

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This isn’t a link to videos of throwers lifting. However, it does have a number of videos of powerlifters including Ed Coan. Also, includes assistance exercises. Thought people might be interested. http://www.joeskopec.com/

If anyone happens to know Joe Skopec please thank him for providing the videos on his website.

Football Coach

why does he need a belt for benching? :confused:

LOL. You’re actually mistaken on this one Frit.

Thanks Football Coach.

I don’t think he even broke a sweat.

Barnes had his lifting workouts for two weeks leading up to his world record throw, posted on his web site. I cant seem to find it though. He sure was(as we say in Boston) “wicked strong”

Frit, do you know what any of Barnes’ max lifts were. In the video I can’t really make out how many plates are on the bar, I’m guessing the last attempt was 500lbs. I am curious to know what he was squatting, pulling, etc.


I will keep searching for those numbers, i think i may have it in a folder somewhere. I will let you know ASAP.

I think your right, his bench number were close to 500, his power clean was over 400.

That looked like 3 45s a side with a 25 pound on each side for the heaviest lift. They might be bigger than 45’s but it looks like there were only three


Chris, obviously we are all speculating here in the absence of high tech video gear which would allow us to clearify the picture, however, there is no way that Barnes put up 365 on the last lift. At the minimun I would say there are 4wheels on each end with a 25 or 35 and some change.

Geez, I thought I counted 5 - 45lb plates per side, plus some smaller plates. Not out of the question for someone who has put the shot as far as he has.

I have sprinters who can put up 365lbs - so Barnes must be doing as much as 500lbs for a man of his size and ability.

Number Two, I agree.

I found this on Barnes’ website. This is an excerpt from when Barnes tried out for the Chargers and the 49ers.

‘‘Barnes bench-pressed 500 pounds three times without stopping; 410 pounds 11 times, and 225 pounds 36 times.’’

Here’s another link to an article which contains various stats on former world class throwers:


You can see the thickness of the first plate. It looks like three per side to me. (using the thicker 45 pound plates)

Now I am NOT saying he can’t bench 500 pounds or whatever his PB is but it doesnt look like that much in the video. Who knows they may be the heavier plates though or I could be blind :slight_smile:


That guy is an ox!! A true lifting beast!!

[QUOTE=chris30]You can see the thickness of the first plate. It looks like three per side to me. (using the thicker 45 pound plates)

No way … that would mean ~140kg (315). Looks more like 5 plates on each side ~225kg (495).

Let’s get real! There’s no way in the world that he’s under 500lbs in the bench- and did you see how easily it went up! The shot guys have been over that mark forever- and wearing T-shirts as you see, not the Bench shirts which are prob worth a minimum of another 100lbs. Our own Bishop Dolegiewicz did over 600 and I witnessed Udo Beyer go over 600 in LA in 1983- and I saw him do 2 x 10 x 900lbs in the 1/4 squat with ease the day before he threw a WR at the GDR-USA Dual Meet there.