Push Up position starts in GPP


Are these starts in the top of the push up position, body straight, no pike in the hips? From here, start the sprint?

I am in week “5” of GPP, just tried it on my first speed day and almost fell on my face. Couldn’t get good drive on the first step without stumbling.

Is this sign I need to work on hills more? Is the start position different than the top of a push up? Thanks for the clarification!


The lower hips force you to drive out more. You’ll get used to it. Don’t worry about technique- just scramble out of there and you’ll end up in a good position after 4 or 5 strides

Thanks! Will keep scrambling

Its only now I realise how much help and advice CF gave…you are missed sir…

I’m also on week 5 of the GPP and start my easy/fast/easy runs today. What was the recovery CF recomended for these? Once you move into more than one set anyone have any idea on the recovery between sets too? Thanks in advance.

Very true what you say regarding the advice Charlie dispensed freely. It’s very much worth one’s time to look back over many threads to find things missed and to recall things that might have been forgotten.

im glad he wrote down as much as he did

The recommended rest between reps is 6-8 minutes nad between sets is 10-12 minutes (info is based on the GPP essentials DVD).
Hope this helps

Much appreciated KK400… Thank you very much.