Please Critique My Strength Training Program

Weights: 3 times a week

Bench Press:
5 reps-120 lbs
1 rep-140 pounds
4 reps-125 pounds
5 reps-120 pounds

Incline Bench Press
5 reps-95 lbs
1 rep-115 lbs
4 reps-100 lbs
5 reps-95 lbs

Seated Rows
3x5-10 reps at 80-90 pounds

5 reps-140 lbs
1 rep-170
4 reps-130
5 reps-135

Reverse Leg Press
3x6-8-heavy weight

Power Cleans
5 reps-95 lbs
1 rep-105 lbs
1 rep 110 lbs
5 reps-80 lbs

Military Press
3x5-80 lbs

7 reps-115 lbs
4 reps-135 lbs
1 rep 160 lbs
7 reps-120 lbs

PLYOMETRICS: (2-3 times a week)

Knee tuck jump-3x10
squat jump-3x6
lateral cone jump-3x10

any criticisim, compliments, suggestion, etc are greatly aprreciated.

Fabio - what % of Max are these lifts? Do you crawl out of your gym or wait for the instructors to find you and carry you out? :sing:

lol gf_200

fabio, you are splitting all those excercises into three parts per week right?.. right?

Are you aiming for strength only for sport?
Which sport?


Fabio could start a thread similar to your “you’ve got 40 minutes only at the gym” only entitled “you’ve got 4 hours only at the gym”…

:sing: bwhahahaha :sing:

I would split it something like this…

day 1

day 2
Reverse Leg press

day 3
seated rows

QUIK, silly question, where would he target the abdominals in his workouts?

actually this workout takes me only an hour to complete

also, i do track, sprints (100,200,LJ, 4x1)

He should be doing abs every day… or at least every other day.

I would not include that much pressing and I would rather squat and pull 2x week but if you kept those lifts a split like Quik suggested would be a good idea(and he included a good ordering of the exercises within the workout). I would also suggest switching day 1 and day 2 for each other and maybe include a more core-oriented lift within the program like a rdl, hyperextension, good morning, glute-ham raise, or a reverse hyper.

I can’t believe it’s not butter…spray.

Pioneer, just looking REALLY quick at your message, when i get time i`ll go through it properly, but any reason so many excercises involving the hamstring? would you limit hamstring excercises to once a week or twice a week?

Lebeau, I am advocating doing just one of those exercises per week perhaps as many as two. I was just listing a number of possible examples.

too many foot contacts on plyo’s. i’d stay away from them until you get a bit stronger also.

wat if i got rid of a push movement like the military press or incline and replaced it with a pulling lift liek the bent over row or lat pulldown to balance out the push movements to a 2-2 ratio? would that be better?

Thats 41 sets in total. How do you do that in an hour? (unless all the intensities are <60% or something, in which case why?)

Originally posted by no23
Some would say (Not I can I say) that abs are worked enough in the Oly lifts …

I assume quick’s talking about low-intensity abs.

Probably would be better. Olympic lifts and variants of would also be classified as pulls.

Some would say (Not I can I say) that abs are worked enough in the Oly lifts …