Please Critique My Strength Training Program

I like grouping push and pull in the same workout when working upper body.

I am starting to do my heavy leg lifts/OLY variants immediately after speed and leave upper body weights for the day after speed. (I find doing upper and lower body after speed very tiring and too long to complete It really really hits me too hard

day 1 speed/plyos/weights
day 2 upperbody weights
day 3 tempo
day 4 speed2/weights
day 5 upperbody weights2
Day 6 tempo
day 7 Rest

Day 1:
After speed1 I do:
4 sets backsquats
2-3 sets good mornings

Day 2:
Upper body weights1:
4 sets flat bench
4 sets bent over row
3 sets weighted dips

Day 3:

Day 4:
After speed2 I do:
3 sets powercleans
3 sets snatch grip deadlifts
3 sets each of reverse leg press/hip extensor

Day 5:
Upper body weights2
4 sets standing shoulder press
4 sets weighted chins
3 sets dumbell bicep curls (fairly light weight (50 pounds dumbells), not too intense)

Day 6:

Day 7:

By combing push/pull it really helps my shoulders stay together and it feels great working the whole shoulder/chest/back complex.

I do core work: situps/floppy fish etc during tempo between sets.


my bad, i misread the clock, it was 2 hours lol. I kinda took in everybody’s advice and decided to do it like this…

Monday’s and Fridays
Bench Press
Seated Rows
Power Cleans

Bench Press
Incline Press
Reverse Leg Press
Power Clean
Seated Rows

i do abs between lifts and this workout plan variates from 45 minutes to an hour.

ESPN3. too many foot contacts? I don’ get it? Can you explain? Are you saying I need more upperbody plyos too when my strnegth gets up?

I think your exercise choice is good but it’s still too much work. Also your exercise order needs some adjusting. Do your high speed/high skill lifts first(cleans) then move on to squats and then bench, etc.- if you want to do them all on one day which I ordinarily do not do. Work from exercises which include the largest number of muscles involved down during the workout to those exercises which involve a smaller percentage of the body’s total muscle mass but if you want to do 5 exercises per session I would make one of the last ones a core-related lift(just one) that I alluded to earlier in the thread. I would probably still limit the workouts to 4 exercises.