Pascal Caron - Dec 1st to Dec 6th

Not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but here is what Pascal did this week (and will do since we are only thursday). He doesn’t compete this week. His next meet in next Saturday.


  • warm-up
  • acceleration 30m (with starting block)
    3 x 30m normal; 2 x 30m resisted, 2 x 30m normal
  • Jump squat 45lbs 2 sets of 8; 95lbs 2 sets of 5; 135lbs 2 sets of 3
  • Depth jumps 3 x 10


  • warm-up
  • Various types of leg swings
  • Tempo running 6 x 60m (75-80%)
  • Push press 135lbs x 2; 155lbs x 2, 175lbs x 2, 185lbs for 2 sets of 2 reps
  • Bench press 275lbs x 2, 315 x 2, 335lbs x 2, 355lbs for 2 sets of 2
  • Chins 5 sets of 5 with an additional 45lbs


  • warm-up
  • flying 50m
    3 x flying 50m normal; 2 x flying 50m resisted, 2 x flying 50m normal
  • Power snatch from blocks 135lbs x 2, 155lbs x 2, 165lbs x 2, 175lbs x 3 sets of 2


  • warm-up
  • Various leg swings
  • Tempo running 4 x 60m (75-80%)
  • Bench press same as tuesday
  • Chins same as tuesday


  • Warm-up session (only hip mobility and skips)


  • warm-up
  • 5 x 60m from blocks (100%) (I’ll have received my electronic clocks by then so I’ll be able to register the times).


What was his result this past weekend at McGill in the 60m?

He did an easy 6.87 in the first heat, winning easily. This was a very easy race. However in the final many things went wrong…

  1. There was a false start, Pascal’s biggest strength is his start and the false start kinda “castrated” him figuratively speaking.

  2. He made a huge technical mistake with 10m left: he bent his trunk forward to reach … this obviously made him loose his speed, he was ahead at this point and this killed him.

  3. He felt flat during the race, probably due to the fact that his last high quality sprint session was 10 days before the competition (due to the fact that we did not have access to our indoor track at that time… hurray for Canadian sports!).

So he turned in a VERY dissapointing 6.91 in the final. He was in shape for either a low 6.7 or even a high 6.6 … well hopefully we will set everything straight next week!

We are having a test session on Saturday, hopefully it will turn out well. He had a very good week of training and seems to be back on track evidenced by his highly increased rate of masturbation (not kidding … it’s a good sign of elevated hormone levels and proper physical condition).

LOL, how do you guys monitor that.

Video camera of course! We have our own reality show going on here!!!

Seriously though, that’s only what he said on wednesday … I will spare you the details, but his hands must be calloused and his girlfriend probably has a hard time walking straight!!!

Hey Christian,
Ive been waiting to see this since i read about canadian ascending descending training. I wanted to post my new workout, and I know you are doing a guest forum on t-mag but i couldnt wait. I list a kind of movement and choose one of the variations, switching every two weeks.
Running-1 min between reps for every ten meters, 1 min per rep between sets, add 5m per week, taking 5 off in week 4. The first set is done from a 3pt stance, the second with a lying start.

Weights-For a warm up I choose a high rep DB exercise and go until I get 50 reps, this gets my blood flowing nicely, I do 5 reps at a time, rest 15 sec and continue until I get the 50 reps on both mon and fri. I use the same exercise for the entire week, but change each week between DB Snatch, DB Clean and Press, DB Swings, DB Swing Snatch, DB Squat Pull. For weights I use a uniform rest of 2 min.

1)Snatch Movement-Start w/ 5 reps, build up to 3 rep max
A)From Floor
B)From blocks below knees
C)From blocks above knees

2)Snatch Deadlift Movement-Start with 3 reps, build to 3 rep max
A)From Floor
B)From Blocks Below Knees
C)From Blocks above knees
D)From Podium
E)Eccentric Deadlift

3)Hip Extension Movement-start with 3 reps, build to 3 rep max
A)Stiff Leg Deadlift
B)Single Leg Stiff Leg Deadlift
C)Keystone Deadlift
D)Single Leg Key Stong Deadlift
E)Good Mornings(i like these the most)

Here I take a ten minute break before moving on to the next part

4)Pressing Movement-Start with 3 reps, build to 3 rep max
A)Bench Press
B)Incline Bench Press
C)Military Press
D)DB Versions of the above

5)Tricep Movement-3x5
A)Overhead Extension
B)Press Down
C)Skill Crusher

6)Lat Movement-3x5
A)DB Row
B)BB Row
C)Underhand Grip BB Row

Plyometrics-2 min between sets and exercises
1)Alt. Landings-3x10
3)Box Jumps-3x8(1st set both legs, 2nd left, 3rd right)
4)Alt. Landings Push Ups-3x19

Conditioning-I use the card game w/ 15 sec rest and work time is determined by the card drawn. I go through the whole deck for each exercise, Joker=15sec, Ace=14, King=13, Queen=12, Jack=11, etc…
1)Star Jumps
2)Squat Thrusts
3)Hip Thrusts
4)Mountain Climbers


1)2x5 hills

Extra Work-2min between sets
2)Reverse Hypers-3x6
3)Glute Ham Raises-3x6

Conditioning-Card Game
1)Clap Push Ups


Running-Same as Monday

1)Clean Movement-Start with 5 reps, build to 3 rep max
A)From Floor
B)From Blocks Below Knees
C)From Blocks Above Knees

2)Clean Pull-Start with 5 reps, build to 3 rep max
A)From Floor
B)From Blocks Below Knees
C)From Blocks above knees

3)Squat Movement-Start with 5 reps, build to 3 rep max
A)Box Squat
B)1/4 Squat
C)Single Leg 1/4 Squat
D)Front Squat
E)Olympic Squat

4)Explosive Movement-3x6
A)Jump Squat
B)Vertical Leap Snatch Grip
10 min break

5)Jerk Movement-Start with 3 reps, build to 3 rep max

6)Push Press-Start with 3 reps, build to 3 rep max
A)In front of neck
B)Behind Neck

Plyometrics-2 min between sets and exercises
1)Standing Triple Jump-5x1
2)Depth Jumps-3x8
3)Tuck Jumps-3x10
4)Depth Push-Ups-3x6

Conditioning-I use a weighted vest with this, I normally like to load it up pretty heavily. I perform the following exercises supersetted and with a minute between sets and do each 5 times

1)Stair Jumps(I jump up as many stairs at a time)
2)Bunny Hops(Hop up two steps at a time)
3)Step Up Jumps
4)Counter Jumps
5)Two Step Jumps(take two steps, then jump as high as possible)
6)Clap Push Ups
7)Pull Ups

Phew it would require a week just to decorticate all your workout :wink:

From what I’m seeing your basic structure is pretty good. What I don’t like is the excessive volume. I believe that an athlete should stick with 4 exercises per strenth training sessions. I feel that you may be overdoing it at bit.

Your plyo program seems correct, but I’d stay aways for too much jumping as conditioning work. This will have two negative effects:

  1. It can be hazardous injury-wise… especially if you are a relatively heavy guy. By your nick I will assume that you are either a linebacker or defensive end, so we agree that you are probably not 150lbs! Repetitive jumping at such high volume can lead to shin splints and even stress fractures. Conditioning work should be done primarily with tempo running and interval running.

  2. Jumping during a conditioning circuit will lead to erroneous motor patterns because the fast twitch fibers will be quickly exhausted. Meaning that you will learn to use the slow twitch fibers rather than the fast twitch fibers while jumping (and thus sprinting). Jumping work should be treated the same way as sprinting work and high intensity lifting: it is quality-first exercise. Meaning that you need to perform jumps in a rested state.

I assume that you have combined my HTT program with Coach Davies conditioning program. It is sometimes dangerous to combine various elements of two different systems. Coach Davies and I do not use the same system, so our training styles are not necessarily compatible.

Beware of training method shotguning!!! Davies is known for his very high conditioning volume and I admit that some of my programs are indeed high volume (especially if you use 6 exercises instead of 4!). Combining both will surely lead to overkill.

Here is an example of a training program I used with one of the top Canadian University RB.

Monday Hips dominant

  1. Romanian deadlift
  2. Power clean from floor
  3. Power snatch from hang
  4. Medicine ball throw overhead and back

Acceleration work (usually 20-30m)
Agility drills

Wednesday Upper body push

  1. Flat bench press
  2. Push press
  3. Ballistic bench press
  4. Plyo push up

Top speed work (usually 50-80m)
Agility drills

Friday Upper body pull

  1. Barbell rowing
  2. Weighted chins
  3. Shrugs
  4. Rear delt raises

Quads dominant

  1. Back squats
  2. Jump squats
  3. Depth jumps
  4. Vertical jump with knee tuck


Ok so scratch the weighted vest conditioning, and I thought that Id be able to get by with 6 exercises as I saw with one of you canadian ascending descending training models you used six. I have read some of Davies things, but it was rather vague and truthfully I couldnt draw much from it besides that he uses high volume and intensity and focuses on hip extension strength. You are correct that I did draw partly from your HTT workout, but my decision to use a group and change exercises every two weeks was the idea from Louie Simmons that doing so would allow ones max lifts to stay at an intensity above 90% without the overtraining downfall. And by the way good guess, I play both, depending on the situation. And also i thought with 6 exercises split into a whole body routine twice a week with the three days between with low volume medium intensity exercise would allow for higher volumes twice a week? Wow i got something right, the plyo! Sorry first time…so could I drop the weighted vest workout and use both Sat and Sun as rest days? Would this allow me to get away with the format Ive put up? Thanks again

Doing 5-6 exercises is not that bad if some of the exercises are unweighted. You’ll notice that in the ascending-descending workouts 2 of the exercises are unweighted or use very little resistance. Doing 6 heavy exercises (especially if all 6 are compound exercises) in one session is way too much. You maybe able to get by for a while but you will crash sooner or later.

The HTT workouts are very effective, and in the program I actually encourage exercise rotation. But be sure to only use 4 weighted exercises per session, preferably with only 2 of them being of a high skill nature (olympic lifts for example). It’s best to do just a little less than a little too much!

If you drop both conditioning session you will probably be able to get away with the strength volume, provided that you do not perform too much sets. I used to include a lot of conditioning work with my athletes, but now I don’t. I feel that if they are putting in the effort in the gym and on the track, they should be in decent shape. If an athlete truly is out of shape I will include a period of general conditioning but during this time strength training volume is decreased.

The only form of conditioning work I’d consider would be low intensity sled walking or farmer’s walk.

Ohh I understand. Im sorry, this was an attempt to only have two long workouts a week. So could I do what I am doing, but have an “unloading” week every 6 weeks? where I drop to 4 exercises as you perscribe? Im sorry, I am not trying to frustrate you, just trying to see if i can make things work so I can keep up with my 4 AP classes . And about dropping the conditioning, without the vest itd only be twice a week, once upper, once lower and its pretty low intensity(body weight)

The only form of conditioning work I’d consider would be low intensity sled walking or farmer’s walk.

Really??? This is quite a change in philosophy, is it not?

Not really … I once used conditioning circuits. But was never a huge GPP guy. I do not consider energy system work as GPP. I use quite a bit of these with my athletes though (for example my hockey players will use 400m runs since it’s the same length as their shifts).

Obviously if you can only get to the gym twice a week, longer workouts may work as you have time to recover. I personally like more frequent workouts to improve motor learning. But if you want to do two sessions doing 6 exercises might work. However in that case, to play is safe I’d use 3 weeks cycles, with the 3rd week being an unloading week (drop 2 exercises, drop the volume on the other exercises and attempt a PB or two).

Oh, well then could the “conditioning” im talking about be considered specific energy system work to football, because the duration of high intensity activity is close to that of a play and rest time is around what a norm. rest would be what it is in football(5-12 sec of work, 15-30 sec of work)

DUH! Of course. If I had bothered to fully read the post I would have seen

I feel that if they are putting in the effort in the gym and on the track, they should be in decent shape.

Ok just in case you dont reply before I go to bed, I basically have the right format(except youd change it to split the weight training over a 3-5 day split) and i have the plyometrics down. And energy system work is a maybe?, but other than that Im good? Again thank you, I realize your a very busy person and you still help us who dont kno anything.

When will his CNS recover? He has high level stimulus Mon, tues, wed & thurs.

No squatting?

From what Im seeing, Tues, Thurs and Fri are not real big CNS days. And also I think he used canadian ascending descending training in the off season where squatting is done twice a week, so it could be possible it is just not being done this week…