Oly Lifting Shoes

does anyone know of a site that sells olympic lifting shoes in the US? thanks

In relation to shoes. What does everybody use in the gym.

A decent pair of weightlifting shoes should last years. I’ve had mine for 2 and all they need is to be re-soled and they’ll look like new. They make all the difference in terms of stability while lifting. particularly if you’re doing snatches or cleans. hope this helps.

Adidas has some.

You can purchase shoes at www.dynamic-eleiko.com


much thanks…

I have the Ironworks - not wearing too well, the rear end of the shoes have worn down to the wood!

I suggest you get the more expensive one.

Anyway I couldn’t dream of lifting without em now, oly lifts and squats feel 100% better!


How long have you had your Ironworks?

about 2.5 months - ugh

I can get em resoled - the sole is some crepe rubber -

CT wears these - Canadian OLy shoes. He says they wear well.


i just use my nike triax training shoes. ive tried flats, chuck taylors and wrestling boots, but like the triax best.

One of my pairs of nike astro-grabbers, the now worn out red ones as seen in this picture:


flat rubber sole with little bumps, seems perfect for anything I ever do in the gym, even pickup basketball.

Thanks Nightmare and Marshall

I generally use cross trainers, need to get a new pair after ripping tongue out before training. This pair haven’t lasted long. I was thinking of trying a pair of blundstone work boots (don’t know if gym would let me) or chuck taylors.

The earlier basketball Shox are great. hard to find now, but they were snug and had good stability. If you find some, they make good lifting shoes.

Ugh I don’t know how you guys put up with shoes that compress when loaded with the weights we throw around when squatting and cleans etc…

I will look this up, nut considering I spend $400 a year on throwing shoes and the amount on runners and spikes when needed. I struggle to justify spending x on weightlifting shoes.

I’m not sure of the price - I guess after weightlifting shoes what are the next best thing.

I dunno, but a good pair of weightlifting shoes, do last, since you only wear them while squatting, oly lifting, or like me overhead pressing.

Please get adidas they are by far the best olympic weightlilfting shoe out there.

I have just used my Oly shoes for the first time this week (I have ad them for 5 weeks, but my broken toe, put an end to my squatting for a while)

The difference is unbelievable. You are rooted to the spot - thats the best way I can described it.

They give you so much more confidence to actually sit back when squatting.

Well worth the investment.

Yes I agree much better fondation and body alignment when a good pair of powerlifting shoes are used. I think adidas has the correct angle and correct amount of support. It seems others are way to high on the wedge??? Any comments??? Also I have seen some that look like boots. Why not just where timberlands then…:sing: I like the adidas because of the three velcro straps with wooden wedge at correct height. Very comfortable. Dont be tricked into buying powerlifting shoes that you can barely walk in. When you hit a big lift you might trip over yourself. Seriously!!! Look at the olympic powerlifters everyone is wearing them!!!:clap: