Do you guys think its worth the risk to perform ol’s without bumper plates and platforms, I understand this is how some of the strongest men use to train back in the day? I may be wrong but I also think CF group perform the ol’s without bumpers etc.

We didn’t do many OLs but we had the end bumper plates (the really light ones) for cleans.

So the bulk of your ol’s were done with metal plates, do you think there is an increase in injury when during them without bumper plates?

how would the use of metal plates increase the risk of injury?

Well just the force of taking the weight from rack position back to the ground, increase hand and wrist injuries etc.

If you do not care very much of the floor, or if you can get a couple of gymnastic absorbent mats, you can dump metal plates…I’ve done for 5 years…before having 2 wondeful sets of bumper plates…

Ok, I thought it was only the floor that got injured.:slight_smile:

what would you tell your athletes if they train at somewhere like 24hr fitness, cant drop weights there?:wink:

We train at our track. My guys use metal plates and drop it onto a 4cm thick peace of tartan covering a concrete floor. It sounds like we are trying to break down the pavilion every time someone does a lift.

You can do light power versions and moderately heavy pulls. I hardly ever do any clean lifts that involve racking at a club. The bars kill my wrists since they do not rotate or if they do not very well. Power snatch versions not too bad though. The knurling on those type bars usually take there toll as well.

I think power snatch you would need bumpers because it really put a ton of stress on the shoulder area if you cant drop? I totally agree that clean/snatch pulls would work for the short time and maybe hang cleans, I really dont like during hang cleans only I perfer to go from the ground at least once a week to make it transfer over to the athletic field better.

The rubber plates stuck out enough to save the floor!

You can- but only once- then it’s OUT!

Yep you will be out in a heart beat. I perfer to keep the ol’s for the comp season becuase during gpp and spp you enough elements in the program already (throws, jumps, high intensity speed, heavy weights) and I found during the comp season the ol’s esp from the floor help maintain squat strength while only during one submax session per week.

shit your right…

i was training in Brea, CA a month ago and was doing snatches in a 24 hour fitness…2 personal trainers stood there watching as i placed it down to the floor slowly…then one came over and said, its ok for you to do that, but please dont drop the weights…lol

Yeah I have not gone over say 60% roughly on PS in a commercial gym and I am no great Snatcher. I know my traps and neck and sometimes lowback are killing afterwards when I did that. If you are PS say 100kg you could safely do 60% on PS without hurting shoulders too much and load up on your Sn Pulls.

How do your wrists handle cleans? Kills mine on those crappy bars.

I feel ya on the wrists, most commercial gyms have shitty bars. I really dont view clean/snatch pulls as a true explosive movement but more so as a strength movement for the clean/snatch, this is why I perfer them for a short time period before moving on. Like I said earlier I didnt perform any ol’s during gpp/spp last year and I like how things felt.

Cool. I agree on pulls typically being more of a strength movement.

What camp do you belong to:

Camp A: Must do ol’s they are my bread and butter.

Camp B: They are just another training tool.

lr1400, i got the message about the jump squats how often do you use them with your group?