Not many hills

Not much axcess to hills around here, wihtout driving too far.
could one use sleds instead? would that produce the angles charlie is after just like hills, or not? have never recorded a sled session, so not sure if the lean angle that charlie is after is in a sled workout.
oh, this is for the 6wks or so of hill work that is mentioned in the GPP.
I can get hills at least once per wk, but three times, maybe not?

Im on vacation at colorado right now and there are hills every where you look.

Well… They don’t call it the Rocky Mountains for nothing… I don’t think Bold lives in Colorado, so I don’t know how this post was relevant to his question… :confused: Maybe I am missing something here.

Bold, do you know of anywhere that has a long flight of steps? That can still give you the angle you’re looking for. Sleds may work too.

No long flights of stairs, not untill i get to them grass hills i can get to anyway.
There are some hills around here, but they are full of Cars. and off to the side of the road, well, very uneven and injury would be hard to avoid.
There are some parks around on slight hills, but trees everywhere. Doe.
I might bring up google earth and look around a bit?
Will also bring along camera to a sled workout, and check out the angles.

I’d like to bump this. It is very hard finding the right angle, the right length, and, most importantly, the right SURFACE all together. I have found hills w/ 2 of the 3, but never all 3. I think I have a 20m hill though at the correct steepness on grass that MIGHT work, not sure though.

I actually tried out the weighted sled last night, doing 10x10m, 6x20m and 6x30m.
My wife has been watching the DVD’s from here and so knew what she was looking for.
The deep angles were easily achieved; the straight body line was also achieved.
As a bonus plus, after watching the DVD’s, we knew more about what the legs should be doing from the drive to the upright, it has always been a real bad issue with me, coming up to fast, or too slow, not getting the right top speed after doing a real good start or getting good top speed after a real poor start, I have never done both.
What the sleds and indeed what the hills have seemed to teach is, after driving out, its easier to keep the forward lean due to the resistance of the sled seemingly helping you balance in the lean. I was holding real real deep angles, full extension and slowly coming up to the upright and keeping good form. Next time I would like to get the Camcorder out and perhaps post some footage up, as it is sometimes hard to explain.
After looking at my starts I have posted up here in another section, and watching the DVD’s, I was better able to see where I needed to change, and doing so at slower speeds is always much easier. Hence hills in the gpp are great. And sleds it seems. You can achieve better technique qualities at slower speeds while effort is still high.

why did you < the hill vol?

going by the gpp dvd, and that is where i am at the moment, my 1st wk of GPP for the new yr, being winter here and all. it states, 10x10m, 10x20m and 10x30m hills.
though i think the sled may be more CNS stressfull as the next two days i was totaly smashed, flu like even. So in a sence, i was doing less volume. I decreased the volume because i could feel that the sleds were harder than the hill work i had done last time. I have one more session to finnish of the wk, and hope to do the full workout that time around.

ok sounds good man plz keep me updated bc i will be during the same plan come sept, i am just working on my strength and power for this 12 summer phase. Goodluck,

Some parkades have a nice upslope.

some do, but not near me either… and the one that do, the shops are open 7days wk and are jammed packed full of cars all day.
Same story with big buildings, they are all low level around here, and by the time you get there, you may as well have gone to the track that has got that hill…
Hope to get there today, and finnish of my wk 1 of GPP. Weights though, will have to be body weight type, ie push ups, dips ect. No child minding at the gym today.

Doesn’t anyone see a problem with running on concrete hills?

Charlie, any comments on this? Can it be done safely?

no, thats all i have also, just make sure you have good trainers.

And as I gather, UT did quite a bit of volume.

Anyone else want to chime in with their concrete experiences?

Whats the point of your post, im lost?

He means, do concrete hills cause shin splints, etc.

Ken, nice to see you post finally lol. What timing. :wink:

Yes, my question is:

Are concrete hills as bad as everyone says they are?

And can these problems be avoided as long as volume is lowered?

And with the lower volume, can the same training effect be attained?

I think it varies from athlete to athlete so it’s very diffcult to say. I think with good shoes you will be just fine.

Concrete hills are not as bad as everyone thinks. The incline of the hill reduces the vertical force of the foot contact lessening the impact. IMO it’s much easier on the body than doing sprints on flat concrete.

So mort, would you use the same volume that you would use on a grass hill?