Need Ideas To Loose Weight

Ok, I’m already lean and cut however I’m about 195 and I would like to drop to about 170-180 but keep my same strength levels so I can maximize the strength to weight ratio.

My diet is clean except for about a bag of cookies each week.

So, I just wanted you guys to throw some ideas at me. Should I ram up tempo? Should I take some kind of aggressive supplement to burn off weight?

Look at perhaps Ketosis diet with an added 100g of Carb on training days with around 80% of them carbs taken around 1hr before your workouts.

Keep training, I got down to around 173lbs last outdoor season with all the tempo, SE work, and decreased strength training. Over GPP, SPP, and indoor comp season I’m back up to 190ish.

So, you’re 195 and lean, and want to get to 175. to me, ‘lean’ sounds like you’ve got 5lbs of fat to lose, which means you’ll need to lose 15lbs of muscle.

here are some guidelines:

-processed food bad
-whole food good
-no sugar
-no flour
-no dairy
-protein at every meal
-veggies or fruit at every meal
-veggies are better than fruit
-get protein (20-35 grams per meal) from these sources: eggs whites, beef, bison, chicken, turkey, any seafood not packed in low grade oil (ie cotton seed), try to keep these sources as unprocessed as possible so that means turkey breast you cook is better than deli meat but deli meat is better than no protein at all.
-eat every 3-4 hours

important tips
-make sure you eat right after you wake up and be sure this meal has protein in it!
-yes egg beaters are ok
-make sure you eat within 30 minutes of a work out
-even though you are trying to shed some BF a recovery drink is recomended, NEVER sacrafice workout quality ever, you an athlete not a figure model
-if you need bread or wraps look for gluten free
-cheese is ok as a topping not as a meal (ie no yogurt or cottage cheese)
-salad dressing (within reason) is ok for now, keep them as natural as possible
-eat stir frys at night for dinner and pack the rest for lunch the next day
-if you can eat 2-4 egg whites before bed, the reasons that this is good are too many to mention, if you cant do eggs, just a little plain whole food protein from any source will do
-a high quality protein powder is ok once and a while (no more than once a day) if you are using it post workout use a whey isolate, if you are using it at meals for a protein substitute look for a “blend” meaning a mix of whey proteins or different forms of protein.
-follow these rules 85% of the time and dont be a total dumbass the other 15% you will get where you want to go
-supplement with 2000mg of “ester vitamin c”, a high quality multi vitamin (one a days dont cut it) and a high quality fish oil (ask for recommendations if you have no clue), vit D3, B-12, i also take 800ius if vit E and cal/mag before bed

there it is, simple indeed, but simple and easy are 2 different things…any questions?

Agreed. Assuming a “lean and cut” athlete is around 10% bodyfat or less, at 195 you have over 175lbs. of lean mass (@0%bodyfat). If you lost ten pounds of fat, you would be 5% at about 185. If you’re less than 10%, you have less to lose. If you are more than 10%, you’re not as cut as you think.

Fork control…

Apparently someone didn’t like my response based on the nasty comment I got in my rep points. :slight_smile:

WOW! Thanks for all the replies!! Well, I just weighed myself yesterday and I’m 205 (ohh god) and so a reasonable goal is to get down to 190lbs. After all, I’m 6’1 so I can’t expect to be the weight of a 5’11 guy with short limbs.

Well, I’m a lean 205…:o

What’s your Pr’s?

With a few rare exceptions, months ago, I never get out rep points.

I started out as a 400-800 guy believe it or not… I’m in at 47.6 and 1.58 and change. During that time I ran 11.1 sec 100 ALL DAY LONG!!

My goal this year (2010) is at least 10.5. If I can’t do that (despite the fact that I never got out of shape just added more muscle) then I’m an old BLOKE chasing a pipe dream!!!

Wow that’s a lot… I really appreciate it!!

Wasn’t me… I tell people up front (or PM) what I don’t like and I save the reps for when I want to reward people for positive information. I actually think it’s how the site should work so we can avoid figuring out who does not like what we had to say.