Mikes training log

today flying 30’sx10

will be doing 60m event 6th december then work on 100m and speed endurance start of next year.

been sick for a few days have a cold

light pyometric work today

frog jumps

triple jump style leaps

explosive jumping squats

40 push ups:

10 normal

20 push ups with claps in between

10 one arm pushups- 5 each side

okay til end of this year this is how my training is going to be


60mx10 100% effort

friday flying 30’s x 10

training for 60m this december is there anything else i should include in my training?

also next year im training for the 100m what sort of distance should i be running for speed endurance? 80m?

Hello Runningfaster. I was just checking out your log. What is your rationale for organizing your training? Also sorry if I missed it but what are you doing for restoration work? Extensive tempos etc?

hey matt i dont do tempo work at all atm what would you suggest?

i’m usually pretty sore(legs) from training and recover after about 3days of no sprint work

You might like to cut the 60’s down to 3 with 10 mins recovery, and the 30’s down to 6 with 5 mins recovery.Then on the alternate days you could do 10 x 100m tempo at 75% intensity or LESS.

sounds good grooster so program will look like this…




tempo 10x 100 75%


flying 30’sx6

is that enough for now or should i do more???

btw i’m a beginner in term of sprint training so any advice is much appreciated

cheers michael

You could do the tempo runs on tuesday and saturday and do weights after the speed sessions,maybe bench ,squats ,seated row, begin with 2-3 work sets of 10 reps

Tempo runs are used to increase aerobic capacity, usually HR 14-160 from what I understand and they also have a restorative nature. By this I mean that they help facilitate recovery from the previous high intensity stressors. Are you just planning on training mon/wed/fri. How are you incorporating your strength and explosive training into this?

Sorry for the questions I’m just interested

thats okay Matt im glad people are explaining these things to me, i havent planned any strength or explosive training in yet as im out of shape atm maybe incorporate them as i slowly progress???

today 100’sx4 100%


tempo 100x9 75%-100%

today 110x4 100% intensity

1st run 12.97

2nd 13.06

not bad gone from 13.44 to 12.97 in 2 weeks will be back in the high 11’s this time next year

yesterday 3x100 1xflying 30m 100%


tempo runs 10x100m 100m walk back between runs

today 110mx4

1st run 12.87

2nd run 13.00

other two runs were not timed

is there much difference timing on a track compared to grass? would track be slightly faster?

today 1x200 1x100


today tempo 6x100 2x200


110mx4 12.81 13.13

grass track i have been training on has a 60m and 70m line i used measurement between the 2 to take 10m checks and it seems i may have been running 110m… not 100% sure but running a 6.09 50m and then a 12.81 100m doesnt add up at all

metres have been changed was accidently running 110m lol couldnt figure out where i was losing a full second…

started doing squats again 3x3 started at a weak 80kg ,legs very sore for at least 3-4days afte, hoping that will go away as my body gets used to the stress.