Mikes training log

22 and just getting back into it(2 months of training) thought i would post up my current sprint training program and get abit of positive and negative feedback if you have any information that you think may be useful please post it cheers

stats are:
height: 168cm/ 5’6
60m:7.34 pb 2008 22 (100m:11.86pb when i was 16 electronic timed
will start timing other distances soon aswell

btw i live Australia

training consists of:

monday:chest triceps:bench press 180lbs 3x6 lying down skull crushers 3x6 100lbs

tuesday: day off

wednesday:training on a proper track,jog 400m one warmed up some plyometrics,4x60m 2x150m all at 100%

thursday:abs and shoiulders

friday:day off

saturday:training on a grass track jog around track warm up 4x60m 100% then go home leg workout 4x8 225lbs squats 2x12 leg extension 2x10/12 hamstring curls

sunday:back and biceps ,deadlift 4x6 225lbs chin ups 3x10,pull ups 3x10 and bicep curls 5x8 90 lbs

keep in mind just started do deadlifts an train legs never trained legs before and they are very very weak, maybe as my legs get use to the training then add an extra day of sprints/leg training???

overall goal is to run a 7.00 60m and a 11.25 100m electronically timed by the end of next year and lose the excess bodyfat im carrying around my waist 5kg/10lbs


warm up:jog 400m,light stretch


5x60m 2 at 75% 3 at 100%

3x30m at 100% feeling alot fitter than previous training sessions :slight_smile:

Hey Mike,

Welcome aboard!

cheers mate just had a read through your training journal and read that you squat over 400lbs thats more pretty much double what i do! how long/did you train to get to that point

saturday 20th december 2008

weetbix with banana and honey

light jog then
4x60m 100% on grass track

glutamine,protein shake,banana and a mango,
then leg workout:
1x105kg 6reps
2x95kg 8 reps
1x80kg 8 reps
1x70kg 10 reps

leg extensions 2x12
hamstring curls 4x10-8

glutamine and protein shake

now off to kfc to get some extra protein,carbs and fat :smiley:

tuesday 23 december 2008

grass track

warm up: jog around track

2x50m 100% 6.17 an 6.20
2x110m 100% 13.12 13.25
1x200m 26.27

this afternoon

deadlifts 105kg 6x3
sit ups various exercises including the use of a ab roller/wheel
and calf raises 105kg 10x6?

for sprinting are calves useful? are they worth training?:confused:

friday 26th december 2008

grass track

warm up:jog around track

1x200m 100%

1x150m 100%

1x60m 100%

not specifically.

Hi Mike,
You may find it more advantageous to do the
60m first then the 150 and then 200 last.
How long are the rest periods between these runs??
Are you doing any short runs for top speed such
as 10m/20m/30m/40m etc ??

hi stormbike

rest periods are around 5-10 minutes i dont really time them what sort of rest periods should i be taking?
i havent done any short runs like that i do 60’s a fair bit should i do more shorter distances more often??

Perhaps once a week i would try something like this -
3x20m - 2mins rest between each
3x30m - 3mins rest between each
1x40m - 4mins etc
These are done fast - keep the volume low

Your other session i would do like this -
1x60 - At least 6-10mins rest then
1x90 - 10-15mins rest
1x120-150 assuming 200m is your max race
distance i would keep it to shorter in training.

Others here are much more qualified to comment but they are my thoughts - all the best.

cheers for tht much apreciated

sunday 28th december 2008

grass track:
jog 400m
flying 20’s:6x20m 5minutes rest between sprints


squats: 105kg
3x8,8,10,12 last set done with lighter weight
hamstring curl:

okay back at it again got quite sick for two months early this year and have just started sprinting again basically had a whole year off lol started again a month ago

been doing alot of sprinting on the beach

monday wednesday and friday: flying 7x60m 100% effort

will get back to the track in a few weeks and will not be doing any weights for a while as i cant recover fast enough to do my track work so its getting the way.

yesterday flying 30’s x7 100% effort 2-5min rest

starting to feel the effects on running on hard sand joints are sore heading to track from now on.

flying 30’s x6
4x60’s from start postion

feeling alot fitter than usual

7x60m :7.16 timed a few times

2x50m 6.09

3 flying 30’s

new pb’s i think from relaxing abit more while transitioning to top speed and doing flying 30’s in training never done them much before so i guesss they help after all

flying 30’s x 10 100% effort

didnt feel as fast as usual was all over the place

5th october

10x60m 100%