Hi, do somebody have the microstretching pdf file sheet?

The one with the routine of all the stretches to do each day.

I have a copy on my computer - I hope that is the one that you are looking for. If you send your e-mail address by PM to me - I will fw it to you.

You might be better targeting a particular area or a few selected areas with microstretching rather than going through the whole program, which would take ages. It does work though.

Bumping this up… Does anyone know where I can find or buy the old microstretching pdf that went around here several years ago? Flash?

i have it, send me your email

ashley.mort@gmail.com thanks!


Do you mind sending to e as well?


let me get a copy to please

And thanks;)


As in: it makes you more flexible? or it’s a good warm up/cool down

Hi Guys it has been along time since I have been involved with the forum. This is Nikos the founder of the technique of microstretching. Derek mentioned there was a thread about microStretching and several individuals were talking about it. I am quite honored that you have all shown an interest. All I ask that the material that is being shared should acknowledge my development of the technique. I developed in 1995 and have seen it grow.
Currently I am in the process of putting together material and products. For those of you in the UK I am going on a speaking/lecture engagement during the month of June 2010. It is sponsored by the United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA). Since microStretching’s inception and development several universities internationally have conducted experiments that have shown that microStretching is a powerful technique for the development of range of motion and functional flexibility but more importantly a tool for proper recovery regeneration. It is my hope that within the next few months we will have a new website up and running where one will be able to view but more importantly down load these studies.
It is not my intention to broadcast and market myself with this thread but to make all aware that I am now part of this forum and will continue to try and educate about the technique of microStretching.
Yours in Success

Looking forward to your future articles and products. Keep us updated.

Nikos! I have been checking the website frequently waiting for more information coming soon. My athletes have enjoyed the results!

The downside is the length of time to complete the entire routine as described. Anything you can comment on about the complete duration of the program? Would be curious on your insights

Hey sprint coach may I have a copy? sofast@msn.com

Its a bit late for my running but I will test it out on myself. If someone could please forward a copy it would be much appreciated.

Hey, could someone foward it on to me as well. Thanks a million

Recieved thanks

Not sure if anyone actually has it. I haven’t recieved any info yet…eagerly awaiting the product.
If someone does have the article please fwd it when possible.

The last person that received it here should pass it on, simple…

hey adonail, can I have a copy too please.