Maurice & Tim's Warm up at MSR

i am pretty sure it’s him; there is a thread started by him, have a look…

Aloha its me
Trying to get fast again.

It is difficult sometimes, especially for XC meets when our races are at 8 and 9Am, but 5:00 isn’t THAT early. It’s a lot easier for races after noon, but I haven’t had a problem with waking up at 5 AM or earlier.

yes, you see… and most heats in sprints are in the morning, which makes it difficult…

about 5 hours before the race, you should be up though…


i usually get up 4-5 hours before the meet begins…which means i usually go to bed at 8 and get up at 5…i actually feel more refreshed and ready when i do this too.

my warm up lasts around an hour or 45 minutes and when I get done my body’s golden and I’m ready to explode. this routine hasn’t failed me yet so I conitnue to do it. my dinner the night before the meet is also my “sceret behind my success” i feel…wghich is why I don’t plan on giving out where I eat the night before a meet :smiley:

mcdonalds huh?

  • fresh sushi numba one!

mcdonalds? lol I haven’t eaten there in close to 2 yrs…try a seafood place

I heard Jeremy Wariner (in person) say that he ate McDonalds right before the Olympic finals.

Wouldn’t surprise me … they were in there every other day.

On the subject of warm-ups, Jeremy did bugger all before he raced in athens. Darold did a little more but not much.

Shirvo also used to love eating McDonalds around the time he ran his 10.03. Maybe he should get back to it :smiley:

did you guys ever see the dvd/docu called supersize me! if you didn’t well my advice is to watch’s too often is absolute ****,in fact its **** period

Watching that movie made me shy away from McDonalds, definitely. I don’t know how elite athletes can eat it, but maybe that’s part of why they are there and I’m here…

Hell yeah I saw that movie in my nutrition class… That guy gained like 20-25 lbs. in like 13 days or something didn’t he? He looked like total shit… I thought twice about fast food after that movie, I rarley ever eat it anyways, but made me think.

I don’t think I saw the US T&F team eat anywhere else in athens …

Thanks for the insights Dazed,

just wondering how much input does the background staff in the warm-ups in the athletes? If these guys are spending x hours per day on the therapists bench, how much less of a ‘warm-up’ do they need?

The thing you have to realise is that it’s much easier to warm up when you’re tapered right off and haven’t been doing a whole lot of work. I’m sure that there is a psychological element to this as well as a physical/physiological one.

I gotta ring in here. I saw lots of guys eating in the village. I ate with Kim Collins, not on US team but, Maurice wasnt in the village that much. I saw Justin and Shawn eating fruit and regular type food at the 2nd training track, the one just outside the village. Ialso ate with Stacey D. i know she didnt do so well.
I dont think they spend that much time thinking about their diet. I dont I just eat fairly good and try and keep the protein high.
I did eat with most of the shot guys and they were not eating MCD, not one of them. And I ate with them probably 5 times.
BUt we did down alot of ice cream.

Man we were in there the same time as them every day: Dwight, Coby, Wariner, Williamson, Rock, Bernard were all there before their races downing Ronalds finest. Capel would have probably been there too if wasn’t busy out back with a J. :smiley:

But damn! How good was that ice cream?!?!

Were you in the village? Did you compete?