Maurice & Tim's Warm up at MSR

While at MSR this past weekend I notice Maurice and Tim didn’t do much
for their warm ups. Before the relays they did 6-8 strides for about 80m@ 50% that was pretty much it. Maybe their physi help guys got their bodies ready to go… I didn’t see Tim doing any drills, actually 10-15 min before his 100m
he did 1 practice start and the intensity for that start was 30% covered about 10m at the most. Tim sat for 10min before his race took off.

I know if I did their warm up, I’ll be super stiff before I run the 100m, unless I miss the stuff they did earlier. I was back at the practice warm up area and
I still didn’t see a lot of warm up stuff from these guys.

Does anyone know how HSI/ Pfaff groups warm up before comp?

Dont they warmup in a seperate area off the track all together? You might have seen the final prep before the race but probably not the complete warmup…


i actually had the honor of watching ato, and maurice run together back in 2000. the meet had no warm up area, only the backstretch of the track. i was blown away by how much they did for a warmup. they began at least 2.5 hours previous the race. i dont really remember specifics about the warm up but tons of run throughs. i was just amazed at the amount and time.

Yep that is similar to when I ran against Rob Esmie and Peter Oglivie in Halifax in the mid 90’s. They warmed up a LONG time

The past two years at the USA Championships when I competed they did a very long and extensive warm up. I would be surprised if that was all they did at Mt. Sac.

You probably saw the final bit afer a warm-up elsewhere.

What should a basic warm up include?

  1. 1200 meter jog,

  2. stretching,

  3. 4x100m striding 100’s,

  4. drills: 6 types of drills x 30m long. 2 reps each drill.

  5. practice starts: 2x30 meters

  6. Sweats come off…RACE!!!

Looks a little light for most and all the strretching is done at one time- doesn’t allow for the movement from static to active stretching . You can see the outline of the warm-up we used on the GPP DVD


I haven’t had the opportunity to purchase this DVD yet (hope to do so very soon!) could you give a brief over view of some active stretches? I think thats what i’m lacking in my warm up…I do alot of static and little to none active. Where should I place the active stretching? What should a PROPER warm up and drill comprise of? I don’t want to be over doing it at the same time I don’t wish to be ill prepared! please advise!!! :confused:

Bumping this. Something productive could come out of this.

Well, I know you’re all not distance guys, but I was talkin’ with Ronn Tabb (1980 Olympic Marathon Team, 2:09@Boston… Did we do the Oly trials and everything in 1980?)
Anyway, what he recomended was 5-6 hours before your race to do a good amount of jogging 10-15 minutes to get your metabolism going. Now I was quite surprised to look back on what charlie had to say about warmups because I haven’t read CFTS for well quite a while, but the warmup that I’ve put together for myself sounded a lot like how CF says in reference to to “movement from static to active stretching”, well here’s what I do.

6 Hours out- 15 mins jogging full sweats, light stretch any nagging kinks, eat last “meal”

2 hours out- 10-15 mins jogging fulls sweats, 1/2 of stretching, 200m jog, other 1/2 of stretches, empty bowels (very important)

30 mins out- 6-8 mins jogging in full sweats (until sweating), drills (A-Skips etc), 4-6x50m strides, 2-3x100m strides,

10 mins out- 3 mins jogging (full sweats), stand around nervously in staging area for 6 minutes, 2-3 40m strides, get on starting line, get called back 3 times b/c guy keeps “falling” in front of you (actually cutting into your lane and gettin’ pushed on his face), race

This a decent warmup?

I need to start doing this… Warming up alot sooner than I usually do. I think a really big part of my problem is my warm-up is not sufficient enough before my race. Mistake on my part… I run anywhere from 2-4 races in one meet, any suggestions on a good template for that day’s warm-up? I run the 4x100m relay, 400m/200m/100m (not all on the same day of course), and 4x400m.

I think Charlie should give an outline of the running/static/active stretching etc.
Although I would imagine it is in one of his books.
I can tell you first hand, that the warmup is so different between alot of the top runners. I watched them at the last two olympics and worlds, on the actual warm up track from start to finish. I saw Donovan, Marurice, Asafa, Justin, and Shawn, Kim Collins, to name a few.
Since I believe this to be critical I will leave this to the expert, and his staff.


WRCortes one of the biggest things I noticed first hand when I started doing 5-7 hour long warmups is that each time I started another phase of my warmup it took a lot less time to get sweating again. Your first warmup will probably be the longest and after that they will reduce in length a noticeable amount.

Got it… Thanks Palmtag… I have a meet at 10 a.m. this weekend… I will probably run around 10:30-10:45 (I am in the 4x100 relay, but it’s a relay meet so Im not sure when exactly yet on the time)… But since we are going to be traveling to Sacramento, (good 90-100min. bus drive from where we are), should I do something before we get on the bus, then once we get to Sac, warm up again, then like 45 min. before my race? Im running the 4x1, 4x2, and 4x4 this weekend.

Yup definately go for a bit of a joggy-poo before you get on el alto-bus

Yup definately go for a bit of a joggy-poo before you get on el auto-bus

i can see this long warm-up working, but it might be difficult to apply if racing first thing in the morning… would you sleep at all?


You wouldnt happen to be Kelsey Nakanelua would you? If I remember correctly you hold the Aloha State Games record in the 100m and represented American Samoa at last years Olympic Games in Athens. If its not you I aploogize…hehe.