Last Speed endurance b4 competition

I’ve got 3 comps coming up in a 7 day period next week and I was wondering about the speed endurance session on the Friday preceeding them * - the whole schedule looks like this -

June -
Fri 13th - speed end - 1 x 100m / 150m / 200m full recovery / 80% bench / rev leg press
Sat - Off - massage / osteopath
Sun - Tempo
Mon - Warm up / Weights - Bench / Squats & plyo’s / shoulder press / good mornings
Tues - Tempo
Wed - Track Club - 3 x F 20m’s / 4 - 6 group starts from blocks 10m - 40m / lat pulldowns
Thurs - Tempo

  • Fri - Speed end - 1 x 200m ? Bench / reverse leg press
    Sat - Off
    Sun - Tempo
    Mon - Speed - 2 - 3 x 30m from blocks 1 x 80m 90% relaxed / Bench shoulder press 80%
    Tues - Tempo ( light )

Wednesday - Comp - 100m / lat pull downs 80%

Thurs - Off
Fri - Tempo

Saturday - Comp - 100m or 200m / 100m relay

Sun - Off
Mon - Tempo
Tuesday - Comp 100m & 200m

Wednesday - ugh!!

I was wondering about *fridays speed end being enough or too much or too close - I wanted it on Wednesday but I get a chance to do some run outs against the other blokes at the club which is quite valuable to me in preparation at the moment . Tempo is either a 'small circuit ’ from CFTS or lighter gym based recovery .
The 200m I did on fri 13th is the 1st time I’ve done the distance this year and it was surprisingly quick and easy for me - Last years PB is 25.68 - I set the timer for 27 secs and crossed the line ages before the alarm went off - so if I don’t blow up I could be on 4 a new PB

Thoughts appreciated Anyone ?

gloop try this-

froday 13th-speed/weights
tues-spec endur
tues-off/starts over 20mx3

Ty X-man - I need the run outs on wednesday

U recommend cns stimulation the day b4 a meet then ?

I’ve found the schedule I posted to have been successsful b4 with the exception of the speed end being on the wednesday -

I was mainly interested in the friday * speed end distance / amount / intensity
What would the special end you recommended consist of ?

gloop what SE sessions have you been doing up to this point.have you a SE base.CF recommends doing starts day before a meet and i have found it good.2-3 starts over 20m is fine

Last 4 SE sessions have been ( the latter being the most recent ) -

2 x 100 1 x 120
1 x 100 2 x 120
1 x 100 2 x 120
1 x 100 1 x 150 1 x 200 - 13 june
Prior to that I’d only moved up to 100m in april from 80m

and the CFTS taper ( has the last day as off - with 4 x 30m @ 95% the day b4 that which makes sense as you don’t aim to do CNS work on consequetive days)

I’m not strictly tapering @ present as I’m not sure how benficial it would be to my level and aiming to peak in August - but with effectively 3 Speed End days coming up in a 7 day period ( comps ) I’m wondering whether to replace the friday Speed end run or not as -

a) the last speed end will be 12 days out from comp if I do
b) doing speed end 6 days out from comp maybe too late or too much with 3 comps coming up
c) if it ain’t too much how much should I do what distance and at what intensity

My club coach works long to short - and attempts to give 2 min recoveries for 40m starts so I’m not gonna get the right perspective from him on this issue .

Cheers for making the effort X-man

On x-man’s plan you might take the Mon before the comp off instead of tempo.

Cheers Charlie - I’m still wondering about fridays speed end tho -

I don’t wanna stuff meself for next week by doing too much - so I spose I’ll try 1 100% 100m and maybe a sub max 200m

I’d really appreciate an opinion on that session as i’ve never attempted 3 races so close to eachother

BTW the tempo session on tuesday would only consist of a gentle warm up / abs and stretching and I have to coach my niece on sunday as shes running wednesday too

I felt pretty sharp tonite doing 3 f20’s and 4 run outs to 40m - I’m getting closer to faster blokes in the group tho I need one session alone b4 the comps to get complete focus back

Actually Ideally I think your plan would have been spot on X-man - it’s just that I got tied down to tonites ( wednesdays ) group session

Well eventually I settled for -

2 x 100% f20’s with 8 - 10 mins - recovery which felt really good

1 x 100m with 20 mins recovery - which was a bit ropey for some reason - started off 100% then just cruised

1 x 150m 100% - this felt very good

In the gym I did -

bench 5 - 3 - 5 - 60% / 80% / 60%
Shoulder press 1 x 5 70%
Good mornings 1 x 5 80%
Rev leg press 3 x 3 85%

I might as well start a training log lol

best of luck,let me know how you get on

Thanks x-man - I’ll post the results

I came in 3rd with 12.4 - x-man - not a bad run and the time was proabably a little inaccurate - full story on the gloop log lol

Starts before a meet? I never thought this was practical. I didn’t think you would want to play around with muscle tone that close to a meet?

Are there any specific workouts that would help improve the last 40m of a 100?

SE and competition experience should be a start -
120 + 180m or
2 x 150m or
3 x 120m

@ 95 - 100% all with full recovery - did it for me last year. Other people would be able to advise on higher amounts at sub max speed. Split runs have also been mentioned.

Funny reading this thread again - back in the days when I wasn’t a one legged tortoise condemded to eternal grass tempo sniff. I eventually got my 100 down to 11.89 and my 200 to 24 - SE was preparation - racing was what did it tho.

Thanks gloop,

Any other suggestions?

I have a totally different belief in that last 40m in the race. I do believe that it all falls in what top speed you achieve! I don’t know how to explain it. But let me ask you first. How did you know your last 40m was bad. May be you reach a fastest split of 1.00 for example and keep it from falling like run 1.01, 1.01, 1.02, 1.03 on the next splits. But then still feel like you’re going backwards. And then start convinceing your self that your endurance is bad and start working for hours on that and still never get the results you want ( a mistake I used to fall in long time ago :frowning: . ) I guess you need to analyze your race a little more carfully. What do you think Charlie. I think that If someone reached 1.00 who has great maintanance would loose BADLY to another who would reach 0.95 with bad maintanance! The first will get to running at around 10m/s and the other will reach around 10.5m/s Which means that every second the guy ahead will extend his lead by 1/2 a meter. Guess how that would look like. What do you think the guy behind will start thinking??? Let me guess ?? He’ll probably be saying " my endurance sucks " :smiley: . Even if the guy who reached a split of 0.95 declined badly. He wouldn’t go under 1.03 or something. So the worst case is that after 30 - 40m of reaching top speed he would stop gaining ground on the guy behind. But the gain already achieved would do the job more than well. I wish Charlie replys to this on.

So here comes the problem of not analyzing your race in the right way.

In a word- no.
Although specific skills, such as greater relaxation and a shorter lever of the recovery leg (stepping over above the support knee) will improve efficiency, most of the improvement over the last 40m comes from the advancement of the entire program, with different emphases helping most at different stages of the career. (The movement of training emphasis, over a career, is what I call the shift from “right to left”. You can read more about this in the Forum review, as well as CFTS and Speed Trap)
The deceleration that occurs towards the end of the race is reduced by advancements, first in general fitness and strength, then through the improvement of Speed Endurance. (beginners may decelerate by up to 30% over the final stages, while the top sprinters decelerate from 0 to 3%)
Simultaneously, improved efficiency and technique, allows for greater speed- greater speed at the same rate of acceleration, in the presence of greater general and specific fitness, comes later in the race- the new mark for top speed farther into the race leaves less room for deceleration.
Screwing around with “race modelling”, when you’ve still got training development work to do, is a fool’s errand. You can’t cut the end off your blanket and then sew it onto the other end to make it longer.

I’m sure you were typing that reply the same time I was typing mine. I wish you read mine and had any comment on what I said. Maybe next time :wink: