Last Speed endurance b4 competition

That’s pretty accurate and in line with what I’m saying about race modelling. Work on all important aspects in order- and worry only about yourself.

I feel the last 40m is bad because my 100m athlete always gets out first and is in the lead through 60m. Once there, everyone passes her up.

Not to horn in on this discussion, but we just came off a stretch of 5 meets over a stretch of 18 days. We now are off until next saturday…any suggestions on how you would set up a week starting on monday leading into a big invitational on Saturday?

Is the total time to the next meet 9 days including today? List the series of meets you’ve just completed with the dates and the events completed.

Yes the total time is 9 days including today. We just had our last “league” meet yesterday. Previous meets were April April 15 (league) April 17 (big Invite), April 22 (league), April 24 (invite), April 29 League. Our next meet is kind of tune up for a league championships and kick off into the drive to state which we have a chance of doing very well at. Invite is on May 8th. League is May 12 and 14, District 19 and 21 state 28-29.

Most of the kids we talking about for this are running combinations of events. Usually 100, 200, 4x1, 4x2 or 100 Hurdles 4x1, 4x2, or 4x1, 4x2 Triple jump, 200. I know some of these event combinations are not ideal but again, we are at a high school that has very well rounded kids that are very solid. best marks are 12.4,25.5, 100hurdles 14.9 (soph), 26.0 , 36’5". As I said…solid marks for a typical high school. woule like to see 12.0 24.9 14.5 and 25.5 ish…is this feasable. Any other info would gladly provide

Thanks for your input and help anyone

One possible scheme is Fri (today) easy tempo, 2 sets of 10 x 100m at a very easy pace on grass to flush out, Sat, Sun- off. Mon, relay exchange practice (4 passes, 20m run-up to and out of zone only), Starts= 4 x 10, 4 x 30 from blocks (for hurdles, substitute 4 x 1h, 4 x 3h from blocks, ALL 120, 150 VERY SMOOTH with full recovery. Tues Tempo 10 x 100m very easy on grass, sit-ups, stretching, etc. Wed= very easy relay work to concentrate on marks (outgoing runner judges the mark to ensure leaving at the right point, incomming runner DOES NOT catch the outgoing runner to make the pass, therefore the work is very easy (3 in and 3 out) Thurs= 4 x 30m block starts (or 4 x 3h from blocks)
Fri= off
Sat competition

Still thats what I meant. I’m talking about the top speed split she reaches. Now lets look at it from another side. If you gave an athlete with poor top speed ( lets say 10m/s ) the lead by 3 meters and start the race with another with good top speed ( lets say 11m/s ) Then after reaching top speed. The athlete behind will only need 3 seconds to get back the gain. And ever second after is 1 meter lead for the athlete who started behind! a 3 meter gain at start is not very simple. But then after all, I’m still a beginner. I’m not world class to tell you world class .Its just what I think. Take care :wink:

Thanks Charlie. Its nice to know that I know something :wink: I’m still a beginner after all.

I don’t know if this helps but at 60 meters I have her times at 8.47. . .

She finishes the race at 13.94.

Does that help anything Charlie?

There is some big problem in that last 40m. You are right. But I don’t know. The time shows. A very good start compared to her finish! I don’t know!!!

I do the first 60 in 6.90then finish of with 10.57. average split of 0.92 in the last few 10s. But then an average of 1.15 in the first 6 10s. You can see the obvious different. Its all FAT. so the times are accurate. But then your athlete has it very close. I mean an average of 1.37 in the last 4 10s and an average of 1.41 in the first 6 10s. As if she was going down a hill and gaind speed then changed direction and started going upwards loosing it badly. Streangth might be a factor ther I think!!! I’m not sure. But I guess if she was a little stronger she wouldn’t do that for sure. Does she work mainly on Acceleration all the time?? I don’t know. I guess speed endurance would play a role here. But then for me speed endurance is something I build for in some specific mannar. I don’t just throw it in. I wish Charlie would help you there. I’m really interested and I’d like you to get achange soon. I wish.

An athlete performing at that level probably reaches top speed by 30 meters and has a long way to go in the deceleration phase. When you see her getting passed later, it’s probably a lack of fitness.

Fitness - possibly.

When I watch the tape of her races I notice that she pops straight up instead of driving forward. I told her IMO, as a result of doing that, it seems like she does in fact reach top speed before everyone else, while everyone else is still in the drive/accel phase. Did I tell her right, or do I have it mixed up?

I’d assume that from that point, she does decelerate as you stated. But is there anything I can do about that, other than improve her general fitness?

To emphasise not popping up u could get her to keep this in mind in tempo/form runs so that it becomes imbedded , maybe cones at relevant distances just to make her think about it a bit in training so she doesn’t have to in comp.

I used 2 use cones at 40/60m just to create a zone as a point of reference which helped my approach to popping up.

Distances may need to be different for ur athlete - but I think the point that the emphasis just becomes moved to this ‘zone’ stopped the desparation that caused the popping up.

Having said all that - like Charlie says it’s prolly fitness.

ps - I’m not saying look for ants re Jon Smith

personally, it works best for me to not do any sprints of more than 80% on my competing week, i actually sometimes rather not do any sprints
sat: tempo 6x100m on grass nice and relaxed

sun: 30-40min bicycle plus lots of stretches

mon: light 3k jog (listen to ur music, rehearse your race), stretches, pool laps

tues: rest

wed: compete

apparently ive managed to break all my pbs that way, 10.86, 10.66, 10.61 all came to me that way, ur body needs to be more than 110% relaxed to get your optimimum perfromance during the race, doing starts or speed endurance on the same week is simply not gona make u run any quicker neither will it make u any more fit at that time, it would just your body under stress, and thats the last thing ud wanna do


Definately sounds like it works 4 u Komy - I wonder what the ‘scientific’ view is + what others think the situation is regarding achieving optimal CNS stimulation and muscle tone in the last week up to comp.

Most of us are familiar with CFTS 7 - 10 day taper - but it would still be interesting to hear some P’s OV

I’m really not with Komy’s way. Although I see that if it works for him then he’d better stick to it. I usually don’t like jogging anytime anywhere in my programme. Not even warm up!!. I don’t rest on the day before competition. I never ran a good time when resting the day before competition. Its my view point after all.

so do you actually do short sprints b4 ur competition? dont u think thats a bit stressive?

I think it depends on what Komy’s training (week or two up to the taper) looks like prior to the week before the race.

Maybe his taper (which is fairly significant) is necessary for him to be fully recovered, supercompensated and ready to race. (CNS/muscular recovery etc)

His times are very impressive, it definitely is working for him :slight_smile:

Times!!! Look man, I want to tell you and a lot of the people out there something. You don’t believe it when someone spills a time out of his mouth just like that. Even me. So when I tell you I run 10.0 you shouldn’t believe me. You simply go to the IAAF top list and check. If I’m there then good luck. Else… Its just a very very very easy number to accomplish. I just have to press 1 and 3 zeros on my key board, - with a point of course - So I only belive in times when they are posted with a photo finish image. Or if they are listed on any official site. The rest is just some good talk. I mean we can just keep talking to each other and dream with each other about a lot of things. But the real world is much tougher than that.

I’m not under estemating you Komy. I’m not saying that you are a liar. I’m just saying that the truth to me is what I said. So its just the way I take things. Times, Times and more times. I’m just fed up with a lot of people lieing to me about their times. So its just that I don’t want to fall in that again. I was sitting with Andy Norman a couple of months ago and he told me the following." a 10.5 sprinter is NORMAL sprinter, 10.1 is good, 10.0 is very good, but running 9. is THE excellent job " So times to me is a different thing as well. I mean I don’t look towards listening from people BELOW normal. thats just my point after all as well. If you have something good. Prove it over time and then everyone else will have to respect it.

Ok I don’t want to go on cause I don’t want anyone to feel offended. But then I can sprige out one HELL of a surprise to some of our friends here if this conversation goes hard on me. Cause I’ll have to make some people unhappy by uncovering them. I’m sorry guys.

u know wat, i dont need to prove myself to u or anyone else. i cant even beleive im doin this. i know what i ran, i know what i did. im god damn impressed considerin been only in the god damn game for not more than 2yrs. with 5month of injury, u think thats below average screw u, who the hell cares what u think, as long as im recovering well and my training is gettin better thats all i care about. i only say what works for me, i never said im mo greene neither did i say i ran a sub 10 b4. im just a very normal person who ran a 10.61 and THAT is apparently not a BIG ISSUE.
sorry man but i thought u knew better than this!