Lactate Threshold Training

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Warm-up as per GPP guidelines #cf-product-discussions:gpp-essentials
600m,500,400,300,200,100 x 2 ( sets)
start with ~7 min rest between each set and work towards shorter rest
*last 100m up Riverdale farm hill ( also shown in GPP vid)
Take up to 20 minutes before next set
Start with one set and progress to second set and might not try this until you’ve got some experience doing Charlie’s work and training for a few years LOL

I was reading this great thread and hope it is OK to place my question / situation here.

While placement of bounding / plyos has been touched to some degree in what I read so far its been about more 44-45 elite runners in their 20s and I think its a little different for me who only have 2 high days for quality work.

Im 38 aiming for a 400 sub 50 next outdoor season, maybe get in a few races during indoor if possible during feb/mar (nearest track is 2 hour drive 1way).

Did not get any races this season due to family stuff and moving. Live and train in the forest/countryside now. Lifewise good, training too, race not so much.

Goal feels not impossible, speed has been ok and rythm and endurance too.

I go concurrent working on both speed development and endurance all the time.

Planning my structure now for 2-3x6 weeks cycles of gpp in forest trying to get some quality from the hills (no flat places here…) before I move to the local indoor-soccer arena with grass which will be a new set of challenges.

I have 2 hard days per week, I feel the classic concurrent approach would have too many high days for me (maybe Im wrong?) anyways :

Day1 : acc & 400 speed endurance prep
Ex : 3x10,2x15 hill + 5x120 (40 slight incline, 80 flat) with 2-4min recovery. Progression to 2x2x120 then test/rest around 160-180.
Day 2 : tempo
Right now easy circuit no running
Day 3: Fartlek / long hills in the forest (360h+360h)
Day 4: rest
Day 5: speed development & 400 special endurance prep
Ex: 2-4x20e-20f + 5x160 (60 incline, 100 flat) progression to 2x2x160 then test like 200-220
Day 6: tempo (circuit)
Day 7: rest

Would like to make the tempo sessions running on a treadmill or something flat, did tempo running during the spring very well just a tad tough to do in 90% hills.

Now to my question: bounding/plyos?

I grew up on lots of alternating bounding and plyos. I like it and im good at it. However I felt during spring that having them at the warmup took away energy for the combined speed+special end session I had which was supposed to be the main thing. I did my dribbles, butt kicks and running A’s felt ready for strides and speed. Did 1-2x bounding and while it worked I felt like I interrupted/damaged my speed session rather than adding to it if that makes sense?

And now with all this hill work I am considering ditching those bounds all together…

Any idras? Place them afterwards, or do them low volume on Wednesday?

Weights I will add in moderate doses on the high days day1 and 5 which is why I am thinking about adding plyo/bounds to the wed session day 3 (if at all!?) btw weights I plan on keeping pretty light during this hill heavy gpp phase basically “general” and once I transfer to flat surface go heavier.

Thanks for a great forum and keeping it online!