Just In: Sprinters Need Not Lift Weights

This thread was posted on the t-nation forum and people have been ripping on this guy. I thought there were no better authorities on the subject than you guys, so head over there and weigh in if you want:


Can I have the last 3 minutes of my life back please?!! That thread is a waste of time.

Wow! This guy’s a treat isn’t he? Let’s summarize:
1: Everyone who lifts would be better if they didn’t.
2:People with results are just lucky.
3:You don’t ever have to have done anything in the sprint field to be an expert.
4:Charlie isn’t a great coach- he’s a mediocre coach with bullshit ideas (like weights for sprinters)

Damn, his theories sound even better now, thanks “mediocre” Charlie!

There’s one reply where someone claims that Gatlin is just naturally fast and that he did not work that hard to get to where he is. Does anyone know if thats true?

Sounds like an advertising thread to get some people from this forum to check out this idiot at t-mag. The thread starter knows that how much this will fire up people on this forum and perhaps other forums as well.

In terms of Credibility, Just look at his NAME,


Ya, I think he’s really concerned with becoming or teaching elite athletes!

LOL! This guy is so stupid that he makes Homer Simpson look smart! Not even worth my time to go rip on bc I feel I would get stupiderer! Wait a minute is stupiderer even a word? AAAAAAAAAAAh its happening already!

SVS, I’m pretty sure everybody on here knows what T-mag is, so advertising shmavertising.

My goal was to overwhelm the guy with real knowledge so he’d think twice about talking his jibber jabber.

And leave conspiracy theories to Mel Gibson :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually changed my original post after seeing who posted what. I guess I didn’t change it in time. Oh well. The reason I post first and change things second is bc often times you post something and then with a slip of a finger instead of hitting the ! you hit the esc button. When this happens on my computer it erases my post and sometimes I have a really long post. Therefore I post first and change second. I know that this means sometimes I want to go back and change something but it doesn’t matter bc somebody has already quoted me. Oh well, I’d rather take that chance then to lose a post that I spent half an hour on in some cases.

The mistake I made in my original post was that t-mag was advertising but in fact, it was one member who is advertising himself and I tried to state that in my original post.

Here is why I don’t answer such threads or posts:
Proverbs 26:1 Like snow in summer or rain in harvest,
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Well, without claiming to know the answer to the question at hand, I think the guy makes some sense. He didn’t say that anyone who gets results is “lucky” or that Gatlin didn’t work hard for his success. He only said that an athlete’s elite status doesn’t validate his training methods. I say that all the time, so I appreciate that kind of thinking.

Again, I don’t claim to have the answer with regard to the subject matter he brings up, so I can’t agree or disagree either way, but I think people are being completely unfair to him. They’re attacking him just because he’s challenging beliefs that are widely accepted in the the athletic conditioning community. Seems to me that the people on that site are so impassioned about weight training that they take offense to the mere suggestion that it’s overrated.

Personally I think the “T-Lemmings”, as MJ called them, are proving that they are just that.

There is nothing wrong with strength training, people are the ones to blame. They apply it in the wrong manner. They get bad results then blame the tool. Strength training if done properly will help you to run fast period.

Anyone who uses the internet to attack a person without provacation and reasoned justification should not be taken seriously, especially when they do not have the balls to id themselves and use psuedonyms that suggest that they really are as high as a kite prior to writing their bull shit. Lets not entertain these retards. Remember if you retort or reply to a child when it is exhibitng challenging behaviour it encourages more bad behaviour and unnecessary dialogue. Ignore these hating charlatans and keep to the path of logic and correctness.

well i did try but the man is an idiot:p

Wow! This guy’s a treat isn’t he? Let’s summarize:
1: Everyone who lifts would be better if they didn’t.
2:People with results are just lucky.
3:You don’t ever have to have done anything in the sprint field to be an expert.
4:Charlie isn’t a great coach- he’s a mediocre coach with bullshit ideas (like weights for sprinters)

what? did you miss the part about tempos being even worce than weight lifting? oh yeah! tempos are even worce and sprinters should just sit around while recovering.

ah, by the way capilary density in the muscles is shite.

fuck off and good night!

I’m kind of siding with SVS oboff…no advertising. We wouldnt want to expose our poor members to the garbage outside our gates.

Who cares anyways? See airborne’s avatar for my exact thoughts.


Well if Gatlin doesn’t want to train hard, what the fuck is he doing hanging around with Trevor Graham. Try one of those 9 x 90 sessions (in three sets of three) sometimes and see how much goofing off you’ll be doing. When I hear stupid know-nothing fucks explain away everything to good luck and genetics, i want to puke about as much as Trevor’s guys do after those sessions.
Come to think of it, try working out with Ben in his prime and see how easy it all was! A lot of people would turn up at the track to jump in with him (our group always did speed work separately) The inevitable result was a hamstring pull for them!

To sum it up- dip-shit statements like that are NEVER true at the top.

Athletes are never successful in the face of a bad program, even if it is only suitable for them!
If you can’t learn this BASIC premise, you can’t learn from what you see in front of your own eyes.
Athlete’s will always turn to shit with a bad plan no matter how talented they are.
If you accept the premise of luck and talent only, there will never be the possibility of accountability.
If you athletes fail year after year, then you are a bad coach. Full stop, no excuses, no exceptions.
If you can’t see that you are a bad coach, then you can’t learn. If you can’t learn, you can’t change!

You can’t overwhelm idiots with knowledge, but, sadly, the knowledgeable can be overwhelmed by idiots.
“He who knows not that he knows not is a fool. Shun him.”

a bit irelevant, but did anyone notice that this

“You can’t overwhelm idiots with knowledge, but, sadly, the knowledgeable can be overwhelmed by idiots.”

is much more profane, and downright bearing more quote status than the one coming right after?

/suck up mode off


what kevingG is saying is more of a game in prove theory and logic than a statement in training. He is merely indicating the “apeall to authority” logical falacy, nothing more. Basicaly the fact that you (being a relatively succesfull coatch from what others tell me:p) say so does not make a proposition true. Concequently the fact that an elite (or all elites) is training a certain way that does not make his training method corect or optimal. If you search canada you will find that all swans are white, does that mean there are no other collored swans in the world?

I know its moot but there are other means to prove that the training of the elites are optimal those being productive or deductive in nature in a axiom-theorem manner.

Thi guy is a real einstein, he sure knows his stuff! Beside having no proof of any of his claims… he enlightened me to the fact that ““The current training of sprinters and their results” does not prove anything.”.

Some dude asked "Mo Greene, Ben Johnson, Ato Boldon. Do you think they will be where they are at if they don’t lift weights at all? "
Our marjuologist responds with:
“They could have been even better without lifting weights, though the rest of their training would have to have been adjusted to compensate for the removal of weight training.”

… I though about this long and hard (5 seconds) and realized that this guys is on the cutting edge of a new training method that will kick ass and sell to millions, I gotta find this guy so I can get in on the money making fortune! What the program will consist of is a few hits off the bong followed by a few sessions of dance fever game on the playstation… do not touch a weight or even pick up anything heavy, if you even think about the weights or lifting them, performance will suffer…not only is this guy brilliant but he knows how to mess with your mind and make you mentally tough he follows all of his claims with, " WEIGHT TRAINING is great, and it can absolutely result in improved sprint performance. I have never denied this and it would be idiotic to do so." Wait a minute…didn’t he say earlier all of these great sprinters would have been better off not lifting…this is pure marketing genious! Thank you for the post it made my day!! :smiley:


Just egging you on CF!!!

It’s just amazing how other coaches would tell me that I was crazy for saying that you can train someone to be great. I thought with the internet and all the DVDs videos and classes that they would know better.

I didnt think so either :slight_smile: Im just egging you on CF. I know people who train in NC and they said he is out there rain shine snow sleet whatever. I just dont get it. With the internet, books DVDs all these speed training seminars all over. That people are still so god damn ignorant to the fact that you can actually get faster with out god given talent.