Just In: Sprinters Need Not Lift Weights

I just dont get why people still have these crazy thoughts on sprint training. I mean with all the info thats so readily available these days,you would think that they would at least back up idiotic claims.

I didnt think so either. I was being sarcastic. I know guys who train in NC and they said that hes a hard working MOFO… I just dont get why people are stilll inthe dark ages even though there is so much info on the subject these days.

Not to put too fine a point on things:
what I tell you about the methods I’ve used does not create a universal theory (ie there is no proposition) BUT it does give you what I did in an given time about a given set of circumstances and a given set of athletes- and that much IS true.
What bothers me is the dismissal of facts by Andy-O and the insertion of new “facts” in their place to suit a theory (ie Montgomery and Gatlin)