Jay Schroeder, Adam Archuleta-type plyo training source?

I was just giving you a ballpark figure, you seemed to have missed the point.

hahah yeah I often miss the point…

My point though is that 30 mins is a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time :slight_smile:

Sorry I wrote earlier that schroeder does not let people bench till they have a dumbell of 60% of their bodyweight…I looked back at the article it sad 30-44%…so if you try this 60% for five minutes might be asking for trouble!!! :slight_smile:

I guess I was pretty good estimator bc if you look back at my earlier post on this thread I approximated it to 40% given the rough knowledge. :slight_smile:


Just watched “Freak of Training”, and all I can say is, WOW;however, I disagree with working the biceps. I believe this is why when Adam sprints he does so awarkdley. Jay claims that they use the bicep exercises to match the tricep strength and growth of the tricep muscles. I don’t think any bicep/tricep exercises should be used after you have gained enough strength in them bc these are assistance muscles that are still worked in secondary roles in exercises such as, the bench press and bent-over rows.

I think there comes a point to where having to much hypertrophy in the upper arm is going to hurt your sprinting! Furthermore, I wonder if working your biceps will intefer with your sprinting in terms of muscle contraction? Tudor Bompa says that working the bicep muscles is a waste of time (except for multilateral development and equal agonist/antagonist strength) since you don’t use these muscles during sprinting! I believe you should have some foundational strength in your triceps/biceps but that’s it! The only question remains is that if you don’t gain any size but still gain strength in the biceps/triceps will this hurt your sprinting? What I mean is that will your brain be able to multitask and not contract the biceps when you are sprinting if you have been working your biceps religously?

All I can say for sure is that unless your having problems with your bench press in the lockout phase then you shouldn’t be working your triceps individually and the same would go for your biceps. These muscles still get worked (as secondary muslce groups) by doing bench press and bentover rows and also through other exercises . Remember you as a sprinter would like multijoint exercises not isolation exercises!

In the multilateral development stage for beginners and intermediate athletes working the bicep/tricep muscles should be encouraged for a strong foundation but at the elite stage the working of these muscles for isolation strength/hypertrophy training should only be avoided except to maintain current arm strength!

Perhaps I’m wrong and Jay only trains the biceps and triceps powerfully not for strength or hypertrophy (although there will be some minimal strength/hypertrophy gains). My conclusions are based on the way I saw Adam sprint in the video! It seems like he had problems relaxing his bicep musculature when sprinting!

Where did u get the video?

Jay Shroeder also talks about all these white guys he’s trained running 4.1s…pretty much exaggerations. I personally saw one of his students run a nice 5.0…so much for the “getting fast without running” theory.
My impression is he’s an ass with an over inflated ego who happened to hit on one genetic freak who made it big in the NFL.
These supposed 500lb plus bench presses in so and so seconds are a fabrication.

Give me Brain Dawkins any day…

Supervenom, In response to your last post here, Jay said that the video just showed the “cool” stuff or the end product, what people need to do is the stuff archuleta did to get up to that level of the alt push-ups ect…also I was told the bicep curl drops and “vanity” stuff was put in by the company that wanted to sell the video…The wanted new stuff the average football coach or joe would love to see and what better than big biceps!!!

Badgerman, I saw a thing on Dawkins a year or two ago he was training with a UFC fighting dude!!! Cool stuff, I guess it works good for him!!!

Dawkins is a beast.

The Phoenix area has some great athletes training…look at the list Poliquin has…or
Speed Coach Mo Streety…coachmo.com…he has trained top athletes like Shaun McDonald…
Bobby Wade…Simeon Rice…Tony Womack.
I mean the one time I walked into Shroeders place there was like one scrawney girl swimmer and maybe one other kid working out.
We walk into the gym in lisle illinois and there are like 10 guys getting ready for the NFL combine…one guy predicted to be a first rounder… I forget who was training these guys, but jeez there were top athletes working…Good trainers with the right attitude attract good athletes.

You cannot deny the fact that Adam Archuleta has 500lb bench press; otherwise, his own teamates would have called him out on that! But your pessimism makes me wonder if Adam Archuletta was using a Bench press suit? Bc if he was then that Bench press isn’t really that impressive! Hell with a bench press suit I could do 500lbs!

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Would his team mates really have called him out?

530 lbs is a GIGANTIC bench press for someone weighing 200lbs that isnt 4foot tall…
The main reason Im skeptical is because in the vids ive seen of him Schroeder is spotting with TWO hands on the bar and looks to be helping.
The other reason is because he only got 31 reps on his 225 bench test… Ive done 27 reps with a measily bench of 360.
Even if hes super fast twitch 31 one reps doesnt strike me as being congruent with a raw 530 lbs.

Im not saying that its not true just that some sketicism isnt unreasonable.

A person at my school benches more than 360 and I’ve never seen him get more than 19 to failure after training for the test for a bit.

Fair enough, my endurance must be pretty good…

C’mon guys…Jay was claiming to have these 4.1 forty dudes he had trained…now don’t you think there’d be a few returning kicks or punts in the NFL?? Don’t you think he’d have people with that kind of speed posted all over the net?

badger as far as his clients , here is what he lists:
Todd Heap NFL
Steven Trejo NFL
Adam Archuleta NFL
Jodi Gerut MLB
Tony Schrager MLB
Chris Singleton MLB
Mark Ellis MLB
Darin Jackson MLB
Geoff Jenkins MLB
Nick Greisen NFL
Chris Greisen NFL/ARENA Football
Derrick Ford CFL
Robbie Deroissere CFL
Wes Mallard NFL
JJ Stokes NFL
Brian Jennings NFL
Dwight Freeney NFL
Terrell Suggs NFL
Rich Coady NFL
Levar Woods NFL
Josh Scobey NFL
Ladell Betts NFL
Matt Bowen NFL
Deshon Polk NFL
Wally Sczerbiak NBA
Loren Woods NBA
Francesco Platineia TRACK AND FIELD
John Galt MLB

Mark Mckoy??

Wasn’t he coached by Charlie?

I think the number of bench reps in the 225 test has a lot to do with your fibre distribution. I have a drop off of around 35-40% of my max isometric torque after 1 set of bench carried to fatigue at 80%1RM. From fresh I can only make about 23 reps at 50% 1RM! So if i was Adam 31 reps in the 225 test would be about right/perhaps a little high. This is why a lot of coaches think the 225 test is BS. Its endurance not strength.

27 reps is pretty impressive from a 1RM of 360. How long does it take you to complete these?

I agree though 510 is massive with no shirt.

You cannot deny the fact that Adam Archuleta has 500lb bench press; otherwise, his own teamates would have called him out on that! But your pessimism makes me wonder if Adam Archuletta was using a Bench press suit? Bc if he was then that Bench press isn’t really that impressive! Hell with a bench press suit I could do 500lbs!

SVSM, you ignorance regarding powerlifting gear is showing quite glaringly on this post. You should do some research before spewing off about it.