Jay Schroeder, Adam Archuleta-type plyo training source?

Can someone point me to a source (book, seminar, etc.) where I can learn more about Jay’s approach to training. That is how he uses plyo’s such as what he has done, and is currently doing, with people like Adam Archuleta. I know about Adam’s “Freak…” training video, however, I want to take it farther than that one video and basic plyo texts.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Check out the DBHammer thread here. Alot of people figure that’s actually Jay, and there’s another thread in this section about Vibration training.

We have had great success with our athletes using vibration training. It takes time to understand that each athlete responds to different freq. with the powerplate.

Hope that helps


At the inno-sport site there was a email that was posted that was said to be DB that criticized the way Jay trained his athletes. If you want I can find it.

First off, I really don’t think any one knows how Jay trains his athletes unless they have been with him and helped him. Even then, knowing what goes into why he is doing what he is doing is still his own views and his own thoughts through his own eyes. These are not always things that you can just write down in a program. As DB always says, training is a day to day thing. You better be able to adjust on the fly. All the good ones can! It really doesn’t matter who is who. All I know is I have learned a ton from both men. (And Charlie!) From here I have to draw my own conclusions and my own interpretations based on how each individual athlete is responding to the training. So asking someone about another program when that person has produced results over and over is hard to do. I take Charlie for example; he has his own thoughts, his own observations and techniques that he knows works!! I am sure he modifies based on the athlete, but his core beliefs are set!! Nothing wrong with that. Same goes for DB and Jay. They know what works for them.


i know for a fact that db hammer and jay schroeder are not the same person. although their systems look similar they are really not.

Since you made the point, could you share your “facts” with the group?

ive talked with jay schroeder and may people who know him. i also understand a little bit more than what is out there about jays program (becasue ive talked to him on several occasions) although db hammer’s system is valid, and wut i believe is a pretty innovative and intersting system, it is not the same as jay’s. some of the stuff that jay has told me about developing athletes really cant be expressed through articles. like jay says its not the excercises that you do becasue they have been around and out there for a long time, its the organization and use of certain excercises. db and jay both do altitude drops and plyometrics, they both calculate fatigue induced , but the way they are used as a whole with the system is different. for example db uses alot of isometrics and so does jay, but db dosent use them to the extent of jay. jay has personally told me that he had adam archuleta hold 315 in the extreme joint angle of the bench press for 30 min. now i never saw it done but thats what he told me. in db system that would be considered extremly a slow twitch oxidative movement. but jay says as the weaker muscle units (slow twitch) fatigue stronger more powerful units take over to maintain contraction ( fast twitch). now i dont completly understand this myself, whether its becasue of the joint angle or muscle fiber control but thats what he says.

30 minutes? i dont know if i can force myself to believe that… Unless it was over the course of an entire day or something 60 x 30 second holds :confused:

Was it 3 mins?

If he could hold 315 off his chest in the weakest joint angle for 30 mins he would have done a lot more than 31 reps with 225lbs… more like 310 reps with 225…

he said 30 min straight i think it has to do with some physiological principle that allows his athletes to do something like that and its not so much dependent on muscular contraction strength. but dont quote me talking with jay about his training methods is far from easy.

is the physiological principle called “resting it on your chest?”


Dude I could’t even hold a pvc pipe for 30 minutes :smiley: If that is true I must say WOW!!! :cool:

no its off the chest

You have to remember that Adam Archuleta’s 1RM bench press is over 500lbs say 535 for example and so 315 is about 220lbs lighter. To do a similar comparison my max bench is 405lbs so if I go by the same percentage, roughly 40% then I would hold 235 lbs for 30 min. I can see myself starting out by holding it for 3-5min and then holding it longer by 1min each week so after 20 weeks I would be able to hold for 30min. I probably could hold 185lbs for
5-7min right now.

Just a theory.

I am thinking about training DB Hammer style after Track season. Is this sane? As i am going into my most important year so I need to be in the best shape of my life come camp time.

I thing supervenom has a good point…I also think the Iso Extreme Push up holds help prepare Archuleta for this…I have read an article in which it says Schroeder does not let anyone bench until they can hold 60-65% of their bodyweight on their back (a dumbell like in the pic I posted) in the iso extreme push up position for five minutes…try your bodyweight on this one your damn hands and arms go numb about 3-4 min in!!! :slight_smile:

This increases strength at the weakest point before strengthening at every other angle; hmmm, I am starting to see the genious? or rather clever methodology by Shroeder and it seems injury prevention is high on his list! You combine that with Tudor Bompa’s approach to strengthening ligaments and tendons before muscles and you have a real awsume way to strength train! Of course, it nots that simple and other training protocols (i.e CF, Siff, CT, Zatsiosrky) should be included as well at the proper times.

I appreciate the help. I did a search for the name “DBHammer” and it came back with something like user unknown. Is that the correct spelling?

Thanks again.

He’s not a user here. He’s a strength coach. Go to inno-sport.net more info their

You can hold 185 for several mins?

Everyone for a second just try holding your arm out perpendicular to your body for 5 mins…

Let us know how you go!!!

If you make it to 5 mins do it as long as you can stand… Lets see some real times…