Is August the end of outdoor track and field?

I’m now ready to run but looking at and USTF it looks like in my state (PA) outdoor track and field is over as all I can find is XC.

Uaaa, please don’t say I haft to wait until indoor season to sprint in front of a crowd?

There are meets in August, but it is doubtful you are going to find them in Pennsylvania.

Yea, no kidding it looks like nothing is open for sprinters until December.

I really sucks because the weather is very nice around here and in my area there are LOTS of tracks (even brand spanking new ones) that hardly see anybody use!

Anyhow, I guess this would be a good time to start GPP and phase into preparing for the 60m dash. I hope I can qualify for the Mellrose games in NY.

There is a meet in VA in late Aug or early Sept but it’s not the greatest setup. Check

Yea track isnt great if you plan on running over 100m. Also beware that some of the times were a bit fishy last year…

That’s pretty much par for the course though for “summer meets”.

Any meets in southern california? Orange county, LA county… in septaember? Even High school meet open for old guys :slight_smile:

Hay I just left Southern Cal… God I miss that place… Anyway, I just checked and did not find anything…

What event do you want to run at Millrose?

Mens 60 meters… More or less there are lots of indoor meets coming up in December so I just haft to do the best I can to qualify as I have plenty of time to prepare myself.