Intensive tempo, best think to do when getting back into shape?

Would running intensive tempo 3 times pr week be a good idea if u want to get the most benefit out of little time spend on training?

I am recovering from a strained hamstring so I am trying to figure out what to train while still getting 100% in my hamstrings. So pure speed will defenately wait.

I was thinking about 3 sessions pr week, besides recovery runs:

6x200m 2 min rec. @home pace 400m
3x3x300m @ goal time 400m 1 min rep rec. 5 min set rec.
12x150m short rec. just relaxed and abit faster than 200m session.

Have you done any of those sessions before? None of them are easy in my experience. Search for hamstring rehab. There have been numberous posts by Charlie and others regarding returning to run.

A number of sessions per week should include short acceleration work to strengthen the hamstrings (i.e. 10-30 meters). it will provide the best solution for your hamstrings, without putting them at risk for re-injury.

IT is defined as 80-90%, and what you are talking about doing is MUCH harder than that. You are talking about special endurance just coming back from ham injury, and that seems to me to be a perfect recipe for going right back to the injury ward. Your ham will take considerable time to heal. 3X3X300 at 400 goal time…could you imagine Wariner doing that @ sub-45 pace (33?) with ONE MINUTE REST!!! You aren’t going to be doing it either.

If you are going to do these types of workouts, start out with Charlie’s ET until you can run these at, say, 75% (and not 75% of goal pace, but what you are in condition to run right now), and when you can run on pace, start running the workouts faster. And if you are really going to do 3X3X300 as IT, the “by the book” rest periods would be ~1-5 min for reps and 5-10 minutes for sets.

I have done the sessions before and I have managed 3x3x300m @51, with 1,5 min rec rest and 6 min set rest. My hamstring is not that bad. I got a minor strain and extensive tempo is going fine with no problem. Its 1 month since I got the hamstring strain.

And wont acceleration work be way to risky for the hamstrings at this point? And why should I risk it? acceleration is not crusial for running a good 400m!?

Have you done any of those sessions before? None of them are easy in my experience. Search for hamstring rehab. There have been numberous posts by Charlie and others regarding returning to run.

I have read abit yes. I do stretching and foam rolling and I do easy 1 legged rdl, bulgarian squats and regular rdl all with dumbells.
But I cant afford physical therapy.

I’m not sure why are you asking for advice if you don’t take it seriously? Some people who really know what they are doing took some time and answered your question, although you decided that you know more than they do…

Your runs are NOT intensive tempo. These runs are high intensity runs that put a lot of stress on the hamstring (at least from my experience).

For example:
6x200m 2 min rec. @home pace 400m

The last time I was doing the above session my hamstring was full of lactate at the end of session. But hey, I once heard it’s the best way to rehab your hamstring and do some special endurance along the way!

Good luck!

Ok I get your point.
My plan should then be to start with slow extensive tempo, easy continous striding, and then increase the intensity gradually. (as long as hamstrings dont give me any pain) Along with that doing short acceleration runs to strengthen the hamstrings.

Then include some intensive tempo

Sound ok?

If you are coming back from an injury and have no pressing need to get in shape quickly, why push it? Start slow, let the tissues improve and heal. Otherwise don’t be shocked if you keep going through a cycle of injury -> rest -> come back too hard -> injury.

I am not trying to be rude here, but feels like u guys here suggest to me to do 6 months with easy training after a minor hamstrings strain.
I cant see the problem with doing some extensive tempo and build up to higher intensities as long as the hamstring is no causing any pain.
Its 1 month since I got the strain and I am completely pain free doing easy striding.

I got injured at the beginning of the season and I was thinking about how to make a gradual return back to competition shape. I was then thinking that keeping out pure speed training and fast speed endurance training would be the best idea regarding my hamstring, and instead do intensive tempo or special endurance at slower speed. (to avoid the injury to reaccur)

Just to clarify, volle’s 3X3X300 is not at 400 race pace. It is at 400 race time. So it is really at 75% of race pace, not 100%.

I didnt see anyone suggesting 6 months of easy training.
I do see some of the best advice regarding what you asked.
My mission on is to keep some of the best information about training free so many are able to benefit.
Re read what the members are telling you and get busy and get back to work with a plan that follows methods that are tried and true.
Keep us posted.