Full Warm-up
-Hip Snatch 3x2 @ 132 paired with Depth jumps from low box (just below knees) x5
-Powersnatch 5x2 @ 162 paired with 5 medball throws
-1/4 Squats 3x6 @ 315
-Reverse Lunges 3x5 @ 80s
Cool Down

Notes: I am recovering from pretty bad, acute plantar fasciitis (possibly a partial tear). I am trying to work through indoors. Foot is much better, but I cannot do high volumes and need 1-2 days between sessions right now. This is my first time going through a full warm-up and hops. I have first sprint session Monday (1/5) assuming everything feels good.


10 mins light on Elliptical
15 minutes of 20fast/40easy on elliptical
GS / BW circuits / Core
10-15 minutes of foam rolling + stretching

Electroacupuncture in the evening on right lower leg.

First full sprint day tomorrow.

EDIT: Fairly sore today in my peroneals, soleus, and other lower leg muscular along with a little bit in upper hamstrings and lower glute area. Probably from the warm-up (30+mins of continuous movement basically) yesterday, which is the first extensive locomotive work since Nov 4.


1 fast build-up
3x10m Blocks
3x20m Blocks

Hip Snatch 4x2 @ 132lbs paired with 2 hops off box @ ~knee height
Powersnatch 5x2 @ 152lbs paired with 5 medball throws for height
1/4 Squats 2x6 @ 275;;bs
Incline DB Press (60 degrees) w/ pause at bottom: 4x6 @ 70s, 80s, 80s, 80s
Cool down, stretch
Icing foot now


Overall, very good workout. Soreness in my glutes and hamstrings was completely gone and there was only a slight amount in my soleii (sp?) and peroneals. I felt good in my warm-up and the sprints went well (considering first time since Nov. 4). There were a couple things that can be improved and my right foot did feel a little weak, but overall it was a great start and I felt quick. Assuming the foot continues to be well, I plan on going out to 30m from blocks on Wednesday. Weights were great. Right heel is a bit weak and a little sore (mostly weak though) now, about an hour after the workout, which is about the same way it was after I did the warm-up on Saturday. I may have another electro-acupuncture session tonight, but I will definitely have one tomorrow.

alot of folks do the snatch what benefits do you feel help this gives you instead of teh power clean?

1/5 Evening

Electroacupuncture for 25mins, pulsing @ K1, K7, GB34, and 2 spots @ PF insertion


6x 15-20 secs resisted bike sprints ~3 minutes in between each
Light Core/GS
Foam Roll + Stretch

Electroacupuncture in the evening for 25 minutes

Foot feels better today than it did Sunday, which is a good sign. Tomorrow will likely be a full warm-up, followed by 2-3x20m blocks, 2-3x30m blocks, and 1x flying 15-20m submax.

I do both and periodize the use of each. Because I was not able to sprint as much and my static strength in the squat is plenty high, I decided to spend a bit more time on things like snatches. I put up 212lbs after a fairly tough workout and almost got 222 not long ago in the powersnatch, so that has finally gotten up nicely. I think the snatch variations tend to be a little bit more posterior chain dominant and I feel like I recover from them better than clean variations. I also have a bit better form on snatch variations, so that may be at play as well. Overall, I think the effect is similar between the two of them and there may be absolutely no difference in the effects/benefits gained by each.

Amazing. Do you still weigh around 170 lbs?

Maybe I should be aiming for 250+ instead.

Yeah. It was actually the first time I ever attempted to go above 182lbs and only the second time (if I recall) over 165lbs. Most of my workouts use loads of 152-162 for the powersnatch, though.

Thanks for the info.

Do you feel you got a lot of benefit from going so light? I’m pushing up my snatch right now and today even 167 felt a bit light to be doing much. Then again, you squat and clean too, so that could explain things.

amazing is more like 350

I haven’t cleaned since November, though I did a LOT of cleans in September and October with my best @ 6x2 @ 255 for first 3 sets and 265 for the last 3 sets. I did a lot less squatting this year, though my max did go up from 2x4x365 belted to 2x3x355 no belt and after a lot of olympic lifts, which is likely a PR or equivalent for me.

I don’t think it is that light. I could probably max around 205 or so most days, let’s say and most of the studies show max power in the Olympic lifts being demonstrated around 75-80% or so and there you go.

And Mortac is right, though I think I’d say 315 is more like it for amazing at my BW. A 350lb powersnatch at my BW is more like upper echelon elite Olympic lifter. This is my first season incorporating snatch variations, so we’ll see what happens. I wouldn’t mind getting up to 250-275 in a few years.

Okay, if you’re considering your max to be around 205 then 160s makes sense. And no matter what Mort says, you don’t see many non OLY lifters putting up nearly as much as you. It may not be world class, but it’s damn good.

You’re actually providing a lot of inspiration for me here. A couple days ago 245-250 lbs seemed heavy, but having seen you do similar amounts (relative to bodyweight) it seems much more realistic.

I know you’re going to blow me away this season, but it’ll be fun trying to keep up. :smiley:

Damn good is not good enough. I want to see this.


Could you please tell me what you have to type in on the youtube site to see this video.

On a side note I can give you the lifts of my Girl friend an olymic shot putter.

Squat 500lb Bench 305. snatch 225. clean 285.

height 5’ 9" Bodywight 200 bodyfat 14%

Also could do back flips with ease.


2x20m Blocks
3x30m Blocks
1x Flying 15m Submax

Hip Snatch 6x2 @ 132 paired with 4 medball throws for height
Powersnatch 3x2 @ 172, 182, 182
Reverse Lunges 3x5 @ 80s
Bench Press 225x6, 255x3, 315xmiss (damnit)

Stretch/Cool down

I got video of my 2nd 30m and of one hip snatch (somebody asked me for vid a while back and I finally got around to it). I should get that up a little later.

So how do you feel about Sat, is it a go?

I am going to judge by how my foot feels on Friday. It has been doing well, but the main thing I want to do is be very careful. It has been consistently healing, but if that progress retards, I am not going to push it since there will be more meets in the coming weeks.

Here are the videos from today (I apologize for the shitty FPS):

30m from blocks:

Set 3 of hip snatches:

Just realized I didn’t answer your question to precisely–I am going to enter it (deadline is tomorrow) and I will likely run it, but I am not going to force myself to run if there are any doubts about my foot health.

You should be ready to go bc you look good on the vid, go crank out a 6.3.

If I can get a 6.3 down Saturday after 2 short practices, I’ll enter the UNC-Chapel Hill meet that is in a couple weeks (and get my ticket obviously).