HS Short Sprinter's Training Journal

July 20


Hey Man,

Just had a read through your journal, nice work!

I was hoping you could give me a bit of info on the MB work you do. Currently the only throwing i do is overhead backwards with my shot.

What is BLFT? (bi lateral forward throw?? wild guess)
With squat throws are you throwing it vertically OH or more like a chest pass? Are all these followed by acceleration?

It’d be good to se some numbers and distances, do you measure your throws?

All the best,



It seems BLFT is between legs forward throw.

thanks, there is really nothing special to my throws, i just do the 5 throws recommended by cf that i have seen in others’ journals, but i substitute the 3 hop throw with OHB

What is BLFT? (bi lateral forward throw?? wild guess)

haha, im just trying to picture what that kind of throw would even look like
its between legs forward throw, its seems you realized that after though

With squat throws are you throwing it vertically OH or more like a chest pass? Are all these followed by acceleration?

instead of trying to explain it verbally i just found it in a video. i do it like this guys does it in his video at :40s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNXLN_s2Ln4

I try to do med ball throws 3 times a week, 2 days are just throws and one is throws with an acceleration. when i do the med ball throws with the acceleration i would do the squat throw but instead of throwing it vertically, i would throw it more diagonally so my body after releasing it is closer to about 60 degrees and then from that angle i would start my run, if that makes sense?

It’d be good to se some numbers and distances, do you measure your throws?

i do not measure them, i do the throws on grass and the ball rolls so for now it would be very difficult and inconvenient for me to measure them. i have considered marking out like 10m, 11m, 12m etc on the grass so i could get a ballpark estimate but i havent done that yet. also i am throwing an 8lb med ball so even if i had numbers i wouldn’t have anything to compare them too since most people use a shot put like you

Week 5
July 21

R: 3’, 6’

Weights + Plyos
Clean Pulls 3x3, 2x2x105%
Squat 3x8x75%
SLJ 2x5
Stair Jumps 2x5
RDL 2x10
abs- 100 reps

July 22

MB Throws
6x OHB
6x Squat Throws
6x 1 Hop
6x 2 Hop


DB Incline Press 3x8
Seated Row 3x8
Upper Weight Circuit 1x10
abs- 300 reps

How’s the upper body work going?

its going very nicely. Last year i did upper weights twice a week and this year i have upped the frequency and my body is responding very nicely. I’m able to up the weight comfortably almost every workout and i can feel myself getting stronger and the numbers show it too. Thank you once again for the idea on how to set up the weight sessions, i have used the set up twice and i really like it, i am able to do some heavier weights and then get some volume in too which is what i wanted all along but didn’t know how to set it up.

Are you doing 2 or 3 speed days?

3 speed days

How are you recovering from the three days? Since sled work is more intense then hill work you may consider decreasing the vol on the 2nd sled day. For example:




ya i understand sled is more intense than hill work, i was originally going to do about 60% of the volume that cf recommends but then i lowered the sled work volume down to 50% when i learned that sled work was more intense. when i planned it out i spread out the lowered volume over the whole week instead of just having one lowered volume day. tomorrow is my first non sled speed day and i have the total volume at 400m but a lot of it is sub max, this is about 60% of what cf recommends, i also do the med balls at 60% of the cf volume, so the 50% i do on sleds factors in that they are more intense than hills.
overall i feel i am handling the speed volume pretty well, i have more of an issue with tempo which even with slowly raising the volume i am having some lower leg problems that appear while i am running tempo sessions but disappear afterwords. i have been able handle the sled work so far, albeit during my highest volume week i missed a speed session, so that week only had two speed days

Your tempo vol look low, not sure why you would have issues…

its low cause i have issues, i have had issues in the past with shin splints, so i thought i would take a super slow progression, which hasn’t worked. i just think my shins are super sensitive, but also i am doing my tempo work on a treadmill since right now i am away form the track and don’t have a long enough grass field near my house which is where right now i am doing all my training due to convenience. im just gonna be careful for the next few sessions and do circuits and bike tempo instead of conventional extensive tempo and see how i feel

July 23

4x10m Flat
4x10m Push Up
4x20m Push Up
4x20m Stand
3x40m EFE

Weights + Plyos
Clean 4x3x72%
Squat 3x8x70%
SLJ 2x5
Stair Jump 2x5
Hypers 2x10
abs- 200 reps

this was my first unresisted speed season of the training year and it felt pretty good, it was in cool weather and raining so in better conditions i think the session would have been great. i feel like i could already pb in any short sprint which is good at this point in training. the reason i do 40m for my EFE is thats just all the room i have on the field i use

Hey, thanks for the reply and info about the throws. I’ve added BLFT and some 1 hope BLFT followed by accelerations to my training now. A lot of fun!

I also experimented with weighted kneeling jumps today which were fun!

What do the +'s refer to when you post your tempo work?

Did the unresisted sprints feel FAST having done resisted ones for the last while?

Nice training!

haha, i was just reading your training journal right before i saw this post and noticed the added throws

the + usually refer to a 50m walk and ++ is a 100m walk for tempo, but for the most part i have been doing my tempo on a treadmill so i do each + is 30 seconds rest

the first 5ish starts felt amazingly powerful and fast but that feeling quickly faded and they felt good but not great. Also during the EFE runs the i felt very fast and technically good.

haha yeah! its nice to have more variety than just the OHB. I think i’ll start to record my BLFT with the shot too.

Ah cool! Do you use 1 tempo day per week currently then? ATM im using 3 speed days and 1 tempo day, i also lift on each of these days so i can have 3 days complete rest.

Cool man! i had ordered a sled a month back but its out of stock till oct! bummer - i really wanted it to train this summer. Alright…again with the questions EFE? haha.

i try to do 3 high intensity days, 3 low intensity days and one day completely off. i do tempo on low intensity days but not every time, sometimes ill do a recovery circuit or something else with a similar affect as tempo

just make your own sled, thats what i did. i just used stuff i already had. i used a bag (dont use something you care about it started ripping after two or three sessions), duck tape, string, weights and a belt. its not pretty but it works

EFE is when you do a run typically its split up into 3 20m sections and you do a sub max build up for 20m then you start running pretty hard and then you coast, hence the name you go easy fast then easy.

dont worry i dont mind the questions, i always like discussing training.

July 24

DB Military Press 3x8
Chin Ups 3x8
Weight Circuit 2x10
abs- 300 reps

Today i was going to do something temp- like and MB accels but i walked around a lot today so i dropped that stuff cause i didnt want to overdue it.

Hey Jordan,

I had made a response to this last night but it didnt post and i lost it.

Thats cool, do you use deload weeks?

Your right! Thats tomorrows project! i actually used to fill a duffel bag with sacks of sand and drag it but that was for a conditioning circuit well before i was training for speed. Haha no it wont be pretty! you should see my med ball, i made it out of a basketball, sand and duct tape.

Ah yeah that makes sense! I’ll give them a go!

Do you use the 10% rule when using the weighted sled?