Improvement on 100m per year...what to expect?

Hey guys, im going to start training for the 100m after football season. Anyways, i dont have much clue on how to gauge my goals, as i dont know sprinting progression as well as i know whats reasonable progression in powerlifting.

I dont know if .5 second in one year for beginning training the 100m is reasonable at all? My HT 40yd dash time is about 4.55(4.62 5 best time average), so i really dont know what to expect my 100m HT to be. Anyone have an estimate of what i could run the 100m in? I know the two dont correlate exactly, but surely there must be a good range id be in?

But back to the original question, what is a reasonable improvement that i could achieve on the 100m yearly?


Truthfully… I don’t know, I’ve been going at it, started in february to train athletics, and since then my first race out was 12.01, ran horribly a few times even a 12.25, but now I’m at 11.90, and I keep getting better, and if you think about my 200, that’s dropped 0.78 seconds since march, so yeah I reckon it is possible, training right, resting right and eating right.

If you ask me it’s all about getting all our diferent facets of out life to move in sync, or on the same wavelength if you like.

It’s hard to say what a person can run a 100m according to their 40 yard dash time; alot of people lack an explosive start for a fast 40 yard dash but after that they have speed endurance or great top end speed to maintain; while others can run a great 40 yard dash and only run a decent 100m. For example; I know of 3 or 4 football players that have ran 4.38, 4.29, 4.45, and 4.48; the only one that I know of that has broken 11 seconds was the 4.38 guy(10.98), the rest were low 11’s. So really, it’s pretty much on how you train, how you address your weaknesses and strengths, and then go accordingly. Good luck.

Under most circumstances, I feel that a beginner who just starts training can expect .5 of a drop in times over 100m. However, it seems that if you have trained for football and powerlifting before then the improvement would not be as dramatic for you. Just remember that no matter how good you think you are, you can always get better.

Alright, thanks guys! I did two 100m, and i really felt i slowed down at the 75-80m, i couldnt clear through the finish line. With that in mind, and also the fact that i ran on wet road, at 1am very sleepy and no grip sneakers, i ran 12.3.

How can i train to get my 100m down to 11.3?(average of about 20mph through whole race :slight_smile: )

I mean on a track with good grip and not sleepy with good conditions, itd make sense id possibly run 12.0 or 11.9 right? I’m just thinking here, because the 12.3 i did today means(4.53 40yd my best =12.38 100m without acceleration taking into consideration), i most likely did NOT reach a 4.6 40yds for the beginning of the run, leading me to believe i most likely did not run my fastest on the road. If this is true, itd make sense i might just be running 11.95 optimally correct? Do you guys think blocks might just help shave a few tenths off my time as well?


Oh yeah, now that ive established that my speed endurance needs work, i should run some 120m sprints right? If i fixed my speed endurance, and i didnt slow down so much at the end, i could take a couple of tenths of my 100m fast right? I have no idea how to train the 100m, can anyone guide me? Like, can anyone get me a routine maybe? Thanks

Whoa, slow down. I see that you’re eager to learn and thats a good thing, cuz your gonna need it. If you can, order the Charlie Francis Training System e-book off this site. It answers all your questions. However, since you cant do that as we speak lets see what we can do for you.

As far as your estimated 100m time goes, I’d say your being a little conservative and would probably break into the 11.8 range. Especially cuz you ran at 1am in the morning, which is not a time where your body functions are performing at their peak. Blocks, better surface, better shoes, and being fully awake would all help your time.

Now in terms of training, you wanna make sure you have a good base to build off of before you get into more specific speed work. This is known as GPP, and if you think that football season serves as GPP work than you can get into more specific training for your event, which is called SPP. In your case SPP would be speed work and you would go through parts of SPP where you emphasize different characteristics. Those would be acceleration development, max velocity, and speed endurance (for a 100m sprinter). Once you’ve got accel dev down you move to max v and so on. This way each characteristics builds off of each other and you can achieve your best performance at the end of the season (league championships or similar type meets) in what is know as a peak. To explain all of this would be insane, so use the search function and read up. This forum has tons of valuable info. Finally, when you cant find what you’re looking for or want to learn more, go to and you can find some more info. Good luck.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, im very eager to learn, i love sprinting. My goal is to one day get a sub 11, thats like my ultimate goal. Something like a 10.9 and id be really happy. I’m thinking about buying that E-book, but i havent seen the sale price for it. How expensive is it?

Like ive said(or maybe i forgot to say), i dont know as much about the 100m, its deviations in performance, and training methods, and i dont really know what i can run. Do you really think optimally i can hit an 11.8?

I guess i should look up the whole training methods, and research. But im just wondering, would i focus on all those special parts (acc. max v. and sp. endur) every training week? Or would i do it in cycles? Like focus on each part for one(or 2) week straight each, and keep switching it up to another focus?

Appreciate the help

if u run a 4.5ht then i would honestly think u could run 11.5ht. I run 4.6ht and thats the strong point in my race and i still do 11.2-3ht. and i slow donw at the end of the race a pretty good amount. and i dont even have proper training. so for u with proper training u could expect an 11.2 FAT. or 11.00ht.

Well, i dont understand how i could run a 11HT. That’s like almost my ultimate goal right there!(10.9). I look at the numbers, and i really think i should be running a lot faster, but i dont know. I’ll get around to timing it again anyways.

Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT- you meant 11.5 as of right now. Do you really think i could an 11.5? Thats crazy if i could, but we’ll see i guess eventually

yea i really do think u oculd run 11.5 considering the conditions when u ran 12.3. when i wsa training last year i ran a 12.4 100m during practice, then the following meet i ran 11.4ht i think.

Wow, thats a huge diff in time. when you ran the 12.4, was it just because you were tired or somethnig? Or was it a bunch of bad factors like wet track/wind/couldnt finish strong ?

I cant wait until after football, so i can train. hopefully ill run an 11.5 this spring, maybe less :slight_smile:

Its kinda hard with these two b/c with me I ran 4.4 last year and ran 10.7h and on average ran 11.0 but this year ran 4.28 and average 4.30 with my best times and ran 10.47 this year FAT…I think it more so depends on how you run. You might be better at starting and middle portion of the race or a better finisher.

well you run a little faster and had some prior systematic training, so i think bigger jumps could be expected. Like for me, after two weeks of sprinting i took the 5m gap from me and a 10.9 guy in a 50m sprint.

Thanks guys.

Alright, so for this track season my goal is an 11.3-11.5.

I’ve been researching and getting help from several people, and have come to the conclusion that football season will be my GPP work, and after football season is over, i will start training the 100m. I have found out that i decelerate horribly at 75-80m, and i cant clear through the finish line. I have also learned that i must work on acceleration development, maximum velocity, and speed endurance. Acceleration development can be worked on with 10m to 50m sprints, maximum velocity can be developed with flying sprints and “in and outs”, and special endurance can be worked upon with 80m to 120m runs. All of this can be done uphill as another factor, but usually done as GPP. I have also learned that tempo work is 65-80% runs that are done often throughout the week.

I have all of this down, but there is something else i dont understand. I was given a general CF routine…,

Monday: Acceleration dev / Weights / Plyos
Tuesday: Tempo/Pool/General fitness/etc
Wednesday: Maximum velocity / Weights / Plyos
Thursday: Tempo/Pool/General fitness/etc
Friday: Special Endurance I or II
Saturday: Tempo/Pool/General fitness/etc

,… and i understand WHAT to do on each day, except, i dont know HOW to periodize or plan my workouts! Like, i wouldnt know how much of a distance/drill to do, how many different distances/drills to do, and how to progress/periodize my workouts! Anyone understand my problem here? I dont know how to plan a workout, and i dont know how much is too much or too little.

Any help please, thanks :slight_smile:

As a general rule, you dont want to have more than 300 - 400m of total running (not including warm-up) for your sprinting days. Also, for CNS days you want 100% recovery cuz you arent training endurance, you’re training speed. So for an accel dev day at your early training maybe 6x20 and then 4x30m with full recovery between each rep. For MaxV maybe 6x flying 20m (30m run in) with full recovery between sets. For Speed Endurance you’re looking at 3x120m with full recovery between each rep.

As far as tempo goes, you want the volume between 1000 - 2000m at about 50 - 75%, and I use a walk back recovery. However, depending on your current fitness level you may want a little more or a little less recovery for tempo. Remember, its designed for recovery purposes so there is no need to kill yourself on a tempo day.

Lastly, how much time do you have to devote to training, as this may determine the types of workouts you may be doing?

Thanks! Ok then, so 300-400m is the most ill do volume wise for a workout, gotcha. But wait, 3x120 is really all i need for a speed endurance day? 3 runs seems like so little, but i know how hard it hits. Is 250m total volume for the acceleration/max V days enough?

Tempo i understand better now.

And about the time ill have to devote to training, I guess 3-4 days a week ill hit the weights, using a westside template, following the DE and ME set up, and maybe take out DE Squat but throw in speed box squats one day of the week. I will have 3-4 days of no weights in other words, and i will have hours of time free to sprint after school. I’m focusing on getting as strong but also as FAST as possible…as both are important to me, but since im doing track this year, speed will be emphasized a lot more than i have been(pretty much not at all)

put SE as the second day between acc. and max v training, youll need the extra recovery gained witht he lower CNS impact of SE days…as well id scrap any dynamic work in the weightroom, sprinting itself is the most dynamic thing you can do and is specific, as well i think you wrote you were doing plyos? so id just use the weight room for max strength development and targeted hypertrophy if needed…

Ah, so my routine could be like this ya think?:

Sunday: Off
Monday: ME Squat / Acceleration dev/ Plyos
Tuesday: Tempo
Wednesday: Speed Endurance/ ME Bench
Thursday: Off
Friday: Max Velocity/Plyos
Saturday: DE Bench(Throw in 8-10 sets of 2 for speed box squat??)/ Tempo

That look good? I’m training to increase my powerlifts as well, but to really focus on my 100m. I have goals for my powerlifts by the end of August 2005 (440SQ/305-325BP/500-525DL), but i want to run 11.3 if possible in Track in like May or whenever it is, so assuming i can do 11.9 with great conditions, i have .6 sec to shave off my 100m. I’m hoping blocks will shave off some tenths right there, and then my 6-7 months of sprint training i do will shave off the rest.

Yeah, i went off topic sorta. Thanks! What are some good plyometric exercises for sprinting?

Drop the dynamic bench, sprinting develops dynamic abilities throughout the entire body. And again there is no need to do dynamic squat either. When i was doing a full sprint program my lifts were the fastest and heaviest, it was very basic(speed on the track, strength in the weight room). All plyo exercises are good, horizontal and vertical ones, i think rotate them as they loose their training effect quickly(3-4 weeks)

Hmmm, so what should i do inplace of the DE Bench(thats an upperbody workout too btw, not just speed bench sets)? I’ve really gotta get stronger(a desire too). I dont know whether or not to do leg work that day too?

So your lifts were strongest and fastest on a full sprint program?

Thanks for the help. I’ll keep the plyo rotation in mind too