i'm climbing

hey guys, I,m 45th on the iaaf rankings (100m)


Respect! You’re ahead of some impressive names! What’s your PB?


Good stuff. Amazing how times have changed. Numbers like that would have put you in the top ten not too long ago.

next year I’ll be in the top 10 for sure. I just need to get stronger because 150 lbs is not cutting it for me right now.

Are you going to stay in the Abilene area to train next year?

I’m thinking of moving, but where to is the big question.

How did you run at your national championships. Did you make the team?

I was 3rd.
Jacey harper 1st 10.19
Darrel Brown 2nd 10.20
me 3rd 10.22

I’ll be at CAC, PANAM and WORLDS.

Nice job. Looks like a decent relay also.

yep! the 3 of us + boldon.

Nice times!!! Could you give us your yearly progression. Also what are guys hoping to run in the 4x100m.

nic just out of interest do you train CFTS style?

Re. timothy
My times for the year.



Re. Jim

yes. no doubt about it

we was 3rd at the last world champs
38.58. but we plan to go much faster this year.

hehe awesome! Good luck! :clap:

This is our team form sydney. I’m 2nd from the left.


Good stuff :slight_smile:

What do you typically do for your training? Can you give us a sample training week?


Mon- plyos (box jumps,med balls etc), starts(60m x 3), weights

Tue-tempo 300,250, 200,250,300 lift

Wed - Core abs ,obliques, adductors abductors, lower back etc.

Thu Speed endurance (150 x3 5 to 8 min rest) x 2, lift

Fri- tempo