I don't get it Bolt

Ok then, why don’t somebody time bolt from reaction (hand time start) to the 40y mark and see what it might be?
Hang on, I will do it soon and post what I get from a best of 3 times.
If it is hand timed then 0.34s could be taken off bolts ET time (iaaf timing rules for events under 100m) to make it a rough 40y (4.01).

How you gonna do that when there aren’t any 40y marks on the track?

run it various times through my analysis software to indentify a position on the track, from there put it up on my projector screen and place a line on my wall to act as the finishing posts and away we gooooooooooooo.

Primitive, but could help settle this debate a little.

It’s only a debate for Bumer :). Out of curiosity, what software you using?

What debate for Bumer? Bolt should accept a few challenges to race either on track, grass, asphalt sp? sand out of no blocks through to 36.6 meters (+/- 1 m) and tape it on video. Common it’s so easy for him he’s faster than everybody even running one legged and backwards
I repeat from no blocks Bolt will be slower unless he proved us wrong!!! How many times should I repeat it.

You can repeat it as many times as you want. It’s not going to change anyone’s mind.

I would have bent Bolt down to my knees if he said it to me
Happy New Year