I don't get it Bolt

Why does Mr Bolt run 40 yard dash out of no blocks and set the wr fat if there is any. Got balls? It would be quite a bit different mechanics and approach. Discuss

It’s a no-win situation for Bolt, he has nothing to gain and everything to lose. Anything short of some ungodly out-of-this-world time will be viewed by most as a failure.

Because the only people who care about 40 yard times are fans, or those who are in the football community. Since football timing is not FAT, sports reporters who are used to talking about football 40 would not view Bolt’s FAT time as being as impressive as it should be. Since his FAT time is pretty similar to what the top football recruits are accomplishing with football timing, it would discredit the Athletics World: “That Bolt guy can only run 4.24?? Olympians aren’t any faster than the NFL Combine stars!”

Off course he could be in a fastest man competition and start to showboat at 30y…:slight_smile:

What would be the point? Isn’t Bolt more of a strong finisher rather than an explosive starter?

Did you even watch the Olympics???

This pretty much.

TBH Sprinting a WR without doing up his shoelaces is more impressive :stuck_out_tongue:

When are they going to run him against a horse like they used to do in the good old days?

There are as much guys as there are meters in 100 meter dash hanging around who will smoke Urinsane out of no blocks on the grass, there is the trick. It’s rumoured Leonid Zhabotinskiy, google it, ran 100 in 11 (handtimed?). Consider his weight and lack of experience running all the way eyes bulged out and blown cheeks. As cloudy.here said Olympians aren’t any faster than the NFL Combine stars. It may turn out Bolt will not break 4.30 fat, if so it would be a bitch slap in the face. People love to see their heroes going down? I am living in the fantasy world right?

This thread is retarded. All this he can beat bolt to the 20 30 40 50 60 whatever. who cares. Bolt showed in the Olympics that he is also one best starters in the world. It was shocking to me to see him in every round beat people out the blocks. Setting a 40 wr would be a fuckin waste of time. Only US Football players care for that. Would you be more impressed with his 40 than his 100 and 200m times? How bout we line up a cheetah and see what he runs in the 40. Then chris johnson can race it to the 50. wtf

olympians arent faster than combine stars??? …really?..all this bolt and how fast he runs a 40 is such crap. Noone would beat him to 40 in the nfl. NFL people have no idea what speed is. And people need to stop the “Bolt cant start well” stuff.

Unless Bolt runs sub 4.3 40 fat who cares about the horse racing him? it’s whole different ball game than starting out of blocks (considering you know what u do) and racing the nfl guys. Ask Charlie, there is somewhere floating around the reality check.

What??? You lost me

Bumer, you misunderstood my post.
Chris, he’s saying that since 40 times don’t start with blocks, Bolt couldn’t hack it.

No offense to football fans but 40 yards must seem a silly distance for Bolt as it takes him twice the distance to reach top speed.

You state that - Setting a 40 wr would be a fuckin (what does fuckin word mean btw?) waste of time for Bolt. I don’t see him breaking 4.30 fat out of no blocks on the grass the way they do in the NFL unless he proved us all wrong . Hell no even need for that electronic bullshit, Bolt may get challenged by some an unknown right know right there and tape it on the video, what if Bolt loses? There will be no 2’nd try as you understand it
I understood you - Olympians are always faster out of blocks.


I know this isnt what it appears to be but it sheds light on the timing method used in the 40.

Who is chris1234? Fuckin is short for fucking. minus the g. He doesnt make his money on grass so why would he waste his time. Thats like saying barry bonds should play golf cause he can swing a bat so I know he can hit a golfball far:rolleyes:

Have you watched “the fucking short version” preview on “die hard” flick from the internet? Fucking hillarious!
Hey Christ6878 Bolt guy considered the fastest moving being from the A to B point horisontally. Bary Bonds vs Tiger Woods comparison is not fair. As been said there are lots of guys who will smoke Bolt’s skinny ass in 40 y on the grass out of no block horisontally.
We want to see you do it Bolt! Bolt! Bolt!


Anyone see this before. Bodybuilder kevin levrone hand timed a 40 yard once and determined he was one of the fastest men in the world. Levrone challenged Maurice to a race but he didnt accept. Dwain chambers did though and so they raced a 60m, with a 40 split. Dwain ended up running a 6.6s.I don’t think they used blocks.