I don't get it Bolt

Yup syrus, seen that one before; considering what Levrone trained for, I think he did pretty well there.

Bumer, there are no football players who could beat Bolt (or be close to) to 40 yards out of blocks on a track. In Berlin at 40m (which I know isn’t 40y), Bolt was 0.06 ahead of Gay, 0.07 ahead of Powell and Thompson, and 0.11 ahead of Chambers (who set a EU record of 6.42 this year). These are some of the fastest starters in the world.

In Berlin, Bolt took 4.35 seconds to get to 40y from the time the gun went off. This is not comparable to any football 40 times due to timing method differences. Obviously subtracting his RT is a start (putting him at 4.20), but how much benefit does he get from not starting until the timing gate is broken?

The timing gate run in is a huge difference. Block clearance is up to .3s and you’re removing that from the equation. They time this way in bob sled try outs. You get a 1m lead in to the timing gates which you have to have one foot in the 1m area. My friend who tried out ran 6.64s for 60m using this system. And thats electric. So he thought he was in the shape of his life. He then ran a 7.2s FAT 60m time a couple of months later, which is off his current pb.

6.64+.3s for block clearance+.15s for reaction and a bit for that half meter lead in and the time makes sense.

Even though it’s pretty sad that so many people are ignorant to the specifics of timing methods and equipment use…I still find it funny to read some comments about football vs track sometimes.

I’ve googled NFL’s fastest guys, Hester(10.6) vs Powell, Chris Johnson(10.38) vs Gay, etc. It’s absolutely hilarious what I read on message boards discussing these things. “Hester is the fastest guy in the NFL”. Even though he’s not the fastest on his own team.

The truth is that with the timing methods used in track, Bolt, Powell, Green, Ben, wouldn’t be faster than the fastest NFL guys in the 40y. But obviously WE know that they are faster. I have an athlete who is a 20.4 - 20.7 range for 200m, and I timed him with a stopwatch and with a camera(dartfish) while he was running reps of 50m out of blocks. His en route time through 40y was never faster than 4.5. And i’m positive he’s faster than 99% of the guys in the NFL.

From my stats, the fastest 40y i’ve seen fro all the 9.7 or under guys was never under 4.30. That obviously includes, Greene, Powell, Ben, who were excellent starters.

Not to mention that the majority of the fastest guys in the NFL are rarely ever mentioned. Terrence Newman, Standford Routt, Santana Moss, just to name a few. And coincedently they all ran track.

If you get a small lead into the timing gate, then not only are you saving block clearance, but you’re also entering the run at t=0 with forward speed already. This extra speed at the start carries through the whole run, decreasing your time some more.

From the video I seen Levrone vs Chambers, Levrone has had horrible start, he sprang off the blocks and while still in the air, Chambers was two steps ahead. It’s not Ben Johnson.

Shiny.here. I want to see Bolt on the grass out of no blocks against the fastest NFL guy or regular block who would of had balls to challenge the so called fastest man.

Tremble Why stop watches or fully automatic timing. Right now right there a couple of witnesses with the regular camera and the hero goes down…

Bolt is much much faster than all these men on a track. Why would that change on “grass”? It’s not like they’re racing in street shoes out there.

4.18 seconds for 40 yards. Decide for yourselves what timing was used. It was recorded in Europe. Guess who? Dwain Chambers. When he was banned from track, he tried out for a European gridiron team.

And what happened to Dwain Chambers when he was in the Berlin world championship final?
He got smoked. He was not leading the race at 40 or even 30 yards or even 20 yards. Usain Bolt was ahead of Dwain at 40 yards.

Those football fans who get giddy on 40 yard dash times of footall players… Get reall if u think they can hang with sub-10 second sprinters. The olympic sprinters are faster from 10 meters onwards, some are faster from zero meters onwards, so get real.

Every single pro football player has access to a running track where some of their off-season work outs are held. Anytime some one is fast, there coach times them out of curiosity on the actuall track. so that they can ‘compare’.

And then they time themselves over 100 meters. And then they get embarrased becuase they weren’t quite as fast as they thought they were.

We should ask Bolt. Why he doesn’t set the wr in 40 and settle all the speculation down.

I’'m not sure what did Tremble mean by quoting - From my stats, the fastest 40y i’ve seen fro all the 9.7 or under guys was never under 4.30. That obviously includes, Greene, Powell, Ben, who were excellent starters.

I have a very strong feeling Bolt will not be that explosive nor fast on grass, out of no blocks. Actually I don’t know anything about the NFL , but as far as I know the best in there run 40 sub 4.3 fat. Bolt should show us what he’s got testing himself under the conditions those guys do. From a bit different perspective Bolt may be far from being called the fastest in the world…

Wait a minute
Snowy.here said - In Berlin, Bolt took 4.35 seconds to get to 40y from the time the gun went off
Now you say Chambers runs 4.18

Timing method different?
In football the time starts when the fucker passes some timing gate? Sorry my ignorance how accurate is this shit all? Why the difference, I’m confused. So 4.29 translates to 4.59 the way they do on the track?

There is no speculation except for you. Everyone on the planet knows bolt has superhuman speed. Its just a few idiots out there that come out the wood work to say “I can beat bolt to the 10” Not knowing that blot is now one of the fastest starters on the planet. We all know the outcome, you just want to hate. lol

Majority of the time NFl has a bunch of coaches with stop watches doing the timing. Very inaccurate

That is not how they time it. That is the issue with your ignorance.

Yeah Bolt is slower out of no blocks. I could have said him in the face and race him. It would be interesting to race him, I’ve nothing to lose, the question would have he accepted the challenge. I don’t take “I race for big money and big names” etc etc as an excuse

I don’t hate on Bolt he’s the wr in 100 and 200 and seems like leaps and bounds ahead of evryone nad hasn’t anything to prove but the higher you walk the farther you fall. It’s the matter of time the hero goes down and he knows it.

Aside from racing the second and third fastest men in history.

but the higher you walk the farther you fall. It’s the matter of time the hero goes down

This is your issue, it has nothing to do with seeing a great 40y time or a comparison between various sports stars, you want to see Bolt fail.

.11 fat is he leaps and bounds ahead of everyone
I don’t want to see Bolt get injured or something I wanna see him breaking 9.49 before he goes mentally and physically wise finished…

Excuse my ignorance but if the timing method for a football guy is from movement/passing a startpoint (0y) to 40y (34m) then what is difference if we get the ET time of bolt to this point (I assume something in the lines of 1.85, 1.02, .97, .36 (guessing here)) 4.20s less reaction time .10s and (what is the leadin time for football (??? .20m)) do we take off 1/2sec off for block clearance time (0.5s) 0.25ish, does this mean he is in the realm of sub 4s for 40y maybe 3.90

Bolt’s total time from the gun, until he passed through 40 yards, was 4.35 seconds. This is based on the IAAF splits from his race. Subtracting his reaction time puts him 4.20 to 4.21. It’s been mentioned many times before, but I’ve read that Ben Johnson clocked 3.7 hand timed over 40y.

40 y is 36.6 m
Ben 3.7 in 40 Video ir it didn’t happen

so when the football guys run, its from 1st movement off a touch pad or through gates at the start and finish? If through gates at both ends you can easily find 1 to 2 10ths overall. I know from trialling this in QAS tests using gates at the start

How many times do people have to say it for you people? That is NOT how it is timed. It is done with a manual (hand timed) start and sometimes with timing gates at the finish (usually a hand timed finish as well).