China's Sports Training System


I wouldlike to congratulate on your video about training methods at Pitt.

The article is very interesting! However, I would say that China has made great strides in the sports, due to the fact many East German scientist and coaches left and went to China when the fall of East Germany. They took many theories and ideas and have expanded upon in China.

In a conversation years ago with Dr. Yessis, he said the East Germans would go the Old Soviet Union take what their would doing, and make it work at GDR. They would not let athletes fall through the cracks. they would take sports research and make aply to their athletes, very precise.


I heard there is ton of research and materials that is locked in a vault at the Institute of Applied Training in Germany.

Well China has 4x our population and our sports system is supposedly trash but they still can’t beat us in the overall medal count. Maybe they should research how to not cripple Liu Xiang :slight_smile:


In fact, China has, similar to the former USSR and GDR, assembled much of what they do based upon what they’ve gathered from outside resources.

So what we see from so many forward thinking nations of times past as well as present is the capacity to scrutinize what is being done by those who are doing it best and make the appropriate adjustments based upon their needs and original ideas.

Something I have yet to see on any large scale here in the US.

Regarding Germany, an associate of mine is currently enrolled at the Sport Science Institute in Cologne. His last preliminary report was that the facilities and resources are amazing.


Since the break up of East Germany, I heard their going back to some sports Schools and talent evaluation methods. I would assume the country is now putting money back into their sports programs. I was wondering if your friend has IAT ~ Institue of Applied Training or other sports training facilities.

Surely you jest (which is why I suspect you inserted the smiley face).

We remember similar claims being made in years past by those who would criticize my affinity for what was done in the former USSR.

While both the former USSR and China dwarf the US, it is the richness of our gene pool (morpho-biomechanical diversity) that separates us from the rest of the world; and in the context of genetic diversity we dwarf Russia and China combined.

Some may remember Charlie’s thoughts on this matter regarding what would happen if more coaches from abroad were to take over many of the positions in the US- something to the tune of total domination in all events.

I would go so far as to state that if the US only formalized a viable model of talent identification and selection, and didn’t change a single coaching position, we would eclipse our current Olympic and professional sports aptitude by a long shot.

Correct, the same is currently happening in Russia.

If I’m not mistaken, my associate is at Deutsche Sportshochschule Koln

Thanks for the kind words

James, do you have any info about the 2nd edition of Verkhoshansky’s book?

The last word I received was that things were moving forward; however, this was shortly following Yuri’s death.

I sent a message to Natalia the other day; however, I have not received a response as of yet so I cannot speak definitively as to the status of things.

I do know that arrangements were made for it to be distributed through Elite Fitness Systems

Thanks for the info James. I am looking forward to a 2nd edition and ‘Chinese manual’.


Did Yuri Verkhoshansky’s ever recommend that you should study abroad, if so where and the reason behind it?

As you allude to, there is no doubt they push the shit out of their athletes. To think they do not is naive.

Evidence…they are not going to give you evidence or allow you to see or video that evidence.

He invited me to come study with him in Italy; however, finances and logistics did not permit it at the time. That would surely have been an incredible experience.

Dr. Verkhoshansky expressed his frustration on more than one occasion to me, actually we commiserated, regarding the large amount of western coaches who are uninformed. These communications always took place in the context of our agreement that there are no curricula in the US that adequately prepare individuals to technically or physically prepare athletes.

Vladimir Issurin and I shared a short plane flight together following the seminar we both spoke at in 2007. Interestingly, he assumed I was a Ph.D. or M.S. and when I told him that I had a B.A in Music Performance (Jazz) he was befuddled.

I then went on to explain how I felt fortunate to have been self-educated and that it was my feeling that no university in CONUS offered a suitable curriculum relative to my interests.

He mentioned that, regarding English speaking programs and programs in languages that are relatively quick to learn, the Sport Science Institute in Cologne Germany and the Australian Institute of Sport were two institutions that were host to advanced curriculums and many transplanted sport scientists from former communist bloc nations.

The AIS is not an academic institution.

I just finished a paper for a class I’m taking, and as many of you know, the AIS in Australia specifically used the sports training model of East Germany and China when they created it!


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Is there any good book/resource on overview of different sport systems of the countries like USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, China, Italy? I am thinking more about management/organization at the country level (leagues, governmental bodies, associations, faculties, selection, talent identification) rather than about ‘training specifics’ of the system (although, if that is covered it would be awesome).

We had couple of lectures on this in college, but I cannot find my notes on it.

I am saying this because, coming from Europe, understanding American College system of sports, and ‘natural selection’ is pain in the arse form me. Especially, I want to study the sport model of Australia and Italy.
Maybe, one day I may serve a position in national bodies, so I need to be well prepared, to see what model fits the Serbian politic/mentality/context :smiley:

As far as the USA goes, there is no such thing. The democratic free market society that we all enjoy fosters independence and individualized approaches from state to state. Unfortunately, concepts such as talent identification/selection, sports training systems, and so on are no where to be found at any meaningfully informed capacity. All of these factors exist at a highly pedestrian level except for, perhaps, isolated situations in which a particular coach/coaching staff has been exposed to international research and methodologies and is well informed.

The closest ‘systems’ you will find in CONUS are from the various certifying bodies such as USATF, NSCA, and so on; however, each legislature has their own agenda.

Ironically, communist regimes, while certainly less enjoyable to live in for obvious reasons, are superb for your interests due to the unified approach, national sport training systems, state sponsorship, socio-politico backing, and etcetera.