I can’t find this post anywhere? Linford Christie and B.J.

I was on this forum a while ago and read a post in regards to Linford’s weight routines and Ben Johnson’s routines but cant find it anywhere??? HELP

Don’t worry I am not wanting to copy their routines just get an idea of the types of stuff these guys did in the weight room to become physical studs.

From memory Linford, did

Shoulder presses
Upright rows
Bent over rows

About 2-3 times a week

And shit loads of abs !!!

Big ben did a similar program I think

Push movement :bench
Pull movement: deads or cleans
Squat movement

2-3 times a week.

My question is whether such a program combined with sprint workouts would result in achieving such outstanding body development as achieved by these freaks.

Peter, if you systematically perform lifts, utilizing varying loading parameters, which target the proximally located muscle groups in combination with employing a short sprint training program (and, of course, eat well) then yes, you can look forward to possessing an athletic and muscular physique.


I haven’t found the link but if memory serves me correctly, the post claimed that Linford was also proficient in the power clean. Charlie has also stated before that Ben did not do the power clean. (Had trouble with the technique).

Linford Christie;

“Power phase” (This one was pre-season)

Bench press
Power Clean
Military press
Back Squat
Bent over rows
Upright rows
Side lat raise
Forward lat raise
Arm drives

Monday; Each lift for 5, 4 , 3 , 2 and a 1 rep set.
Wednesday; 3 sets of 7 for each lift
Friday; “fast” sets of 10. (Fridays squats were full squats, mon and wed were what Linford called half squats.)

He mentioned he had squatted 300 kilos and that his bodyweighthad gone up to 15 and a half stone, 217 pounds in the off season/ winter.

Ben Johnson;

Bench Press
Parallel back squat
Lat pull
Reverse hypers

(occasional reverse leg press.)

Usually 2 sets of 6 reps for each exercise (working sets, not warm ups.)
450 pound 1 rep bench pb.
600 pounds x 6 reps in the squat.

is the above workouts ture?

Ben’s looks about right. I have a picture of Linford doing bent over rows with a barbell.

I think your right tc. I have a video of Christie lifting, pretty sure that was one of the lifts.

I have the S-plan, the video Linford and Colin Jackson made, it shows Linford bench pressing, it also shows him doing an upper body weight circuit - with his shirt off of couse! :slight_smile:

it consists of the following exercises:

Military Press
Bent over rows
Upright rows
Alternate shoulder press with dumbells
Lateral raises or Fly’s
Sprint arm action with light dumbells

im surprise with the 2sets of 6… also im curious why CF included more weight work (exercises) in the gpp plan.

We stayed at 2 x 6 with lower body but varied down to doubles with upper body (but never restricted the options to only 6.)
We did more types of lift in the GPP because there was less conflicting stress from the running and the intensity of each lift wasn’t too tough. As the speed work comes in and the weights get heavier the number of lifts and the reps for each must start to drop (something has to give to keep the intensification going)

lol- i cant agree with you anymore as i am getting to more speed work towards the end of my gpp and beginning of the spp program i can see why you would make such move, where u able to still increase strength with the 2x6? i would assume the 2x6 were done in the spp program? i can only pic how heavy those 2x6 were.

i also find this to be an interesting rep and set by linford:

Monday; Each lift for 5, 4 , 3 , 2 and a 1 rep set.
Wednesday; 3 sets of 7 for each lift
Friday; “fast” sets of 10. (Fridays squats were full squats, mon and wed were what Linford called half squats.)

Maybe he was doing Max strength - hypertrophy - explosive work?

Is the workout actually for real though? It seems like the recovery is not much, although he was an elite…

how is he training explosive work, by during 10 reps fast??

Yes, the 2 x 6 was from the early SPP on. Sometimes the weight moved up slightly even with the same number of lifts but it was an arbitrary decision and Ben stayed at the same 6rm for the final 2 years as there was no need to move up there, though he did continue to move up in the bench.

once again make very much sense for a high level athlete like Ben, but what about for a low level athlete 10.4-10.6 range, bw 190-195, bsq 550, pc 340-350 would that be something you would use with him or would you continue with a little more vol ( 5x2-3x80-95%)?.

Your squat is already near BJ’s range (550 fullsqt vs parallel 2x6 600lbs) and ahead of most other elite sprint athletes (Mo, Ato, Drummond, Asafa, etc.). The speed is there is a relative slump and may require more focus.

Whats up stranger, so u think I could follow something similar and target the track work. 2x6x600 comes to about 710lb squat.

What’s up…
That’s exactly what I am saying. BJ squatted that much, but what about everyone else? Asafa is strong, but not nearly that strong and Mo and Gatlin weren’t nearly that strong either, so I think you have at least the strength portion taken care of and you can focus on doing more speed. Charlie will know better obviously, but if you are trying to push your squat up much more when you are already stronger than most WR holders, maybe there are other things you can focus on besides squatting.

make sense, something i will think about the next couple weeks before starting my spp program. i guess the 2x6 can get you stronger bc eddie george said thats how he trained in the offseason 2x6 he called it “high intensity training.”