How to start lifting


I want to start with real weight-training now… but I’m not quite sure how to start out.
All I’ve done the last year is some plyos and knee bend on 1 leg and some hamstring exercises. That isn’t enough for a 17 year old - who wants to accelerate faster and be quicker?
I don’t know how many kg. I should start out with and which exercises.
Starting lifting now will not destroy my chances to get quick ? it is the combination with sprint training that is the important thing, isnt it.
Can someone give me an advice to set up a weight program or something… give me some exercises and KG to start out with.
Thank you all for a great forum

Thank you for the advice zoom100!

For how long should I do high reps and low intensity? 1 month? 1 year?
Can someone give me exercises?
i’m 6’3 and 78 kg.

I think that looks pretty good.

Anyone else? :clap:

Just start with basic compound exercises

squats, bench, rows etc

keep the form strict, reps under control for now to learn proper form.

after 3months you should have a handle on things, strength will increase rapdily during this time. Main thing is to avoid overtraining - begineers just don’t know when this hits them until its too late.

remeber to work your abs and lower back, keep your rotatry cuffs healthy and work on your flexibility.


Squat is the only exercise I should do on the legs?..
I have a bar with weights here in my home, 60 kg max. (I can add)
my season starts in 3 months, and I want my speed to be better till then.
Can we divide the 3 months into any phases of training?

If someone could set up a little program which includes exercises/sets/reps … and for how long, I will be very happy


I would go to testosterone mag (, or and do a search for Ian King´s `Limping´ series and read Limping into October. I have found his ideas are great fro building a base and you could read further (nov, dec, the milemium) and decide after doing the Oct. workouts for 3-4 weeks if you want to get into hypertrophy or pure strength before moving to power.

His programs require lots of reading and time to understand how to do the exercises, but they are very very good. IT is almost impossible to put a program together for someone over the net but his `general´ programs that he has put on t-mag are very good. At least give the Limping into October a read and decide if you want to try it out.

VG - I´m back again - no, I am not a salesman for Ian, but his programs are very good. IF you don´t know a good coach or trainer who can help you near you, you may want to try ordering his book and video `Get Buffed´ where he goes over the exercises. HIs technique is great and a big emphasis in his programs and you will get a solid foundation. THey are not cheap, but money well spent. His web site is King Sports International (don´t have the URL handy, but just search the name). :saint:
and (Ian King’s website)

I am also a fan of Ian King’s writings and videos.

Carson, thanks
I’ve read a bit of the limping program…
i can’t understand that it is good for sprinters/soccer-players to do the program because it sais that your legs will be very sore days after the workout… i have to play soccer and sprint too, not JUST strenght training.
Any sprinters here that have used the program?

I’m a big Ian King fan, but his T-mag routines are for bodybuilding applications. I wouldn’t use it on top of sprint or soccer training. If you’re just starting out with weights, try something minimal like 2-3 sets of squats for 8-12 reps. If you’ve never lifted before, trust me, that will be enough for now.


I would agree with you now that I look back at VG´s first post, and yes, VG, it would be too much. But I really don´t think the first phase of the program is ONLY for bodybuilders. I have used it as a foundation for bobsleigh athletes and it worked well (speed work was also being done).

VG, one of the reasons I like Ian King´s stuff so much is that he really stresses technique. I have worked with work class athletes in different sports and we sometimes have to drop squats from the program until they learn better technique and/or improve flexibility. I have talked to other coaches who have had to do this as well, it is not uncommon.

VG, a basic program in terms of reps and sets like Flash recommended will give you results if you are just starting. BUT please - if possible - get an experienced coach or athlete to teach you the basic exercises such as squats and deadlifts (if you decide to use deadlifts) and DO NOT focus on weight lifted, but on technique. And don´t go to your gym, see some guy who lifts tons and think that he can teach you. Maybe he can, maybe not. You have to build a solid foundation of good technique with lifting, just as in sprinting. Try to find a good coach or trainer to teach you how to squat.

I wish you all the best. :slight_smile:

Thank you Flash and Carson…
I’ll start with squat and maybe do knee bend on 1 leg so that my hamstring will be involved(is that nessecary) . How many kg should I add every 2. workout?

I can divide my year into these periods:
febr-march-april = off season
may-june= season
July-August = pause in season(kind of off-season)
Sept-oct-nov = rest of the season.
Dec-Jan-Feb-March-April = Off season.

If you can help me to set up how much and what weight-training I can do in the different periods, that would be great.

I have a 5 kg medicine ball too… maybe it can be smart to do some workouts with that - but i dont know the volume and intensity

The med ball is a great way to start and 5kg is about the perfect weight. As far as the intensity, that’s pretty much determined by the weight of the ball, which you already know. Volume is always the most individualized factor, but to be on the safe side, start with maybe 10 or so throws. For example, do 4-5 of one type of throw, with about 30-60 seconds rest between throws, rest 3-4 mintues, and then do 4-5 of another throw. As with weights, if you’ve never done this before, a small number of throws will have big impact at first.


You mentioned doing one legged knee bends for hamstrings. Go back to T-mag, and print out Ian King´s first (limping into October) phase for hip-oriented training and you will see that he has many exercises for the glutes and hammies. You don´t have to do the whole routine, but just go through the exercises he describes and you will find that your hammies are being activated very well. Then you can decide how much hamstring work, how many sets, reps,…

But you will have a few good exercises to chose from, and you don´t need a fancy gym to do the work.:slight_smile:

Thank you ppl.
Is it the best to do the squats and deadlifts explosevly when I do so many reps as 8 and 10 ?
If I start with 15 kg on the squat (and maybe deadlifts) … when and how many kg should I add?

Originally posted by VG
Thank you ppl.
Is it the best to do the squats and deadlifts explosevly when I do so many reps as 8 and 10 ?
If I start with 15 kg on the squat (and maybe deadlifts) … when and how many kg should I add?

Start with a controlled tempo to build up your base, technique and form first.

Find the smallest plate and add that on, no more, slow and steady.

Thanks Col…
Can everybody just take a look on my weekly programme!
Here it is:

Monday: 1930: Soccer practice with team
abs+back exercises + upper body lifting

Tuesday: Restitution: Warm bath/swimming …

Wednesday: 13.00-15.30. Sprint and weights.
Session: Warmup: Jog for 10 min. 15 min of techincal soccer training, very low volume.
5 A/B skips. 2x 15 ankle hops on spot. Bunny Hops 1 x 8. Jumps on spot(start in squat position and jump as high as you can) 1 x 8.
Sprint: 3 sets 3 reps 20 m. 4 min between each rep and 6 min between each set.
Then I drink much and eat a banana or something with energy…
10 minutes after I start my weight training: Squat and deadlift: 2/3 sets and 8 reps. glute ham raise/reverse leg press or something like that 3 sets 8 reps.
I will try to learn how to power clean and 1/2 squat, CFTS says that is the best exercises to develop glutes and quads.
Some upper body lifting.
Warm down. Drink protein and energi drink. Stretch. Contrast shower.

Thursday: 21.00 Soccer practice with team. Abs+ back training

Friday: Restitution: Warm bath/swimming

Saturday: 13-15.30: Same as Wednesday…

Sunday: 20.00: Soccer practice with team. Abs+ back training.

Something to comment?
-How is the volume?
-How is the sprint/weight session
-Enough rest?

Just comment everything, that will help me!

Thanks Flash…
I forgot medicine ball exercises…
Where should the medball go in?
Just 15 throws total… should I put them before the weight-training or after…?