How much can I expect to improve?

OK, I’ll start from the beginning. Last year When I was a freshman in HS I ran a personal best in the 100m of 13.01 electric timing and 12.6 hand time. I could only bench 160, power clean 145 and squat 175. And i didnt really train with the weights that good and had a terrible diet… Now this last season i ran 11.54 electric and 11.29 hand time. I did a whole lot of rope training, weight training and plyos. Now i bench 250, power clean 240 and squat 320 and my diet is perfect. i was wondering if you think its possible for me to run sub 11 next season if i keep up the good diet and training.

I was also wondering what my expected 60 meter dash time would be with an 11.54 FAT and a 4.57 hand timed 40 yard dash.

First off nice gains!

As for going under 11 it is possible but half a second is a fair bit :slight_smile:

I would think as you get older and if you maintain good training habits you should be able to go under 11 seconds FAT.


I’m in basically the same situation and hoping to do the same thing:)
BTW, you said you did rope training, weight training, and plyos. Did you sprint?

Yeh I did those along with sprints. But the season before all I did was sprint and condition.

this might be a dumb question but what does FAT stand for? I realize it involves electris timing but what’s the acronym mean? thnx

Fully Automatic Timing I believe.

yes pete… correct!

Can anybody help withthe 60m time question?

Also, bear in mind that the more races you do, the more likely that perfect day will come ie. fast track, hot weather, low humidity, max legal tail wind, supreme positive focused mental state (all together :D) etc., and those sub x times may be in range…perhaps with a bit more training also.

usually i use the general rule of 7.00=11.00FAT.sub 7 =sub 11 given the elements are in place after 60m

Thanks x-man. and richard i only got to run a few meets because i was do spring football so i only had like 2 weeks to train for track anyways, we were just doing a lot of short sprints in football. i think i’ll be able to hit 10.9 next year.

I went to this converter ting and it said that my 60m time would 7.41. Is the any good for what level im at? It would be cool if charlie could give some input on this stuff. (he is the man after all)

What’s the address of the site with the converter?

Oh I didn’t notice they had the indoor calculator when I went to the site before. Thanks.

sry, but i’m kinda new, what is rope training? is it jumping rope?

ps.- good improvements, thats what i’m trying to do except i don’t know where to start.

Rope training is where you wear a harness around your upper body and there is about a 10 foot rope with a handle at the end attached to the harness and someone holds the rope and you tug them trying to sprint for about 20 yards. Hey runnr400, give me your stats and stuff and i can try to help you.

Thanks DBjohn, well my stats arents too good, i jus recently started running again(took a yr & half off due 2 a broken jaw). During this time i went from a good 130lbs to a skinny 116, after the wires were off i jumped up to a fat 160. this was in a span of 4 months. now I’m 5’9 145lbs, 16 yrs old. i bench 180. I never did squats, cleans,DL,GHM,etc. My pr’s are as follows and they were wen i was 13-14 yrs old. all times are hand timed.
I’m currently running for a club and i mathced my 200 pr of 24.5 w/ a sore groin. What should i do after my summer competition is over? Thnx in advance!!

Tell me axactly what u want to do and i’ll try and help more.