How hard is it to run sub 11

Hey, well i know this is kinda of a stupid question
but but a pretty athletic guy, 40" running vertical leaps, big powercleans and deadlift, who never had a problem with athletcism, how impossible is it to run a 10.99 ?

The coach where i live told me i will never hit that time because i started too late at 19 and not at 13. and that 10.99 is a phenomenal time… im taking it as a challenge and know i will do it eventually, can someone boost my confidence a bit after coach crashed it toaday.

That coach is an f-ing idiot. How many races have you run and how long have you been sprinting?

10.99 is not that hard starting at 19 if you are in good shape. Hell you still have what at least 6 more really good years of training, and another 6 or so exceptional years, the guy doesnt know what hes talking about. If you train right you shouldnt have a terrible problem acheiving your goal.

never done a race in my life !
took sprintinng just recently …i train daily in the track since then alone- with the help of charlie’s writings.

I have been playing basketball all my life and still do at a high level.

Also, i lift weights and have been doing so for 2 the past years now. pure strength training all the way.

So as you can see im not nobody, i’m a baller and im weight trained for strength and power. but i can only use it best vertically, in an upward motion, for now.

hey, thanks man :slight_smile: really :slight_smile:

Looks like that coach has transcended the status of f-ing idiot. What’s the next level of stupidity beyond that?

If you trained properly for 100m I bet you could do it easily and in a reasonable amount of time.

The only thing I think that could hold you back is your weight (you said you are over 220 I think?) and even then you should be okay as long as it doesn’t get outrageous. You have the genetics it seems, so impossible is just stupid. Any coach that says something like that is somebody you don’t want to be around.

I started sprinting when i was 19, about a year ago now. I’ve had a great supportive and knowledgable coach to guide and train me for sprinting, olympic lifting, eating healthy and proper recovery. I have been very lucky, and am only 20 now. I dont have any times under my belt yet, but each day I believe I will run faster than ever before, and I plan and believe on breaking the 11 second barrier this summer at my track meet.

So if you start thinking about it now, and actually believing and knowing it can happen, your way ahead of the game. As one of my favourite quotes goes:

“We Become What We Think About Most”

So think positive, and think fast, it can happen.


240LBS ! lol dont worry, cutting it fast back to 220 at sub 10 bf…

thanks guys ! lol mortac… ill give you his adress lets go blow his tires :)thanks

Dr Del Merriweather started running at 27 after watching a race on TV. One year later, he won the TAC (and the American Science Award for research!) in 9.0 for 100y (about 9.9 ht for 100m.)

Do you run a 15.00 or a 11.50 now?

With a good training system, and the right conditions, and semi-decent genetics it should not be too hard.

You soudn pretty explosive so I bet you could put up a good 30m, so if you have the max speed you should do it. 10.99 is not an amazing time lol.

Perhaps not in sprinting terms (world standard) but there wouldn’t be too many team sport athletes out there who’d stand a chance (i’d say a handful of pro rugby players - MAX), and in terms of competitive amateur running, its pretty good, and (yes ‘and’ again) you’ll have bragging rights over almost everyone going “i’v run 10’s and you havn’t” - if your that way inclined.

Besides, who said you coudn’t get any faster…

Just rugby guys?

I’m sure there are prbably a few AFL guys out there who would break 10.99s, and I hear the gridiron blokes are pretty brisk, too.

actually, I wouldn’t have thought that rusby players are all that speedy. they’re pretty heavy, aren’t they??

sorry, no i ment that there would only be that many players in rugby worldwide who’d stand much chance. I talked about rugby coz raps is a NZer as well and he’d understand my meaning and I decided not to get started on gridiron cause there’d be a lot in that sport, all the ex track sprinters, with some being capable of being pro sprinters had life gone another way. I’d say there’d be a handful or 2 in soccer and maybe AFL but they require a lot of aerobic training so i’m just not too sure. Basketball would have a few of the more athletic sub 6"6’s i’d imagine and then there’d be exceptions all round other sports, but I was trying to highlight that a 10.99 is a time worthy of being proud about - and certainly a goal to aim for.

PS, if your 240lbs, i’d say you need 2 lose at least 20 as you say, and depending on your height, even more maybe? How tall are you btw?

I’m 6’2"… not as fat as i sound tho…

Thanks for the example Charlie !

aha, I get it now. I must admit, I was a bit puzzled as to why you had singled out rugby players, but that makes sense to me now.

there are certainly some AFL players who are very fast sprinters, especially some of the aborigional ones. not 100% sure what sort of 100m times they’d clock, but I’m pretty sure there would be several sub-11’s…

You look in good shape, its just that for sprinting you don’t want to be to bulked, but losing 20lbs will certainly help alot.

fully get what you mean. When ever you tell someone non-educated in the sprint that you’ve run 10s they think your on your way to the olympics, lol.

I do also agree that there are only a handfull of rugby guys who could go sub 11.

silencer post a pic of your wheels :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: