How do i do this?

Get my posterior chain and spinal erectors stronger?if i did would i get a lot faster?and how do i get my hip flexors more flexible and stronger?plus how do i lose the fat covering my leg muscles and abs?

Research, research, research. And yes, strengthening those muscles will give you greater potential in getting faster. Squat, deadlift, goodmorning, glute ham raises, hypers, reverse hypers, and the variations of the above excercises will do plenty to strengthen your posterior chain. To loose fat its about your diet. Eat right and it will come off, as well this is what tempo helps with, leaning out as much as possible. Flexability issues can be taken care of via static stretching as part of your cooldown and going full range on all exercises, as well as doing a dynamic warmup. There you have it.

would this get me to the potential for a 10.6?

you’d better ask your parents!

I dont believe genetics play a factor in sprinting until you get to the high nines low tens

yes, i agree, but still you will need a certain degree of talent and definitely, as you imply, good coaching, lifestyle and a bit of luck as always!

all the above exes thought will help a lot!

10.6? I dont know, but i know a high low approach and taking my advice will greatly help you reach the potential you have.

well i ran a 6.6 55m recently training myself those that show potential?

Blaze, I understand you are young, but 90% of your posts consist of you asking people how to run a certain time.

Research your questions, and if you still cannot find the info, ask the question here, but ask a specific question, not if you will “run a 10.6” or something.

So what you’re saying is anyone or most people with good training could run 10.5 to 11.5 seconds in the 100?

Pretty much

I normally would say that is total bullshit but just to be civil I am going to say it is FALSE and may be one of the most rediculous things I have ever heard and would like ot hear you back it up in some sort of way. You are saying that besides the d1 athletes who qualify for NCAAS everyone else is not genetically talented but there sucess in running 10.5-11.5 seconds is just a product of their training.
If you take 20 random people that you know and give them a good training program I bet maybe 1 of them will run in this range.

meh i dont research it i just say what i believe

It would help to back your claims with research or facts, Blaze, but I guess you have your own opinion… Oh well…

i’m not a world renowned coach it just seems to me like out of 20 most would be able to run 10.7 atleast

Maybe 12.5 seconds.

So how do you distinguish between someone whose genetically right and someone whose not?

Well… It’s actually quite easy to distinguish those people who are genetically “right” from those who are not. The X17f8e Gene, as well as the X42F92 Genes are codominant genes, They specificaly determine whether an athlete has bi-direction muscle fiber conversion or omni-directional muscle fiber converstion. and can be easily found near the X18f9d Gene which distinguishes man from banana…

how can you tell just by looking at someone?

how hard are you looking? I’d say 60% of the people who aren’t overweight could run 12.00 within 2 years, beyond bodyweight, it’s almost impossible to determine who will be fast. Fast people come in all shapes and sizes, the fastest on average are with 2-3 inches of 6 feet, and have size normal sized feet/hands (10-12 shoe size). but there is a certain sharpness and intensity to the way a person moves that to a well trained eye is easily detectable. A high school sprinter took one look at my skinny 6"1’ frame and almost laughed, then I killed him in the 400m, but when I approached a college coach at a clinic he wasn’t surprised at all when he heard I could run 51.3 in the 400… He’d seen me doing my drills and wind-sprints.