How do guys go from 10.20 to running 11 flat

Hey guys,

How do guys that normally would hit 10.2 regularly now have trouble hitting 11 flat.

Example - Troy Dos Santos and Carlton Chambers.

Heck Carlton went to the 1996 olympics and now the girls run faster.

Life gets in the way sometimes.

Oh yah? You think that’s something- you should see what I’m running now!
In all seriousness, I’m sick and tired of people trying to make themselves feel bigger by crapping on others. I’d like to point out that both these gentlemen at least did something noteworthy at some point and don’t require commentary from those who have yet to come near what they once did.
Spend more time worrying about what you’re doing and a lot less time worrying about others. You say girls run faster- do you???
Money talks- bullshit walks.

Seriously I am just wondering how that happens.

I ran 10.5 9 yrs ago, stopped for 6 yrs and still ran 10.65.
I was just wondering if its training, age,weights,injury, etc.

I assume sprinters would come back and train like before they stopped in order to try and get back to those speeds.

Injuries are the wild card

I believe it has much to do with realizing that they are normal peoeple too. And in normal life stuff pops up, you meet a woman, you have kids, you need to get a second job, you need to go back to school, not everyone has the time or money to train at that level for a long time (if your speed isnt making you money it might be costing you money…lol) Life is so dynamic that anything could make them run slower.It is all too easy for a spectator to be angry when their fav athlete doesnt live up to presumptions of how they should perform. This is kinda similar…lol.

that is sooooooooo true. my friend in 9th ran a 11.35FAT but then ruptured his quad the next year and now(11th grade), he only runs 11.8xFAT. it’s really really a tradegy…

Very true!

That’s why I find Donovan Bailey’s 9.98 come back after an achilles tear amazing.

Troy Dos Santos and Carlton Chambers
who the hell are they?

Carlton was a member of Canada’s Gold Medal relay from Atlanta, who had a long history of ankle and lower leg problems, I think from a car accident. He set the HS record here at 10.28 and ran 10.16 at Clemson.
Troy ran 10.25 in 1997, I think.

Injuries, injuries, injuries!!! I hate them and they love me! Everytime I get out of an injury I get back into another. Very weird weird ones. I mean things that don’t happen often to everyone else. So if I go back to running 11s then it was all because of these damn injuries. But I’ll never give up

Do you think your post on stretching might go part way to explaining your problems?

What type of injuries come with bad streatching?

If all your pre-workout stretching is dynamic and you’re not 100% loose to start with (which is HIGHLY unlikely all the time) You can begin to pick up microtears etc which can accumulate, causing irritating, otherwise unexplained problems.


I agree…the problems that you see at a high level is why prescription coaching rarely works. Subtle things works…the grand canyon was carved by a river over TIME…

Good points.

What about 10.09 to 10.68 in three months? The facts are here on the board and I feel bad that a former sprinter of mine is not consistant. He was my biggest talent yet bad circumstances have plagued him. Most of the errors were in adjusting the small things and failure of one coach to listen…

This story intrigues me, what happened with the man?
Perhaps we can learn from it.tx

okay sorry this might go off the topic a bit, but how an earth can some aprinters get along without doing stretches?
i read an article which was written back in the 70s (east german) and was saying how they good a good sprinter and on a regular day he did his warm up, stretching and everything and then they timed his 100, and on another day whenever he got to the track he changed into his training gear and without any type of warm up they timed his 100 again and the results were the same! i could never do that, if i was to sprint with no warm up i think my legs would probably explode and get injured for life.
i also read in an article yesterday about shawn crawford turning up so late for a meet that he just did a few strides and immediately hit the blocks?
and i also met a guy who used to be a decathlete and he trained in germany at one point in his career and linford christie was in his group and he was tellin me how they always made fun of him cause his stretches could only go down as far as just below his knees!

is there no difference between stretching and not?

Who cares about a bunch of stories purported to be fact? Some are complete bullshit, some are only part bullshit, but warming up and stretching are so fundamental that there shoudn’t be any question after your old enough to work out!

something about linfords flexibility!