How big are your abs?

How big are your abs?


Mine are small and get even smaller when squeezed. THis guy in the gym said he does 700 crunches a day to build his core in the gym, and he has the strongest core in the gym. He did squats with huge amounts of weight, it was amazing, I wish I did 700 crunches every day.


Don’t know, but my gut is big. :slight_smile:

My abs are cut and my stomach is sort of flat but I do not have buldging abs. However over the past few months I noticed them sort of getting bigger and I am liking that look, esp. with summer here. So the past 2 weeks I have been incorporating more weighted abs work including kneeling pulldowns, weighted situps, and weight SB Crunches. I may also sellout and hit some of the Ab Machines in the commercial gym nearby since we do not have them at in our varsity weightroom.
If anyone knows of anything else to induce abdominal hypertrophy let me know.

Fuck that.

Why don’t you do 700 bicep curls with 3kg and see what happens?

youve probably been working your abs :smiley:

My abs are flat. I don’t have a noticeable 6-pack even though I have a very low % bodyfat. Kinda weird? I guess I could have a 6-pack if I did more weighted ab work?? Who knows…

Same here and that is my point. I think the weighted abs are making my abs grow. My bodyfat is alwasy consistent. Last week I was 5.1%.

is a small waist from doing lots and lots of sit ups going to make your core real strong or just look good for the ladies?? A real strong core will cause a larger waist due to lower reps and heavier weights. Whats best for spinting or running in general? Perhaps a combination?

I do 10 core exercises, 30-40 sec each, every day, 6 days a week. Not quite 700 reps in one day, but i’ve had very noticeable results:D. We just make sure to keep lots of variations for our core workouts. twisting, leg lifting, back extensions, push ups, med ball throw, partner stuff. Theres a really intense thread out there with these little stick-men animations doing a bunch of core exercises.

Core animations - By Herb

Abs are smaller than the average bodybuilder at the gym, but bigger than average joe at the gym. That is all with an insulation package around my 6 pack…

One thing I have noticed, stabiliser work and med ball I can do, I can’t crunch very well. Not that I am unhappy about that.

Has anyone noticed that swimmers have abs that are not vertically long, and the six pack is bunched up very high on the torso? and the top doesnt come to a triangle. im tryin to figure out if Ive just made something out of nothing or if theres an actual reason for this.

… running much slower

swimmers bodys look weird

K guys I’m gonna use a word here.

How about “Genetics”

Ever notice that most swimmers are tall and lean. How tall is Michael Phelps or Ian Thorpe? 6’3" - 6’5"

I would bet predominantly ectomorph? They usually don’t have the short wide mini bricks for abs seeing that their torso’s are 3 feet long.

I’m 6’3" and when I don’t have a layer of chub they’re kinda warped half way between square and wide.

i heard Thorpe is around 100+kg too. Even Grant Hacket the 1500m swimmer is aound that height n weight. Big blokes

this thread makes me laugh

who cares about size of abs

The chicks dude, the CHICKS!!! :slight_smile:
No, think about it though. If it boosts an athletes confidence and makes them feel good about themselves and is not having a negative impact on their training/sport then why not?
If this became the basis or a large part of their program then we would have a problem. Same goes for biceps!

Guns man, you need guns, do em in the power rack and they will get HUGE. Oh, they will make you look like you are going faster too.

Hahaha. No shit. I actually did Barbell curls with with chains in the power rack last week and yesterday did them with bands. Took all of 6 minutes of my workout time.
On the serious not though. I did do them but I educate my clients and athletes not to do this when anyone is around esp. if it looks like someone needs to use the rack for what it needs to be used for. :eek:

Smaller arms are where it’s at! Chicks don’t give a damn how big a guys arms are… I dropped that bodybuilding mindset of “I gotta get huge” years ago. Nowadays I just stumble around with a body that’s shredded from sprint training. It makes me laugh when I see people doing 10 sets of arm exercises in the gym. If they’re that obsessed about the way they look then how bad are their confidence issues in the first place. The guy with the biggest arms = the guy with the lowest confidence.