How big are your abs?

You can have big arms and be shredded. How about Ben, Mo, Crawford, Scott, etc. How about all those gymnasts and wrestlers. And I am sure the majority of females out there find decent size arm athstetically(sp) pleasing.
How about Ben, Mo, Crawford, Scott, etc. I do however agree with you commenting about 10 sets of arm exercises. This is usually guys who also have no clue about training and do no heavy pressing or pulling. But again I do not see a problem with a few sets of arms here and there. Lets face it when your guns are pretty jacked up (now im not talking about Greg Devalentino the bicep guy) you look better in form fitting shirts… polo’s etc.
And I know your last comment was not directed towards me but I have 16.5 inch biceps and I wouldn’t consider my confidence low by any means.

if you are doing enough pulling work (i.e olympic lifts) you will have significant biceps development. I beleive if you are adding unnecessary wieght to the organism, this may have an effect on performance. Why disturb success by trying to have big guns?-Confidence is built through training and buidling onto training goals and winning competition. I know lots of athletes (track and others) that have great biceps and triceps, where is thier confidence?In thier last race or game!!!

I agree.
But again, I don’t think 4 Sets of Bi’s once a week is enough of a stress that will have an effect on performance. Also I agree on your opinion of where confidence is built. But if these 4 sets of bi’s makes an athlete feel good about themselves mentally and it is not overdone I see no problem with it.

I totally disagree about bi’s getting enough of a workout from doing back or deads or oly lifts. Totally for me anyway. I have rather small arms, 15" max. I train my tri’s after back, chest n shoulders, and when i remember i train my bi’s. Damn they are weak compared to how strong my back is. I need to get more involved in training my bi’s, at least 1-2 times per wk, 4sets per session. I think if i bring them up a touch, my back work will benifit.
If i add say 1" of size to the bi’s, i think the overal strength of the arms, back and deadlifts ect will by far outweigh the bad effects of an extra few hundred grams of weight the bigger arms will have.
The strenght of my tri’s is to me awsome, and it shows in my bench and shoulder exercies. Weras, my back has basically now been stuck in a rut the last say 6-8mnts and my bi’s have got weaker. I would be supprised totally if my added Guns strength did nothing to increase my back n deadlifting power. If that happens, i will post it here. But give me a few mnths 1st.

My ab is pretty big.

by that, i bet its more of a KEG than a 6pack ey.

That documentary of Devalentino was on yesterday. Imagine the mindset he was in? I’m sure most guys have the same belief as him to a “lessor extent”.

BTW I’m 6’2" 195lbs, and my arms are 12 inches. In your face Valentino!!

I was thinking more like a 40 oz. bottle, but that will work.

Canadian, ey?

Aussie ey.
guess its a carry over ey

Been working on my “Guns” now for 2wks. They have been gettin stronger, approx 2more reps with 2.5kg more weight each arm. This last wk, have been pulling via back exercies season bests.

Ha! tall and lean? thats the sprint swimmers guys, 50-100m freestyle and butterflyers. thats it. No other event. Apart from grant Hackett-and hes 6foot 8? Tall and lean ectomorph build.

The rest are fatties, they are fairly fit but compared to runners they aint lean. body fat helps them float.
Ever seen a skinny retired swimmer? I haven’t seen one yet, they stack on the pounds something chronic. don’t believe me? Check out pics of elite swimmers that have retired in the past 10 years.
(for the record, Cathy Freeman is the only runner i’ve seen pile the kgs on too, though i haven’t looked hard)