Hill rest intervals

What kind of rest intervals should be used for hills?

per meter distance?

in gpp?

in other phases?


First, I think that hills are only done in the GPP. Second, the rest intervals presented in the GPP DVD were something like this:
10-30m : walk-back recovery
40m : 2.5-4.5 minutes between runs and 5-7min between sets depending on the intensity level

what part is that in? I didnt notice it

Is it better to do hills or pull a sled. I personally prefer to pull a sled. Showed some good results with me. Is there a difference anyway?

Hill running may be better when you don’t have the strenght levels for proper extension in place yet. Then you could probably proceed to sled pulling as an alternative. But if you don’t have a proper (5-7 degrees) hill nearby, I’d go with the sled.

Why would hills with gradients of more than 7 degrees be considered bad for sprinting?

You want to use low gradients to maintain good start mechanics, since that’s what you are trying to achieve with hill work. You don’t want to slow down too much either and traction is also an issue with steeper hills. As Charlie told in the GPP DVD, hills are used to bring the ground closer to the athlete rather than trying to bring the athlete closer to ground without sufficient strenght in place.

which item would you recommend me to buy from charlie francis??? the gpp dvd or the CFTS. I already bought an ems unit and some l-carnitine. i’ll update ya’ll on my gains in 3 weeks.

If I was you, I would buy everything. But unluckily I can’t buy any of his products cause of my position right now. Geographical I mean. But for sure I’ll find a way to order and get about everything!

Just a note, in my experience if you start more upright you can get away with a slightly larger gradient. But if you start very low on 10-15 degrees you’ll be falling over the next time you visit the track.

If you already have the EMS unit, I’d get the CFTS first, as it covers the use of EMS, which you need to cover now.

hmmm…thanks for telling me. i guess i’ll buy it right now.

are there any alternatives to a perfectly angled hill?

say, for someone who lives in a very flat area?

is a too-steep hill better than no hill at all?

Hills are good. It may be my cross country upbringing, but hills don’t have to be perfect. If you’re trying to improve you form WHILE running a hilll you’re probably not too smart (or your running to many hills, both are detrimental to sprinting). What you want to do is have your running form improve FROM running hills. Hills are just a simple general way of improving your overall strength. Bound up the steep ones, sprint up the shallow ones. Different hills have different effects on your body. To assume that a hill HAS to be act a 7% incline this is like saying that whenever you get in the squat box you always have to do the same 90degree parrallel leg squat with EXACTLY 300lbs on your shoulders.
And plus, hill just hurt. Who doesn’t love to hurt?

Agree. You can’t just decide that the hill must be exactly this or that. If it looks and feels reasonable and you can maintain form- use it.

It’s probably the one time I’d let a runner run on tarmac too as in trainers, with the ground coming up to meet you, impact isn’t too severe. Of course, the East Germans had it sussed years ago. I remember seeing a program on TV where they showed a ‘hill’ beside a track - perfect gradient (it might even have been adjustable, although my memory might be playing tricks now) and proper synthetic surface.

They used to have tartan covered hil strips at the Dallas Cowboys training facility.

well, i like the hills train,
because, when i run to the top,
i have a feel of stronger sensation,
something like that:

body, if you´re capable of do this.
its because you are capable of run in a horizontal surface with power,
power to hold the fatigue at the end of races


“Hill” similar to what you were describing:

Would you use spikes on this during the GPP or just trainers/flats?

And is this too steep compared to an ideal hill?

Charlie? or anybody really…


too steep?